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Fogo De Chao coming to Minneapolis [Moved from Midwest]

We totally HEART the El Gaucho! My husbandUnit calls it the BEST steak he's had in a while. Service is enthusiastic but unpolished. Vegetarian entrees are limited, but that's to be expected when your main export is beef . . .

Apr 25, 2007
PastryPrncss in Chains

MSP Month End UPDATE - inform your fellow chowhounds

A girlfriend and I hit the new Mysore Cafe on Hennepin & 29th (half a block up from KinhDo) a couple of Saturday nights ago. She spent six weeks in India last year and was hankerin' for some good Indian. The restaurant was horseshoe-shaped; deuces and four-tops on one side and the other held four-tops and a loooong 20-top. As we found out, that's for the extend-a-family table. While we were there, it was packed. We were in the minority, most of the clientele were Indian. The 20-top filled up with one family, complete with kids that ran around and made noise.
The food was FANTASTIC. They had a buffet, which I'm not so fond of, but it was hot, fresh and good. My gf commented that the food was 100% authentic. It was spiced, but not spicy. I can't remember all of the dishes, but the fresh hot naan was outstanding and the trio of raitas (reg, coconut & mint) were well done and super tasty. It's AYCE and about $11 per person. We got Assam to complement our meal and it was really good as well. I ate until I burst, it was sooo good!
When you go -- stick to the left side of the restaurant -- not so many kids. I will be back!
Also dragged the SO to the Longfellow. Sat at the bar and discovered (happily!) that it was half-off bottle of wine night, which is every Monday. They were out of the one that I wanted (Malbec), which was a bummer, so we had a Pinot. SO had the steak & Peirogies and I indulged in fish-n-chips. I'm not a fan of their tartar [sweet pickles in tartar??] and they don't serve enough with the meal (I'm from SEA -- it's a crime to have bad tartar and not serve it w/your fries there). SO's a biiiig fan of the steak & pierogies. He gets it every time we go. All in all, very satisfying and the service was fast and good.

Best Sushi/Sashimi in Minneapolis/St. Paul?

My vote is for Sushi Tango in Calhoun Square. I find it consistent and delicious. Their miso gets me every time. I agree with the other poster who recommended sitting at the bar. Bartenders are very friendly and knowledgeable and make a mean Tango-tini (mango martini with chambord -- AMAZING).
My second vote goes to Tanpopo. They make a different kind every day for appetizers and it's really really tasty.

MSP - Mid Month Update - Post a Review of places you've dined at in MARCH 2007!

I hit Pad Thai in SmallPaul after yoga one night last week. We sat at the bar and were asked if we'd like to order by EVERY person that walked past the bar. ;) Service was enthusiastic if unpolished. Loved the decorating inside. I had the Tofu w/spicy green beans and mixed veg (can't remember the Thai name, sorry). It was good, a little skimpy on the sauce and tofu, though. I'd go back to try their namesake to see if it's as good as my favorite @ KinhDo.
For Thai, I'm still in love with TumRup in Uptown. Service = hit-or-miss. Food = totally outstanding. The Vegan tofu soup cures what ails ya!

Vegetarian Restaurants - MSP

Ooooh. Triple Rock also has The Best Bloody Marys ever. Tasty.

MSP: Neighborhood bars, Mpls

I second the 'Dawg. Great beer selection -- I recommend the Mud Pie veg burger (tasty) and the Tots & Cheeze. Beer and Tots. It doesn't get any better.

Chocolate creme brulee in the Twin Cities

Temple has a trio all the time (Choc, ginger & green tea). Apparently, it's one of the things Dara DID like . . .

MSP---- Good Spot for a Pho Virgin?

I also second KinhDo for Pho! Downside: they don't have a veggie/tofu version. Meat only. My friend Ming recommends Quang, he likes their style since it's like what he grew up with.

[MSP] Places in Twin Cities for espresso?

Cliquot Club Cafe - Golden Cup winners. Tasty espresso glorious drip-brew and only a slight attitude . . .

Schools of Culinary Arts

Le Cordon Bleu's 18 month education runs around $48K. Art Institute's is $36K. Schools like Johnson & Wales and CIA will run you $58 - 70K depending on your course. Economically, find a community college in your area that offers the AAS - Culinary degree (Associates of Applied Science). That way, if you choose to go on to University (for culinary or not) after you're done, you've got your generals out of the way for usually under $9K.
School will get you part of the way -- on the job will be your best teacher. Get a job right now in a restaurant doing dish or prep. That will tell you whether or not you'll like it enough to pursue as a career.
Since you're in Reno, if you choose, you can go to Vegas after school and apprentice with any of the known chefs in the area. That education is priceless.

Feb 17, 2007
PastryPrncss in Not About Food

Looking for Good Food and Private Dining Room in Minneapolis

Temple (12th & Harmon, DT) has an AMAZING private dining space. You can talk to the Events dude and see what the chef can do for you in your price range. Events Dude: Tim 612.767.3770

Quality Indian in MSP

I've enjoyed the Moti Mahal in Seward (31st & Franklin, over by the Birchwood). Their aloo gobi was hot, spicy and fantastic. Lunch buffet was small but tasty, including the strange but good carrot dessert. Dinner was casual and I had a TON of leftovers. You can request your food spicy as well. The server looked at me funny (apparently, people don't ask that often) but complied and my dish was good and zippy. The dinner clientele was mostly Indian/East Asian.
Anyone else have a Moti Mahal experience?