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Pre-Marathon Pasta in DC


Looking for some recommendations and reviews from you all regarding pasta places in the DC Area (Arlington, DC, Chevy Chase). I am targeting this Friday as I am running the Marine Corps Marathon on Sunday morning. I've eaten at several of the pasta joints in the DC area but am looking for some new ideas. I ate at Pasta Mia before the Army 10 Miler and ran an amazing personal best, but I am just not keen on standing in line for 2+ hours heading into a 3+ hour race.

Thanks In Advance for the help!

Hummingbird to Mars?!

Anyone able to shed some light on these events and how to possibly get on the invitation lists?


Restaurant Eve Tonight

Wanted to resurrect this thread.

I am going to RE tonight. Planning on doing the 5 course tasting menu. Would anyone recommend doing the wine pairings as well?


Buck's Fishing & Camping


Has anyone eaten at Buck's Fishing and Camping and willing post a review or comment on their experiences. Would love to hear everyone's thought before I head up there for dinner with my Dad and Brother.


Where's the best D.C. coffee?

Open City...hands the District

Open City
2331 Calvert St NW, Washington, DC 20008

Sea Catch for RW

I have eaten at SC once a nice family meal with my parents and brother. Not touristy at all, if I remember correctly (it was last summer). I agree with the assertion that simply prepared seafood is many times the best way to enjoy the natural taste and texture of the meat. Sea Catch seemed to accomplish this very nicely.

In any case, I am eating there on Friday and will report about the experience, ambiance, and food. Since a Friday Night during RW should be the height of the "touristy" time, I will report back with the worst case scenario.

Caucus Room for RW

I am eating at Caucus Room tonight. A quick glance at their RW menu shows a very limited selection. Does anyone have a review of the restaurant and/or has eaten there during RW. Hoping I made a decent choice...

Caucus Room
Market Square North, 401 9th Street, NW, Washington, DC 20004

Sea Catch for RW

I am eating there on Friday. Please let us know how it was.

RW Review - Bisto Bis

Wanted to post a short review of the first of my 3 restaurant week reservations from last night (Monday). I had the opportunity to dine at Bistro Bis, which for those of you don't know is just around the corner from Union Station in the Hotel George. This was the second time I have dined at Bistro Bis.

Overall, the experience was excellent.

Environment: The restaurant was full, but not overcrowded. We were a party of two and I would recommend this restaurant as a great spot for a date. My only minor complaint is that the seating for two can be rather tight. As in, the tables are less than a foot away from each other. A little hard not to eavesdrop on other's conversations from time to time.

Service: Our waiter was very pleasant as was the Sommelier, who when he brought us the bottle of wine I had chosen explained a little bit about it for us. The wait staff was very much friendly and seemingly happy to have us in the restaurant. There was a guy, who I could only assume was the manager, intently walking around the restaurant writing things down on a pad of paper. Not sure if he was taking notes on the waiters, observing dining times, or tracking what dishes people were ordering, but my date and I found it all very amusing. Almost something out of a silent French film.

Appetizers: Our table ordered the country pate and the steak tartare. Order the steak tartare; it was amazing. Perhaps the best item on the menu. The Country pate was also good, but I would have gone with the Mussels or the Chilled Tomato Soup had I had another chance.

Main Course: Our table ordered the DUCK CONFIT FAÇON TARBAIS (Duck Confit) and the POUSSIN SAUTÉ BEAUSEJOUR (Baby Chicken). Both we're very well prepared, with the meat nearly falling off what little bone the chef had left in the birds. The pairing of the duck sausage with the Duck Confit provided and interesting contrast in both flavor and texture for the same meat.

Dessert: Vanilla Creme Brulee and Molten Chocolate Cake (with creme fraiche) . Both were very good, and considering the portion size neither of us could finish. According to the waiter (and to our casual observations) these were the two most popular dessert items of the night.

Wine: Overall, the wine selection at Bistro Bis requires pretty deep pockets. I was able to find a reasonably priced Cote du Rhone (Grenache/Syrah) that paired very well with our meal choices.

Final Note: I was expecting the restaurant to be a little pushy in trying to get us out the door. However, I never felt rushed through out the entire meal. All in all, it took about two hours for the whole event...just what I was looking for.

Next Two RW Meals: Caucus Room, and Sea Catch.

Bistro Bis
15 E Street, NW, Washington, DC 20001

near Farragut North

There are many places to go if you wall up Conn. Ave a few blocks.

Panache is good for an after work drink, and though I have never eaten there I have heard the food is also good. It is located on Desales St and has a decent amount of outside seating.

1725 Desales St., NW, Washington, DC 20036

Rose Champagne Recs and Pairing Options?

I'll go ahead and report for everyone. Dinner was loud, restaurant was lively (read: packed), service left a little to be desired, seating was somewhat marginal as we sat right near the entrance. All in all, everything I wanted it to be. In those ways it was very close to my experience two years ago as I travelled through Europe after college and spent the Summer Solstice in Paris. One of the best nights of the year in France (in my opinion).

We ordered Moet Rose Champagne (N.V.). For my first experience, I really enjoyed it. We had a great plate of house cheeses, and had salmon with polenta and roasted chicken and frites for dinner. The Moet paired well with everything. All in all, an excellent evening.

Jun 26, 2007
dbound in Wine

Rose Champagne Recs and Pairing Options?

Thanks for the recs. The moet is the only sparkling rose offered at the local bistro I am having cocktails/dinner at so my choice are limited in that regard. I will let all know how it goes.

Jun 21, 2007
dbound in Wine

Good margaritas in DC/Alex./Arl.?

Rosa Mexicano has good Pomegranate Margaritas. Unfortunately for you, they're frozen and not on the rocks. Haven't tried any of their other ritas...

Rose Champagne Recs and Pairing Options?

Thanks, I have always been a fan of sushi and champagne. I'll be dining at a French Bistro here in D.C. Any recommendations with Frech cuisine? Cheeses? Foie Gras?

Jun 21, 2007
dbound in Wine

Rose Champagne Recs and Pairing Options?

Doing my best to celebrate the solstice tonight with a long night of casual cocktails and food. I was thinking of ordering a bottle of Moet Rose Champagne with dinner, but to be honest, I have never tried Rose Champagne before. Anything I should expect, or any recommendations to pair with food?


Jun 21, 2007
dbound in Wine

Best Martini's in DC?

Thanks, I am definitely looking for something Downtown.

Best Martini's in DC?

I've have great one's at Oceanaire and have heard Zola has good one's too. Looking for a good spot to take a girl for after work cocktails.

Brief review of Dino

Agreed, I realized my mistake clearly when I had another chance to look at the menu again once our food had arrived. Clearly my family experiences skewed my overall impression of what antipasto "should" be. (Not to say that any one way is correct). I simply stated the observation, because it took me (personally) by surprise. Next time I'll be sure to try the antipasto della case.

One other thing, I didn't mention, that I was very impressed with was the wine selection. I consider myself a novice when it comes to Italian wines, having considerably more experience with Bordeaux, so the descriptions and layout of the wine offerings was very helpful.

We also went their on a Wednesday night, in which they offer wine specials so it was fun to try their flights of wine.

Brief review of Dino

I ate at Dino a couple weeks ago. We ate outside on a cool night, which was great. Overall our waitress was more than polite, and didn't seemed to mind our plans to eat a long, slow dinner that consisted entirely of appetizers and wine. The crepes were a personal favorite of mine.

My only complaints was the overabundance of olive oil that seemed to be on every dish, and the fact that the prosciutto antipasto was nothing more than a plate of sliced meat. I guess I am just used to my uncle's famous antipasto (which includes romaine, olives, meats, cheeses, etc..) at family gatherings.

All in all, I would definitely dine there again.

Sonoma Wine Bar in Cap Hill?

Anyone done a review of Sonoma, in Capitol Hill?

It's hard to gauge from the website whether this is a legit location or just another restaurant trying to be trendy and reaping huge margins.


Takeout and Picnicing in DC

That's what I figured. I guess, the multitude of staffers and others that play kickball and softball on the mall must just really love to consume their water and gatorade from solo cups.

Thanks for the recs, I completely forgot about cowgirl creamery. I may hit whole foods and/or the italian store in arlington for sandwiches

Takeout and Picnicing in DC

Psuedo-Chow related...

I am trying to plan a evening picnic in DC in the next couple weeks. Wondering if anyone can recommend some good take out spots. I am thinking something simple like gourmet sandwiches and salads.

Also, does anyone know the regulations about alcohol on the mall? I was thinking of bringing a bottle of Rose or Muscadet, and wanted to make sure I didn't blatantly break and rules or laws.

Outdoor Dining In DC?!

Thanks for all the great inputs...I think I am going to go with Dino tonight, but will definitely hit the other places this summer!

Outdoor Dining In DC?!

Wondering what there is out there in DC that offers great food with great outdoor seating. Chef Geoff's in Glover Park is a personal favorite but I just ate there a few days ago and am looking for something new. I am pretty open on food style, so long as it's good. Thanks.

Quest for Mac n cheese

The LOBSTER Mac N' Cheese at the Capital Grille is the best that I have ever had...hands down!

Oysters in DC

Oysters at Oceanaire were pretty good the last time i was there

Arrowine - the best spot for wines and cheeses in Arlington?

I think there are a couple of reasons that people are not raving about TotalWine:

1. It is a national chain. Now this is not always a bad thing but it does mean that the inventory is dictated by some larger corporation that has no vested interest in the specific needs of the community. (Which is why people rave about local deli's and produce markets as opposed to Harris Teeter / Giant).

2. The Staff. I mean no offense, but there really is no comparison between Arrowine and TotalWine in terms of knowledge and enthusiasm.

3. Interaction with ownership. This goes back to point #1, but many people have posted about their experiences with the Arrowine ownership. By interacting with patrons, ownership can continue to adjust inventories to track local tastes.

In complete fairness to TotalWine (a place I shop at often), the sheer quantity of wine and beer that they stock is unmatched. Additionally, their prices seems to be competitive with or better than almost anywhere in the area.

I guess, like anything, there are tradeoffs for each store. Shop at both!

Arrowine - the best spot for wines and cheeses in Arlington?

Wow, all the replies seem to confirm my belief that Arrowine is the top spot in the area. Thanks for the head's up on their email list, I'll be sure to join it sometime today.

I have not had a chance to meet or talk with the owner (at least that I know of), but the other clerks in the store have been very good about listening to my particular tastes and desired price point, and then recommending a couple wines for me. The guys behind the cheese counter are great as well. It was unusual and refreshing for me to find a group of people so enthusiastic about cheese.

Arrowine - the best spot for wines and cheeses in Arlington?

I am a semi-frequent visitor to the Italian Store for their subs and selections of meats. I'll have to take a closer look at their wines the next time I am there.

Arrowine - the best spot for wines and cheeses in Arlington?

New to the area...been here for a little over a year...and haven't been able to find too many places with similar selection and as good a customer service. Prices can be pretty steep though.

Can anyone recommend other options in the area? Just want to see what else is out there.