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Boston with a 10 year old

Since you are going to Fenway, you may want to book a tour of Fenway Park before the game. It is a guided tour full of history and stats and when I did the tour we were allowed to go inside the dugout. Also, go early to Fenway to see batting practice, warmups, etc.
So much of our history involves our location on the Harbor. I would plan a few things to take advantage of our history. You can take a harbor ferry to Georges Island which is home to Fort Warren which is a Civil War fort or just a brief cruise around the Boston Harbor Islands..
Legal Seafoods is not loved by Chowhounders, but there is a location right near the ferries and you should at least try the clam chowder. From that area it is not a far walk to our Chinatown and it is worth exploring. Or in the other direction, a short walk to the Italian section of our city, called the North End. For a 10 year-old, Regina's pizza is a must.
Also there is a ferry that runs to the Charlestown Navy Yard from the Aquarium. Inexpensive. You can see the USS Constitution and go to the Bunker Hill Monument. Unfortunately, in Charlestown, there is not much to recommend for eating out.
Take the Red Line Subway to Harvard Square and give Mr. Bartley's Burgers a try. Have fun!

May 31, 2013
snowcone in Greater Boston Area

Visting Boston!

Harpoon Brewery on the waterfront in South Boston and they have tours. Very close by is Yankee Lobster which is not expensive and features local seafood. They are known for Lobster Mac'n Cheese and homemade crab cakes.
Don't know the dates you are planning to be here, but there is an American Craft Beer Festival May 31 and June 1 in the Seaport area.
If you go to the Cambridge Brewery in Kendall Square, I wouldn't order food there. It is very close by Emma's Pizza which has excellent pizzas and salads and not too expensive for the area.
If you can get to the East Boston section of town (near the airport) I think the best Mom and Pop Italian is Rino's. There is usually a line, but it is worth the wait!
Check out our Italian neighborhood which is called the North End; ditto L'osterio and Antico Forno for fun choices. Also swing by Chinatown. Chowhounders rave about Peach Farm.
Walking and subway is the way to go. If you want to rent a car for only a day trip, check out Zipcar. A good suggestion for a trip out of town would be Ipswich. Go to Crane Beach and hit the Choate Bridge Pub in Ipswich for great Lobster Rolls. Ipswich Ale is pretty good too.

May 21, 2013
snowcone in Greater Boston Area

New place in Ipswich - Salt Rum Bar

Has anyone tried it yet? I walked by and it looked promising. Their website indicates they are a modified Gatropub and also will feature rum drinks, including the locally made Privateer Rum. I am not doing justice to explaining it, but I am hoping it will be another fun place to put on the list.

Apr 29, 2013
snowcone in Greater Boston Area

Theatre district lunch

There is a new spot called Abby Lane. The food is great and service is wonderful. They have small plates that you can order to keep the cost down, and what I appreciate is you can order how many sliders you want, so you're not overpaying for an order of three - you can just order one.
They have great flatbread pizzas and a really varied menu.
Will also ditto that Chinatown is close by with so many options and I also like the Malaysian restaurant Penang.

Apr 11, 2013
snowcone in Greater Boston Area

The Back Deck, Boston

I just saw an ad for Back Deck in the Improper. Any updates on the place? Is it worth trying for a city dweller who is barbeque-deprived? Thanks.

Mar 16, 2013
snowcone in Greater Boston Area

Best "new" restaurant in Boston

I would highly recommend Erbaluce. The menu changes frequently but is always interesting. There is a cozy, romantic small bar area in which it is great to have a drink first then head to the dining room. Service was outstanding.
It is a great spot for a special and romantic evening out.
I also like Catalyst in the Kendall Square area.

Mar 15, 2013
snowcone in Greater Boston Area


Looking for some suggestions for the best sliders in town?

Feb 28, 2013
snowcone in Greater Boston Area

Best Local Brews you can't get anywhere else, and Best Lobster Mac&Cheese

Yankee Lobster at 300 Northern Ave on the waterfront in Boston. (It is close by the Harpoon Brewery.)

Feb 28, 2013
snowcone in Greater Boston Area

Private dining at an upscale restaurant.

I haven't been but a friend of mine has said that Toscano's on Charles Street has a nice private room. I am not sure how many people it holds or if there is an extra charge.

Feb 28, 2013
snowcone in Greater Boston Area

Babbo, Esca, Lincoln or La Grenouille

This is not a paid advertisement -- I am just a frequent user. The American Express Platinum card and others have a concierge service that can sometimes get you in to restaurants that are typically booked well in advance. We dined at Daniel using their service. It's worth a try.
I've never been to Babbo but have only heard good things. Esca's food is great but I wonder if the ambience is enough for a memorable celebration. Lincoln's location, setting, ambience and service are tremendous, but I have to admit I was underwhelmed by the food.
La Grenouille is on my bucket list; based on comments here I am going to try it next time I'm in NYC. Why wait? Life is too short!

Jan 25, 2013
snowcone in Manhattan

The Wilshire - Santa Monica

Just returned from my week in California and wanted to touch base about the rehearsal dinner and to thank all of you for your input. We booked Wilshire and it was outstanding. The location, ambience, service and food were just about perfect. Our party grew to about 50 people which was nicely accommodated in the back area/open patio.
The chef, Nayesha Arrington, took time from her busy Saturday night to greet us and she could not have been more warm and welcoming. I can't wait to return to the LA area and have dinner here.

Also, appreciate the recommendation of Maison Giraud in Pacific Palisades. Outstanding.

So thanks again for all your inputs - could not have been more helpful and appreciated.

Oct 11, 2012
snowcone in Los Angeles Area

The Wilshire - Santa Monica

Thank you all for your excellent inputs - I am leaning toward booking this and appreciate the thoughts about prices. I will be working with the restaurant in terms of what food we offer, so hopefully can get to an appropriate budget.
While we are there, and are staying in Pacific Palisades - are there any restauratns we shouln't miss for just two - four people for a fun night after the wedding.
Thanks again in advance...

Aug 28, 2012
snowcone in Los Angeles Area

The Wilshire - Santa Monica

I am from the East Coast and trying to set up a rehearsal dinner for about 30 people. The Wilshire is one option I am thinking about. We range from real foodies to vegetarians as well as some who are not so adventuresome.
Any thoughts on the food, ambience and service?
Thanks in advance

Aug 24, 2012
snowcone in Los Angeles Area

Have a Short List of Pubs for Moms' Birthday - looking for feedback - PUH LEEZE !

Can't say I've been to any of the places mentioned, so please take my input with that in mind.
I would suggest Tir Na Nog which is right near Penn Station. We held a get together there for my Mom's 75th birthday and it was great. The service is warm and very Irish, the Guiness flows freely and a plus is that their chef, Matt, attended CIA. The food was great from their Irish Smoked Salmon to the delectable Shephard's Pie.
My one caveat is to check it out beforehand if you can, because while the space is very Irish pub-like, it looks a little worn.
Another of my Mom's all time favorites is Jimmy Neary's in the Sutton Place area. Great food and Irish ambience. Also great location and a parking garage right across the street.

Jun 21, 2012
snowcone in Manhattan

Entertaining 30 clients: Magical experience in a great town- where?

The Rustic Kitchen in the Park Square area does a live cooking show in a studio-type set up. It would not be the best in terms of food, but could be fun and memorable. Not sure of the schedule. The cost is $75 pp.

Jun 19, 2012
snowcone in Greater Boston Area

Entertaining 30 clients: Magical experience in a great town- where?

The Boston Public Library has an event/dining venue which would be right up there for history, an attractive venue and great food. Events are catered by "A Catered Affair", which is very well known for their food. I think they would be willing to work within your budget. It is in close proximity to the Convention Center.
Also try the MFA and the Gardner Museum for hosting. The MFA has a great restaurant called "Bravo" and beautiful outdoor garden.
Already mentioned is Scampo at the Liberty Hotel - this would be a very exciting venue for an event and they have attractive outdoor space - perfect for the time you will be here.
I'll also suggest the Barbara Lynch Gruppo family of restaurants. They are pricey, but perhaps you can work with them to host something fun at "Drink" or "B&G Oyster". Also call them to see about the Chef's Table at Menton or in the South End. It may be above the $100 budget, but I believe it is worth pursuing. I am sure to get pushback from loyal CH'er's, but I am just throwing out any options that may work for you.

Jun 18, 2012
snowcone in Greater Boston Area

Are there any tea rooms around?

The Thinking Cup at 165 Tremont Street near the Boston Common.

Jun 13, 2012
snowcone in Greater Boston Area

Recommendations for excited out of towners?

A local magazine, The Improper Bostonian, recently published an article on the city's top seafood dishes.
Also, something different would be an outdoor clambake on one of the Boston Harbor Islands. Google "spectacle island sunset clambake" and it will direct you to the site. They are offered on Thursday and Friday evenings in August, you take a ferry to Spectacle Island, with georgeous views of the city, have wine and beer and traditional clambake with steamers, lobster and corn, all in a beautiful setting.
I would also ditto the recomendations for Island Creek Oyster Bar. Given its proximity to Fenway, you can always do a tour of Fenway Park before your dinner.
I am not up on the nightlife, but friends of mine took some relatives from out-of-town to "Howl at the Moon" which is a bar with singing and entertainment very close to the Fanueil Hall area.

Jun 13, 2012
snowcone in Greater Boston Area

Irish Brown Bread

I'm making St Patrick's Day dinner for a few friends and want to get some tradional Irish Brown Bread - any bakeries that feature this product? Thanks.

Mar 13, 2012
snowcone in Greater Boston Area

Displaced NYC foodies returning for quick fix - what are the new and amazing restaurants we must try?

We really loved Boulud Sud, Daniel Boulud's new Mediterranean restaurant. It's near Lincoln Center.

Boulud Sud
20 W 64th St, New York, NY 10023

Mar 07, 2012
snowcone in Manhattan


Just returned from Telluride and had some great meals. I stayed at the Inn at Lost Creek and had breakfast at the restaurant there called 9545. Breakfasts were great and very hearty; you were well fueled for skiing the whole day. Service was excellent.
Next door to the Inn is a great Italian restaurant called La Piazza Del Villaggi. This is not an Italian red sauce type of restaurant. They do have wonderful homemade pastas, but also excellent grilled seafood and game dishes. The wine list is excellent and service is warm and friendly. It has become one of my favorite places to dine in all of Telluride.
Some great additions to the Telluride dining scene are the Butcher and Baker for breakfast and lunch and the new Tomboy Tavern that took over the space occupied by Hop Garden. It's got great burgers and many Colorado beers on tap.
Also like the Telluride Bistro in town as well as the new restaurant called Flavor. The Sheridan Chop house is also a go to destination.

Feb 20, 2012
snowcone in Mountain States

Restaurant Brat review of Osteria Morini - Pasta Heaven

Went Saturday night (Jan 14 2012) and thought the entire experience was mediocre at best. I love Marea and was really excited to try OM especially after reading about its background - an homage to one of Michael White's mentors.
We arrived on time for our 8PM reservation on a busy Saturday night and we were seated right away by the very friendly and efficient hostess. It took our waiter a while to come by and we ordered two glasses of wine. We had to wait over 10 minutes before our wine was actually poured. He then left us again without taking our order.
Our table was very cramped next to other guests. Myriad servers, bus people and guests on their way to the restrooms constantly banged in to my DC's chair. That, coupled with the blaring rock music, was not a pleasant ambience.
The food was medicore at best. My pasta with clams was drowning in its cooking liguid and had tons of sand, either from the clams or the leeks contained within, or both. Very underwhelming dish as well as unappetizing. My DC's Lasagna was okay.
After having waited way too long to be served a glass of wine, we certainly didn't appreciate having our server try to take our salad away three separate times while we were still eating it. If there was a need to turn the table over, it should have been addressed when we were seated and waited too long for our wine and way too long to place an order. Hate to say it, but we won't be going back.

Osteria Morini
218 Lafayette St, New York, NY 10012

Jan 17, 2012
snowcone in Manhattan

Special Birthday Weekend?

I've looked at a lot of posts and still want to narrow down a spectacular special birthday dinner. Even though we are in our the Beaver Club the best place for a memorable birthday dinner? I know that Montreal represents a lot of cuisines, however our preferences are French food and great French wine. Thinking of Aix and Club Chasse. Any other restaurants that would hit all the high notes for location, ambience, food and wine and fond memories? Garde Manger gets great reviews but is it a more of a scene to be seen or is the food worth the trip. Open to all suggestions.
Thanks so much.

High End Wine Store?

I would suggest Winestone. It is is Chestnut Hill, but they will deliver to Back Bay.
The owner, Patrick Dubsky is a Master Sommelier. I have gotten fantastic Rhones there.
The website is If you were to call him, I am sure he would be very helpful.
Phone: 617.264.0393
1160 Boylston Street

Oct 13, 2011
snowcone in Greater Boston Area

Dining Suggestions

We will be there Nov 18 - 20 so I am within the window of making reservations which I will do via Open Table or AMEX Platinum.
I chose these particular restaurants from various reviews as well as Chowhound suggestions because they got good reviews for both food and ambience.
My biggest issue is that I am not familiar with the area surrounding the Greenwich Hotel, so I was hoping to get suggestions close to the hotel as well as a memorable dining experience.
Thank you Kathyrn for responding to my post. I have read many of your posts on CH and you always have great insights. Maybe I should pose a more simple questions and ask you...if it were your birthday, where would you like to go for a wonderful dinner within the area of the Greenwich Hotel? Thanks so much.

Oct 08, 2011
snowcone in Manhattan

Dining Suggestions

Will be staying at the Greenwich Hotel and want to narrow down myriad choices for dinner in that area on a Friday and Saturday night, also an interesting lunch suggestion for Saturday. Am willing to make reservations beforehand for something really good. Have looked at the boards and can't decide between Locande Verde, Nobu, Annissa or Il Buco among others. It is for a special occassion so I am not going to be too concerned about pricing. Also like all types of cusines so different suggestions are appreciated. Thanks.

Oct 08, 2011
snowcone in Manhattan

Like Oleana, but not Oleana

Atasca, a Portugese restaurant is in the same neighborhood as Oleana. It has a nice outdoor space with a large fireplace. The food is great and the people who work there are super nice, so I think they would strive to make your celebration special.

May 28, 2011
snowcone in Greater Boston Area

Recap of our 5 day NYC trip

Thanks for the great write up. I appreciate the time you took to go into such great detail. You've helped me solidify plans for my next trip to New York-- Maialino and The Modern will be on my list.
I live in Boston and try to get to New York frequently for some good shows. Just saw "Good People" and had a great post-theater meal at Marseille. Next up will be "Warhorse" and will go to both restaurants you highlighted as well as Lincoln which has gotten some great reviews.
Thanks again for taking the time to share your dining notes!

630 Ninth Avenue, New York, NY 10036

2 Lexington Avenue, New York, NY 10010

May 03, 2011
snowcone in Manhattan

Restaurant for dinner - walking distance from 5th Av and E 65th

Just another add on. I stayed at the Surrey Hotel this past weekend. Located on 20 E. 76th Street. The concierge had typed up a list of kid friendly places.
"Eating with kids options" - Serafina, Bella Blue, Atlantic Grill, American Girl Place, Shun Lee Cafe for Dim Sum or Chinatown Brasserie.
He also recommended some shows for kids - Wicked, Wonderland, Mary Poppins, Addams Family. Also Madagascar Live at Radio City or Harry Potter at Discovery Times Square. (Sorry to go off topic regarding restaurants)

Chinatown Brasserie
380 Lafayette St, New York, NY 10012

American Girl Cafe
609 5th Ave, New York, NY 10017

Atlantic Grill
49 W 64th St, New York, NY 10023

Apr 25, 2011
snowcone in Manhattan


I know that dining out on Easter Sunday can always present challenges. However an experienced restauranteur such as the owner of Artisanal would be prepared for such...or so one would think.

We had a reservation, but since the bar was relatively empty we informed the receptionist that we would prefer to sit at the bar, and she was fine with that. There was no hint that we wouldn't be able to be served or any caveat in that regard.

What we then discovered was there was one bartender making drinks for the entire restaurant, and someone who acted as if he had never been behind a bar helping out.

About 8 minutes go by and we are finally approached for a drink order. We place our order and watch as our server then proceeds to the cafe area to clean tables; we watch him come back to the bar area and take various glasses off the shelf, look at them and put them back. We watch as he goes off into the kitchen and disappears for five more minutes. I want to leave, but this was just too good to watch. Back he comes while the main bartender has the computer generated drink orders ten to fifteen deep and it's only him running the show for the entire restaurant.

Our "server" finally finds a glass he likes and proceeds to make the Bloody Mary one of us ordered 20 minutes ago with unlabeled house Vodka while we specifically ordered a name label. He strolls over with the wrong drink, and of course doesn't bother to bring the glass of wine that was ordered along with the Bloody Mary. I imagine it was too much of a challenge to find the correct glass and pour a glass of white wine. After 20 minutes or so -- wrong drink and no drink --it's time to go someplace else; anywhere else in fact.

I am pretty easy going and try not to be overly critical of restaurants as I enjoy the experience of trying new places especially one whose reputation precedes it. However this experience was just inexcuseable.

No matter how good the food that I never got to try is, I doubt I will ever return.

Happy Easter.

2 Park Avenue, New York, NY 10016

Apr 25, 2011
snowcone in Manhattan