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What is good for breakfast at St. Lawrence Market?

Who hates dim sum?! That's nice, John Smith.

Biryani House?

white = fastfood-ish

iso: real biryani, just like my m-in-law's

Thanks for the tip! Been searching for a decent & authentic biryani for years!

Jules (Spadina & Richmond)

Fusaro's is horrible. Ask any Italians out there. Went once, and never looked back!
Arrivederci, falsificazione idiots...

Best All You Can Eat Japanese in Toronto GTA

Newsflash: The sky is blue!

Zyng Asian Grill - Yonge & Bloor

The stir-fried soba with veggies was terrible! Bland, tasteless, bloody awful. There were 2 groups of Asians eating when I came in, so I thought it was safe. I guess they were just hungry tourists.
And the server was just standing in her corner staring at my back. I don't like that. Like salespeople standing 2 feet from you while you browse. I guess she's still new.

It was nice looking out the window though while eating.

Deep-fried pizza in Toronto?

I can't find anything in the search results. I'm not even sure there is a Scottish area in Ontario.


Ice Cream?

Soma at the Distillery is magnifico! It doesn't taste like junk food.

Pho 88 @ Spadina

I went there over the weekend. This is not a personal review; I'll leave you to judge them for yourself.

Here is what I can report:
Pretty interiors
No debit/credit card accepted - maybe their lines aren't working yet?
Menu ---> Viet, Thai and Chinese dishes.

Beware! The waitresses speak English.

Pho 88 @ Spadina

I just passed by there an hour ago and noticed completely new interiors! It looked like a bigger, more spacious Asian Legend. The big sign said "88". I was in a hurry though so I just sorta glanced. I did notice it was full of people - family, friends, relatives of owners? - I don' t know when exactly it opened.

I hope this one is good! Toronto really needs to put itself as one of the culinary hotspots of the galaxy...

Am I too picky?

I completely agree. You shouldn't be persuaded by reviews - they are just personal opinions. How would you verify the veracity of a, say, East European person cursing East Asian cuisine? Ridiculous. Only heed the advice of a local (i.e. a Jamaican on Jamaican food) - others are just mr/ms-know-it-alls. "Food experts" make me laugh.

What you want to look out for is tips, warnings, etc. because they are very useful. And I think you have too much expectations from Toronto. This isn't NY, or LA, or SF, or Paris, or Milan, or London, or Tokyo. Toronto is just a big "small town". But we'll get there, sweetie. Someday. ;-)

The Best Pizza

The house special from Danforth Pizza House was delicious. Can't wait to try the other ones, too!

Best pizza in Toronto?

Honey, Pizza Pizza is for people who go to McDonald's for their burgers. ;-)
I suggest the pizza from Whole Foods!!!

Disappointed by Asian Legend

I need to defend my Asian Legend. Asian food is not supposed to be haute cuisine. Susmaryosep...

Healthy Butcher-YUM

Oh for Christ's sake. We eat the unhealthiest meat in the third world and we're still breathing. Anyway, I love HB!

Pandesal in Toronto?

Ooh, I miss pan de sal!!! Real pan de sal --- one that's made with lard instead of oil, lots of salt and asbestos!!! Lol. Take that you vegetarian/vegan-Asian wannabes.

Toronto’s Best Butter Tarts Aren’t in Toronto

I'm not an expert on butter tarts, but what about Clafouti Patisserie et Cafe (Queen St. West)? They have delicious ones which I hope are not "high-end four-dollar works of art."

If anyone here has also tried tarts from that cafe, please share your 2 cents!