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What did I just buy?

As so often happens, I saw an interesting package at my asian grocer today and picked it up. These purchases tend to send me off on new culinary adventures as I research recipes that feature the new ingredient.

This time I may have gone too far! I purchased a tin of "fried salmon fiber" of the Hsin Tung Yang brand. (


Is this just a type of Chinese salmon jerky to be eaten directly from the tin, or...?

Thanks in advance.

Who has the best chile verde in San Francisco?

Looking for perfect, delicious, pork with a tangy tomatillo salsa.

El Metate is my current favorite, and I have it often, but I am looking for others that are as good.

Your opinions, please...

El Metate Restaurant
2406 Bryant St, San Francisco, CA

The best Chile Verde in San Francisco is...

Please advise.

I love the dish, and so far my favorite is at El Metate on Bryant street. I would love to hear your suggestions.

Boston hound needs recs for great dining at the bar

I would recommend the Monk's Kettle. It is one of those fancy bars with all of the different Belgian beers, etc. But they also have a mean cooking staff. I was just there yesterday and had the pot pie of the day, which was lobster. They also have the best burger in town.

Zare at Fly Trap is also great. Delicious and unusual cuisine.

Please help with recipes for fresh beets

I've always liked Mark Bittman's Beet Roesti recipe:

"Showcasing the sweetness of beets is an attractive alternative, wonderfully exploited in this roesti, a dish, created about ten years ago by Michael Romano, the longstanding chef at Manhattan's Union Square Café. It's a thick beet pancake, cooked slowly on both sides until the beet sugars caramelize and a crunchy, sweet crust forms that, I swear, is reminiscent of crème brûlée. A touch of rosemary added to the mix does not diminish this sweetness at all, but simply adds another dimension."

Dinner with a Tightwad

I don't usually obsess on tipping much, but I'm with polynomics on the wine. Generally, I usually tip in the 20% ballpark unless I receive rudeness or substandard service that is directly attributable to the waiter.

If it is an exceptionally inexpensive meal, I usually go higher than 20%. If it is an exceptionally expensive meal, and includes several expensive bottles of wine, I go less. If I splurge on a $300 bottle of wine, I'm not going to tip $60 for the wine service on that particular bottle.

Dec 04, 2007
The Perrer Assassin in Features

madeira under a $100

I'll second the recommendation for V. Sattui. I've been drinking it since it was $25 a bottle, and it has been going up fast. Now up around $40, I think...

Jul 30, 2007
The Perrer Assassin in Wine

Thai food at home


I am assuiming you have an asian market nearby where you can get fish sauce, which is required for most Thai recipes.

One of my favorites is the Basil Chicken recipe found here:

I'd recommend the three crabs fish sauce which is a bit less salty than som other brands. Also, if you decide to make this, don't skimp on the basil!

Good luck!

Brunch for 20 in SF?

Hello all,

I am looking for a place in the city to host a brunch for approx. 20 out of town visitors. Nothing too expensive.

This will be on a Sunday, so I am a little concerned about crowds. Can anyone suggest a delicious brunch spot that can seat around 20 with a reservation?

thanks in advance!

The Perrer Assassin

want to cook something that takes a long time

There was just a great article in the SF Chronicle about this:

I haven't tried any f the recipes yet, but hope to soon. I love slow cooking and filling my apartment with delicious smells...

got 10 cups of red pepper flakes,how do I keep them?

I keep mine in tupperware and they stay perfect.

Fixing bad red wine

How big is the box, and how bad is the wine?

If you mix it 1/3 Trove swill and 2/3 Premier Cru Bordeaux, you'll be able to stretch your Bordeaux supply.

Feb 15, 2007
The Perrer Assassin in Wine