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Perfect Pancake Recipe [Split from Best Pancakes Midwest thread]

I've made them with quinoa, whole wheat, whole spelt, they all work.

Aug 16, 2010
anolli in Home Cooking

Dreading a Sustainability Backlash

Food trends come and go but the concept of raising awareness of a better way of living is completely different. The local, organic movement is raising the public's awareness. It's instilling ethics into a population that didn't consider the consequences before.

Someone who has eaten chicken all their life is suddenly starting to question whether that chicken was pumped with antibiotics and figures out that their next illness won't be cured by the antibiotics their doctor perscribed.

Someone who is a vegetarian is made aware that the tofu they are eating is made of genetically modified soy. That GM soy growing in fields with weeds that no longer respond to Roundup. That GM soy is grown in previously rainforested parts of Brazil. It takes awareness to stop eating it and ask for farmers to grow soy beans locally, on small scale, in a sustainable fashion. It takes consumer demand for someone to come and start making tofu locally.

This is a movement, an ethical revolution. It won't fade unless we begin ignoring all that we've learned these past few years and go back to our mindless drive-thru burger consumption.

The young chef's blind cynicism is unfortunate. He appears to not want to jump on ANY food trend bandwagons. It's an honorable stance but one that is out of sheer ignorance. He has decided not to put any "brain time" into considering what it means to be using organic, local produce. Someone should send him some information.

Aug 16, 2010
anolli in Features

Got Red Lobster gift what?

booze and cheddar biscuits? you'll almost want to like it afterwards!

Feb 11, 2007
anolli in Chains

MSP - End of the month Update for your fellow chowhounds!

Today I had lunch at the Evergreen Chinese Restaurant. I love the location. You feel as though you've stepped into a portal as you head down the stairs and sit in a small basement restaurant that could easily be on the other side of the world. I didn't get a chance to try to bun dim sum but i did have the sticky rice cake filled with shredded pork, turnips, and some strange crunchy (i can only guess it was tempura batter) dough. de-lish-ious

last week we ventured to LBV but only in the lounge. It turns out you can order anything from the menu in the lounge. i have to say i wasn't extremely impressed with the food. But everything was done well. I would say fugaise had a more interesting approach. great cocktails, though!!

Had breakfast at Acadia cafe the other day as well. The hanging menu is terribly indescriptive but i decided to venture towards the "denver". What i got was a breakfast sandwich on english muffin. Plenty of cheese. But to my horror they used canister pepper to flavor the eggs. unfamiliar black flecks all over my poor chicken embryos! And aside from the green peppers there were strange squishy pinkish purplish things sticking out that i had to only assume were red onions cooked to mush. Worst breakfast sandwich EVER!

Twin Cities: Top 5 Romantic Restaurant Destinations

I never thought such a high-end restaurant could be so accessible but LBV seems to pull it off flawlessly.

Twin Cities: Top 5 Romantic Restaurant Destinations

wow. my thoughts exactly.

Perfect Pancake Recipe [Split from Best Pancakes Midwest thread]

if you're in a daring mood for cooking at home, i have discovered the perfect pancake recipe:

1 c. flour
1 tsp. baking powder
1/2 tsp. baking soda
1/4 tsp. salt
1 tbs. sugar
---------------------combine dry

1 1/2 c. buttermilk
2 tbs. melted butter
1 egg
---------------------combine wet ingredients

mix together until no big lumps

and fry yourself some flapjacks!!

they're the perfect pancake in my opinion. light, slightly chewy, fluffy...mmmm

Feb 11, 2007
anolli in Home Cooking

Best Pancakes MSP

and it should stay there!

Feb 11, 2007
anolli in Minneapolis-St. Paul

MSP: Neighborhood bars, Mpls

i had some food there. the cubano was actually decent. i'm originally from chicago and i'm impressed with the selection on their bar menu. some great standards like a real chicago hot dog

Feb 11, 2007
anolli in Minneapolis-St. Paul

the cheap fancypants food challenge (MSP)

check out chai's! probably the best little spot of thai in the cities.
next door to the Cedar Cultural Center on Minneapolis' West Bank
atmosphere is delicious and food is eye-catching...or is it the other way around?

Feb 11, 2007
anolli in Minneapolis-St. Paul