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RED ROCK Bistro in Swampscott

i went to red rock bistro for the first time earlier this week. i sat at the bar. they had a one-dollar thing going on, which included one-dollar oysters. i ordered 6 oysters. not the best i've had, but for a buck apiece, not bad. the thing that stuck out in the whole experience was the attitude of the bartender. when i walked in (with my girlfriend) we told the hostess we would prefer to sit at the bar. the hostess, very nicely, told us we would be well taken care of. we weren't. it took forever to be served, and when i asked if the oysters were good, she treated me like some kind of a-hole for even asking. i've learned that it's good to ask servers questions; most of the time you get some canned response, but once in awhile you get an honest response and it can help you avoid a bad meal. so that's what i was doing, and i don't think it's that far out, especially when we're talking about one-dollar oysters. anyway, i got oysters and chowder. oysters ok, chowder was thin broth variety and very good. my girlfriend had a pasta dish that she liked, but left her hungry. i have to admit, it was spectacular to sit there at the bar and look out at the ocean with the boston skyline in the distance. so they've got that going for them. still, i can't really recommend it because of the attitude and the pall that left over the whole experience.

Best Hot Dog in the state of Massachusetts

speed's is the best i've had in mass.

casey's in natick is good if you're in the mood for an old-fashioned boiled dog.

also, spike's isn't bad at all and has several locations. plus their hours are predictable.

Delivery sushi and chinese in Arlington?

agree strongly on mr. sushi. it's solid. not the best, not too expensive. but you're not in boston, you can park, and it's pretty damn good.

Any really good roast beef sandwich joint in Cam/Som/Med.

i tried skampa this weekend and it was pretty damn good. the super beef came with the standard onion roll, sauce, mayo, cheese, and a huge pile of rare, flavorful beef. i also ordered a greek salad that was fresh and delicious. only complaint is that the bbq sauce could stand to have a little more bite. other than that, very good.