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Can't Believe It's That Time Again, But...

too late prolly, but Sap's on Burnet has a free party room that can hold 60

Jul 26, 2014
chowmick in Austin

Clayudas/Tlayudas in ATX???

Has anyone spotted anyone selling tlayudas (clayudas) around town? They are large Oaxacan quesadilla-like units with a filling of black beans, salsa, and lotsa Oaxacan queso blanco, then topped with sliced grilled meats.

Dec 15, 2011
chowmick in Austin

Please review/critique my plan and logistics

ditch Iron Works, sub Live Oak BBQ (all is good)
on Lockhart leg ditch Black's, and go 15 miles down the road to City Market in Luling (especially pork ribs and sausage)
on Sat hit Snow's (be sure and get some pork loin) and then Louie Mueller's and Taylor Cafe (especially turkey sausage and fatty brisket) on the way back to town
on Tuesday hit JR Mueller's new spot on South First (since you will have already been to Louis Mueller's)
check Franklin;s schedule online, and get there by 10:30 am at the latest

City Market
633 E Davis St, Luling, TX 78648

Oct 11, 2011
chowmick in Austin

ATX Chowhound Board

What happened to this board? It just vanished, and has been replaced by the incredibly lame and unreliable Yelp and the rest of that ilk. Some posters on other sites are saying that it's because of some volunteer moderator who has been deleting a lot of posts...I have had posts deleted, so can relate. This used to be the best site for ATX food info, and it's dying a slow death.

Can we defeat this moderator and take back our board? Do the uber Chow superiors know the ATX site is in massive decline? What the hell? mick

Sep 16, 2011
chowmick in Site Talk

Memphis commissary kitchen space?

Does anyone know of any part-time commissary kitchen space available in the greater Memphis area for some clean and well-organized folks? Thanks.

Aug 24, 2011
chowmick in Kentucky & Tennessee

There HAS to be a good Thai restaurant here...

...put more simply, there is excellent Thai food in just don't know how to recognize it.

Aug 23, 2011
chowmick in Austin

Live Oak Barbecue in East Austin

Yo Carter B.: Texas Sausage Co.......2915 E 12th St . Franklin's uses them also. Retail and wholesale.

Aug 23, 2011
chowmick in Austin

There HAS to be a good Thai restaurant here...

Mam's is the most authentic Thai food in town, and I would encourage you to visit Thailand and eat actual Thai food to compare. There is nothing the least bit "fusion" about Mam's menu. Titaya's would be better if they could kick their red bell pepperhabit.....not the least bit authentic, and used to stretch a dish's volume with cheap veggies that idiot Americans think are the real thing. You never see red bell peppers used in Thailand, unless you go to an Italian resto in one of the big cities......

Aug 23, 2011
chowmick in Austin

Caldo de Res

killer bowl of Caldo de Res at Mi ranchito, FM 1626 at Manchaca Rd. Melts in your mouth like mom's pot roast, loaded with veggies, very rich and flavorful stock. Comes with side of onions and cilantro, and they have 4 different salsas you help yourself to, mick

Jul 18, 2011
chowmick in Austin

JD's Cove Harbor Cafe in Rockport

Does anyone know if it is still open or not?

Jul 14, 2011
chowmick in Texas

Staying in Buda, anything close and delicious?

Nona Gina's Italian in downtown Buda...Renzo rocks!

Sep 24, 2010
chowmick in Austin

Thinking of moving from Brooklyn, NY to Austin--what would I be in for, foodwise?

Please bring me some Mysliwska Kielbasa (it's the double-smoked hunter's sausage) from Steve's Meat Market on Nassau in Greenpoint when you come down. As much as you can carry! Steve's doesn't ship!

Dec 08, 2009
chowmick in Austin

Tamales for Christmas Party

Evita's Botanitas makes kick-ass tamales, but call soon.

Track Leo down through the farmer's market for some of Oaxacan Tamaleo's tanales.

Both are excellent and huge.

Dec 08, 2009
chowmick in Austin

Need Some Recommendations for Places to Eat in Austin

Bars: I second Ginny's Little Longhorn, & Cedar Street. Don't forget LaLa's Little Nugget on Justin Ln , The Pier, The Saxon Pub (music), Horseshoe Lounge, Dry Creek Cafe, and The Carousel Lounge.

Mar 12, 2009
chowmick in Austin

Best Brisket: black's?

For brisket I'd have to say Snow's, which is tender, moist, and flavorful, with medium smoke...cut from the fatty end. While there, definitely get some of the pork shoulder....maybe the best BBQ pork i've ever eaten. While in the neighborhood, get some brisket from Louie Mueller's also: a totally different style, heavy on the spiced caramelized bark, and much smokier. A contrast in styles, and both excellent, but damn that Snow's pork shoulder is fine.Snow's= Sat 8am until they run out around noonish). mick

Feb 19, 2009
chowmick in Austin

Looking for Mexican, not Tex-Mex

Sazon, on S. Lamar, near Oltorf

Oct 28, 2008
chowmick in Austin

Seafood in Xalapa - Does Nick's ring a bell?

Nico's...everyone knows where it is

Jul 15, 2008
chowmick in Mexico

Best Salsa in Austin

green sauce at El Regio

green sauce at Taqueria Piedras Negras

all of the 5 to 6 offerings at Evita's Botanitas (especially the chargrilled ahumdo serrano unit) used for their chip tower

tlaquepaque at Regiomontana

Jul 09, 2008
chowmick in Austin

Sushi in North Austin & RR

Origami, SW corner of 620 and IH 35

Jul 09, 2008
chowmick in Austin

Anyone tried Segovia?

went Saturday: meatballs with almond sauce were okay, but bland...would have had much more flavor if the almonds had been toasted as they should have been; tortilla was a disaster: basically a few big cubes of leftover spuds in egg custard baked in a pie pan....ratio of egg to potato was way too high, spuds should be thin sliced and cooked slowly in olive oil, etc; paella was a disaster: tasted like yellow Mexican rice mix, no saffron flavor, no veggies except for frozen peas, dry chicken that looked and tasted suspiciously of Sysco frozen pulled chicken meat, sausage was Ekrich brand garlic and nowhere near any Spanish style sausage, rice was overcooked and long grain with zero socarrat (rice crust)...instead it was plopped down in a large bowl looking all the world like mediocre cafeteria pilaf; suckling pig has zero crunchy crust and the chunks were too big to have come from a true suckling pig (unless this pig had really bad separation anxiety when the weaning part came around)....sauce was orange marmalade with horseradish; Fireman's # 4 came out lukewarm; service was okay, once he saw us; entry needs a screen to block the hot air and sunlight gushing in every time the door opens; floor manager looked terrified and was shaking badly when pouring water; looked like the prices had risen in some cases by 40% over the original posted menu rates (which I fully expected). Overall, if you've never been to Spain, or have never eaten authentic Spanish cuisine, you might like it just fine....if you have, then you'll be disappointed. It's early yet...let's see how they respond to a crowd and if the chef/owners realize that Austin diners are a bit more sophisticated than they thought.

Jul 09, 2008
chowmick in Austin

Fried Corn?

fried corn on the cob? R. O.'s Outpost

Jun 09, 2008
chowmick in Austin

What happened to Din Ho?!!

Take her to Asia Cafe at Spicewood and 183 (in the back of Asia Market), and to Pao's Mandarin House at Lakeway (order from the Chinese menu), China Palace on Airport (again, the Chinese Menu), dim sum at either Shanghai or Chinatown, culinerd

May 08, 2008
chowmick in Austin


they had to shut down for several days so that they could dig a draib line and chip concrete for a new soda dispenser....they are open, and good, m

Jan 04, 2008
chowmick in Austin

Curra's out of tamales!! Where to order??

oaxacan tamaleo, on hwy 71, not too far west of the overpass where hwy 21comes tamales available

Dec 15, 2007
chowmick in Austin

Three Forks

''strange taste' and 'soft consistency' could possibly have been related to an excess with a dry-aging process, or the diner was not used to the taste of dry-aging. Their website doesn't say if they are dry-aged or wet-aged, or give a time period for aging, only that the steaks are USDA Prime

Dec 02, 2007
chowmick in Austin

Coffee Roasters

...once you've been to Anderson and Company, why would you go anywhere else?

Aug 23, 2007
chowmick in Austin

Making Roux

In the restaurant we used to 'cheat' by pre-roasting the flour at around 375º until it gets a light tan in color with a nutty aroma: place the dry flour in a roasting pan , stirring occasionally with a whisk until the color is uniformly tan. Since all of the moisture has been removed, it's necessary to sift the flour through a very fine sifter to remove the clumps, or whompulate it in a food processor. Once roasted it can be frozen in a resealable plastic bag, so we would do a big batch and just pull it out when we doing a Ponchatrain sauce, gumbo, etc. When you start with pre-roasted flour it takes only minutes to get it to the desired degree of brown, but you have to be very vigilant, as it will turn color rapidly. As for the lube in the pan for the roux, clarified duck fat makes the ultimate roux, but a little filtered bacon fat never hurts either. If using butter, be sure you use clarified butter. mick

Aug 23, 2007
chowmick in Features

Mole in the Mountains

Good call, but the municipal fish market has been forceably moved to newer (less convenient) digs, now at the edge of the historico district, very near the Pemex petrol tank farm. All of those amazing seafood vendors that used to be up on the 2nd and 3rd floors of the old seafood market, or at least a lot of them, moved to El Mercado de la Concordia, which is spanking clean, and across from the Post Office and the train station, near the Port. New spot, same great stuff! chowmick

Aug 13, 2007
chowmick in Features

Chinese roast duck (moved from Austin)

I agree with sambamaster mike: Backstage Steakhouse Ray Tatum's duck is some of the best in the area. The way to do it is the Chinese method (which you can do at home): Trim the butt fat and neck, save the innards for stock...season with pepper and soy and steam for about 40 minutes (to remove the subcutaneous fat). BTW, everyone should have a Chinese duck steamer at home....available at MT or Hong Kong Mkts, and you can steam 6 ducks at a time in the big ones. Take the steamer jism and ladle-off the fat layer (easiest when it chills and congeals), to be clarified over low heat until all of the non-fat liquid has boiled off....filter and reserve to sauté anything. Use the steaming stock for broth for anything, especially if you reduce it so that it gets good and gelatinous. Allow duck to cool to room temp, so the skin tightens up. Roast at 375 or so for about 35-40 minutes. Let cool to room temp, slice carcass in half, and de-bone all but the legs and wings (use bones for stock). Wrap and chill until service. Ten minutes before service, pop in the oven at 475º until the skin gets nice and crispy. For sauces, any fruit-based sauce, any demi-glace based sauce, Creole mustard cream, mushroom cream, green peppercorn, Asian-inspired ginger-chile, etc.

Aug 12, 2007
chowmick in Home Cooking

Tandoori-Style Marinade

A tandoori masala is better, especially when lightly-toasted in a dry skillet beforehand. I also add some grated onion for body, which clings to the exterior. A few smashed curry leaves and toasted brown mustard seeds never hurt either.

Aug 12, 2007
chowmick in Recipes