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I'll pass on the gyro, where is the best shawerma in NYC?

I must disagree on the mammoun suggestion - their shawarma is a salty, horrible mess. I spent time in London and imagine that the shawarma in the bay area are similar - fresh, not overly salty, lemony, with proper use of spice and good yogurt sauce. The Lebanese do this best. I've come to the sad conclusion that new york has no idea what a good shawarma is. It's a real shame.

Jun 23, 2011
rottenoysters in Manhattan

39 Rue de Jean in Charleston: Terrible service experience (longish)

I think that Rue and Coast, while being very professionally run (minus tricky wine service mentioned above) are both very overrated. The "French" food at Rue is very uninspired and a lot of it is just downright bad. I've eaten there a number of times and had meals ranging from ok to terrible, including a few funky mussel dishes, an almost inedible hamburger, over-salted fries (every time) and so on. To their credit, Rue is a beautiful space with great yuppie watching and a vibrant feel. Go eat at La Forchette right around the corner on King St, order the cassoulet and duck fat fries and you will see my point about Rue's food.