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Indian Snack Food - DC, Virginia, Maryland?

wow, you guys are great! Thanks for all the tips. I live downtown near the McPhereson Square metro station and prefer to frequnt places that are metro accessible since I don't have a car.

It isn't so much that the places I've been to aren't great, it is just that I find more Pakistani cuisine in the area than the North Indian chaat houses I'm used to (we had a bunch in chicago). Pujab Dhaba sounds great, I'll look into . I've also heard good things about Heritage in Dupont. But the only place that I know of which serves Chaat Papri in the area is Mahek - I have yet to try either of them. Ideally if anyone knows of a Gujurati Restaurant in the area, that would address all my worries - gujurati food (or "guju" food) is always a safe and delicious bet. Thanks again for the suggestions!

Indian Snack Food - DC, Virginia, Maryland?

Hey guys, new to this site (so excuse me if I'm posting in the wrong area.)

I was wondering if anyone knew of some good places to get some authentic Indian food. I'm Indian myself, but haven't found great places to go to so far...