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natural cherry garnish

Here's the link to that thread:

Mar 30, 2013
AmyWatts in Spirits

North Georgia BBQ

Heading up to the Blue Ridge, GA, area, but willing to explore the scenery en route to good BBQ. Let's say as far west as Dalton, as far south as Gainesville, as far east as Helen, and northwards would be willing to cross state line into the most southeast part of TN and the most southwest part of NC.

Do be so kind in your recommendations as to tell me what meat is offered/best and if it's dry or wet. If sauce is involved, is it mustard, vinegar, or ketchup based?

May 02, 2012
AmyWatts in Southeast

Best Eats in Athens GA

Five Guys can't hold a candle to the Grill. Nasty, dried up burgers at Five Guys.

Jun 25, 2009
AmyWatts in Southeast

Athens, GA - updates, anybody?

Anybody else tried Fuel? On Prince? I was unimpressed with my burger at lunch. But I'm notoriously picky about my burgers.

Jun 25, 2009
AmyWatts in Southeast

Lunch in Atlanta this Saturday

It's that time of year again. I didn't realize that I make this pilgrimage annually.

Same trip Ikea/Phipps/Lenox, but with a couple of twists this time: I've got one vegetarian and one low/no-carb person with me.

Six Feet Under seems to be moving locations.

Anything new open up in the last year that you'd recommend?

Could Athens, GA, support an "indie" butcher shop?

Well, well. I was ALSO in there on Saturday and got a very good ribeye that made a tasty meal Saturday night.

They had, but I did not purchase, "streak o lean" which I've never seen in person before.

Early dinner near Cobb Centre on weeknight

Trying one more time, help me out Chowhounders. I found this list:

And the only two that look interesting to me are Ted's Montana Grill or Olde Mill Steakhouse.... advice/reviews on either of those?

The National - Hugh Acheson of 5&10

My new favorite thing is to get an order of the flatbread and hummus and take it into movies at Cine. Cine doesn't seem to mind (I checked with them the first time), especially since I usually buy wine at Cine to go with my snack.

Costs a little bit more than popcorn, but infinitely more rewarding.

Best Eats in Athens GA

For the National, pick a night when you want to see something at Cine. The $26 dinner and a movie is hard to beat. Many of the items on that menu are also on the regular menu.

Jun 19, 2008
AmyWatts in Southeast

Early dinner near Cobb Centre on weeknight

"The Centre is at the intersection of Cobb Galleria Parkway and Akers Mill Road." per their website.

Early dinner near Cobb Centre on weeknight

Coming in from Athens next week to see Eddie Izzard at the Cobb Centre. I've never been there and my familiarity with Atlanta neighborhoods is slim. Recommendations of specific restaurants or links to previous thread that cover the area both appreciated.

We've got one woman in the group who doesn't want Mexican/Latin, and another that doesn't want somewhere that's pasta-centric. (In other words, Italian ok as long as the whole menu isn't pasta.) Another woman has complex dietary restrictions I can't even begin to understand (or list here) so restaurants with menus online are a bonus.

Not looking to break the bank, but it is a girls' night out, so low cost isn't the biggest priority. Proximity to Cobb Centre and speedy, reliable service very important.

Hit me up with your suggestions, Chowhounds.

Could Athens, GA, support an "indie" butcher shop?

Oooh. Thanks for the tip. Maybe I'll do a comparison/taste test.

Could Athens, GA, support an "indie" butcher shop?

I've been wanting to try to make marrow bones, and I'm hoping these guys will be the ones to hook me up. We'll see.

Sham Pain

My dad once unwittingly gargled with Prell shampoo, mistaking their bottle for a mouthwash bottle. This was back in the 70s when the bottles were shaped similarly.

May 12, 2008
AmyWatts in Features

Uniquely Georgia Cuisine?

What is chicken mull? I've never heard this.

Athens, GA: new businesses news.

Thanks for a fair response to my questions. I just worry sometimes that when you give a restaurant that's trying (and on the whole succeeding) to make good food a negative review that it keeps people from going there. I've read these boards when looking at places to go in cities I'm visiting and some of your reviews would have kept me from going to restaurants here in Athens if I'd read them. I'll agree that Athens choice of cuisine is lacking in many respects, but I think that means we have to give a bigger chance to the ones that are trying and, for the most part, doing it well. I hate to say "best of the worst" because I don't think it's *that* bad here. I guess what I'm trying to say is that if someone's read your negative comments about all the other Italian joints in town, I'd hate for them to just say "f*** it, we'll do Olive Garden."

In other words, keep up the good work posting, and if I disagree with you, I'll be sure to come in right behind you and post to that effect. :)

Athens, GA: new businesses news.

I have *consistently* had good food at La Dolce Vita, having eaten there on multiple occasions.

You seem to have bad experiences at a lot of places in Athens, so I wonder if you have very high standards or if Athens dining is really that awful or if you just have rotten luck.

Best Eats in Athens GA

I find myself craving their hummus ALL THE TIME.

Apr 15, 2008
AmyWatts in Southeast

RIP Bischero's, Athens

Heard on the radio this morning (102.1) that Bischero's is now being called 247 Prince. Anyone know anything about the change? Eaten there recently?

Cine and the National, Athens

VERY good. We started with shared hummus and flatbread, then he had monkfish and I had pork tenderloin. Both very good, but the tenderloin was a little better, more flavorful. He finished with the homemade mango ice cream and I had the chocolate torte. There was more torte than I could eat, and it's not often I don't finish dessert.

What's really nice is that they do "pours" as well as glasses, so we were able to try some different wines with the different courses and then be relatively sober through the movie.

glum food in Athens, GA, or: are Latinos going to save the South?

I haven't been able to go back since I made the mistake of looking at Bluebird's health score. And it wasn't for tickytacky stuff, it was things like "improper storage of food".

Sunday Brunch/Lunch near Broad Street

And I thought she/he meant Athens, since Broad Street is the main drag between campus and downtown.

New to Mobile Alabama, Where's The Good Stuff?

The Brick Pit was as good as advertised. The ribs, the pulled pork, even the slaw. And while I wouldn't gasp at any banana pudding (not my fave dessert), Brick Pit's is one of the best I've ever had.

Here are pictures of the food and the interior:

Jan 11, 2008
AmyWatts in Central South

BBQ anywhere near Pensacola?

Brick Pit is probably too far, but if you're in Mobile anyway, I'd really recommend it. I had a pulled pork sandwich, my companion had the ribs, and we both had spicy sauce. We just about licked our plates clean.

Jan 11, 2008
AmyWatts in Florida

The Brick Pit BBQ Mobile Al

Went while on vacation based on the many chowhound fans. Here's a picture of my companion's lunch portion.

We had the spicy sauce and I really liked my sandwich.

Knife Sharpening in Norfolk, VA?

I'm nowhere near Norfolk, but in Athens, GA, the local Kroger's will sharpen knives. The butcher department does it on the same machines they use for their knives. Free of charge. None of the other grocery stores in Athens do this and the specialty gourmet shops that will have a charge. I have no idea if this is a nationwide service or just something I'm lucky to have at my local. Couldn't hurt to call and ask.

Dec 07, 2007
AmyWatts in Mid-Atlantic

Auburn Alabama

Driving from Atlanta to Mobile after Christmas, and will probably stop in Auburn or Montgomery for lunch on the way. Since there aren't too many Auburn chowhound posts, I was happy to find this one. It's never too late to answer. Thanks, wareagle.

Dec 07, 2007
AmyWatts in Central South

Best Eats in Athens GA

The one time we went to Shokitini's we had an awful experience. It was full, but not packed and yet, the people who ordered sushi at the table got their dinner a full 45 minutes before the ones who ordered from the grill. And during that 45 minute wait, we didn't see our waitress once, so we knew something had gone really wrong. I was moments from getting the manager when she finally showed up with one person's steak dish. The salmon from the grill came about 5 minutes later with this unbelievable apology, "Salmon takes longer to cook, you know." So our table ended up eating in shifts. I wasn't overly upset about it, because we were enjoying one another's company and didn't have anywhere to be, but it made me never want to go back there.

Nov 29, 2007
AmyWatts in Southeast

Athens, GA area BBQ

Big fan of the newly opened Jimmy's on Lumpkin. The pulled pork is the best as far as the meat goes. The greens are really, really good, too. Organic pig, and most of the vegetables are too, some of them grown by the owner or the chef.

They don't seem to be getting the business they deserve. I hope they stay open because, 1. they're good, and 2. they deliver to my neighborhood.

Nov 19, 2007
AmyWatts in Southeast

Lunch in Atlanta this Saturday

That's ok, it's not the only time I'll ever go to Atlanta. I plan to come back to this thread for my next trip in and try some of the recommendations then.