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Best bagels in West Village/SoHo?

I used to walk to Hudson Bagels at Hudson and Christopher. Crackly outside, chewy inside. Although I also second the recommendation for Corner Cafe if you're willing to make the trek.

Oct 09, 2012
kates77 in Manhattan


I'm not sure what days of the week you will be in town, but I think that the BBQ pork sandwich at White Tiger Gourmet is one of the best I've had in Georgia (their hours vary by day). I've been meaning to try Dawg Gone Good BBQ and had a good sandwich at Butt Hut as well. I personally do not care for the food at Copper Creek - if you are looking for pub-style food I would recommend The Globe instead. For the money, I think that The National is the best Athens has to offer in terms of fine dining. I have eaten at Five and Ten, Farm255 and The National and continually return to The National. Farm255 often under-seasons its food and the service can be spotty whereas The National has big city-caliber service and innovative locally sourced dishes with mediterranean influences. If you are a fan of greasy spoons, I'd also recommend checking out The Mayflower for breakfast - order the smoked sausage, biscuits and grits!

If you have access to a car, I would also add Sr. Sol (fantastic Mexican), Ike and Jane (early morning for apple and banana fritters), and Martis at Midday (ladies who lunch-type cafe with delicious sandwiches). Have fun - the food scene in Athens is a large part of what makes me so happy living here for graduate school (as a NYC transplant, no less)!

Jan 23, 2011
kates77 in Southeast

Where can I find Frogurt (plain, like they sell in Bloomingdale's in the city) in NJ? r/o

Bloomingdales at the Short Hills Mall in Short Hills, NJ sells the same version as the Bloomies in NYC. The stand is located in the basement of the store in the home goods section.

Nov 26, 2007
kates77 in New Jersey

weekday breakfast near Washington Square Village?

I haven't been to either, but they used to smell great on my walk to work!!! Check out Ditch Plains and Cafe Henri.

Sep 19, 2007
kates77 in Manhattan

Late supper in Midtown... something other than the Halal cart.

As for lunch in SoHo, I just moved out of my apartment there (sniff, sniff). My favorites are:

Alidoro for premiere Italian sandwiches - just take them to Washington Square Park and eat there. Sullivan between Prince and Spring.

Snack - Tiny greek place on Sullivan Street that has great lunch specials. Good for takeout as well.

Lupe's - California-style Mexican joint on 6th Avenue at Watts.

Grandaisy Bakery - Slices of pizza bianca and you are good to go. Sullivan between Broome and Spring.

Ben's Pizza - skip the one on Spring and head to the one on the corner of Macdougal and W.3rd. Much better options and always seems fresher to me.

Sep 19, 2007
kates77 in Manhattan

Need easy to make yet filling soup for my diet

I call it my "Post-Holiday Cleanse Soup"

diced onion
diced carrot
diced celery
large can of diced tomatoes
box of frozen chopped spinach, defrosted
lb of your favorite lentils
chicken stock or water
chili flakes
hot sauce

1. Saute onions, celery and carrots in a touch of olive oil in a large, heavy bottomed pot. Add your seasonings now since they will saute and become stronger.
2. Add lentils, stir until coated with mixture. Add amount of liquid required by lentils minus 1 cup (because of the can of tomatoes). Add tomatoes.
3. Cook until lentils are done.
4. Add spinach.
5. Serve with hot sauce or dollop of fat free Fage yogurt.

Very filling and healthy. I find that the spiciness tricks me out of thinking I am eating something healthy!

Sep 18, 2007
kates77 in Home Cooking

Liberty house in jersey city

I attended a wedding here in June of this year. I felt embarrassed for the couple, it was THAT bad. They ran out of clean plates and silverware during the cocktail hour, the bartenders didn't have the usual fixins, and the service was atrocious. I pointed out the lack of clean plates to the Manager and he brought back ONE clean plate with the explanation that there weren't any more in the kitchen!! Dinner was absolutely inedible. We started off with a hockey puck dinner roll that was too stale to eat. The mixed green salad was fine until the waiter removed my plate and spilled salad dressing all over the tablecloth. I had the salmon which was totally overcooked and freezing cold. The rest of my family ordered the filet mignon and out of 10 entrees, only one was edible. I think that my mother said "I didn't know they could screw up filet mignon." But they did. Awful, totally awful.

The views were gorgeous, but I would never recommend that place to anyone. Stay far away. And if you have to attend a wedding there, be sure to fill your purse/pockets with snacks.

Waffle Fries in Chelsea?

Used to go to this place in Chelsea on 8th, maybe 9th Avenue. Was called Chelsea Grill. Not sure if it's still there. Low-key bar with beers, great burgers, and awesome waffle fries. Searched for it and found an outpost in Hells Kitchen.

Apr 19, 2007
kates77 in Manhattan

Cozy, romantic new american

How about Red Cat in Chelsea? Or a little less cozy, but similar is their other restaurant The Harrison in Tribeca. Also, another good idea is 9th Street Market in the East Village.

Feb 12, 2007
kates77 in Manhattan