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Rol San or King's Garden?

I'm doing dim sum for dinner tomorrow (friday) you guys recommend rol san or king's garden (across from roy thompson)? any other good evening dim sum places? thanks!

private booths

the outdoor patio at the Rooftop is open this time of year?

private booths

well...the elevator is booked...
don't think i'll be going to nami since we've done japanese quite a bit...
leaning towards savoy...though still thinking about canoe...

and yeah, 3 stops is probably one too many...definitely still doing the hyatt though...

private booths

so i'm changing my mind about what i wanna do....i'm thinking of going to The Roof at the Hyatt during sunset (oh sky, please be clear)...and then going to somewhere with a private choices:

- savoy
- bravi (really want to try the elevator experience)
- nami (the tatami mats seem interesting, but it's not really private (for 2) is it?)

any other suggestions? i read on here about southern accent...but i think it's a little ways away...

afterwards, i was thinking of going up to canoe for they let you reserve a table just for dessert and drinks? (i was thinking around 930-10pm...what's the crowd like at that time on friday?)...if that falls through, then i'm gonna take her karaoke'ing...heh...

restaurant w/ view part 2

thing is, my reservation at canoe is at i'd probably be there for the, if i were to go up the CN tower...i might as well have dinner at the 360 too...

restaurant w/ view part 2

so i think i've narrowed it down to:

- panorama
- toula (though it's a little out of the way, due to lack of a car)
- canoe

took off the 360 because i felt it was too touristy...but had some questions for the remaining choices:

- is the patio/open terrace at panorama open this time of year?
- canoe said that my chances of getting a table (for 2 at 515pm) by the window is slim...will that take away from the view? my main reason is to see the sunset (if it's not cloudy)

my alternative is going to panorama or the roof (at the hyatt) to see the sunset...and then going to another restaurant for dinner....decisions, decisions...

restaurants with a view

i'm going with my gf this friday. I tried making a reservation for 630...but the earliest they had was 515. I guess i might have to mingle with the geriatric crowd as someone above mentioned, haha. But i totally forgot about sunset - will look into it.

restaurants with a view


i'm looking for a restaurant that provides dinner with a nice view of the far i'm looking at:

- 360 (CN Tower)
- Panorama (Manulife Center)
- Toula (Westin Harbor Castle)

can anybody provide any advice on these? also, are there any other restaurants that are comparable in terms of the view? thanks!