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Brining a Nature's Rancher turkey ??????

Bought one also as it was promoted as an "heirloom" but now I'm having trouble finding much info on the exact species and exactly how they treat their birds except that they are "barn roaming" . Anyone else have more info?

Anyway, am using a new brine recipe with apple juice, OJ, ginger, cloves, bay leaves, garlic. We shall see...

Nov 22, 2011
WonderPen in Home Cooking

Cook Through "The Splendid Table" with Other Home Cooks!

Love her radio show - must have come after the cookbook. When do we know what the November cookbook will be?

Oct 14, 2011
WonderPen in Features

Knife sharpening

Every Tuesday there is a man who sits at a little table and sharpens knives at the Joanne's store at Forest and Inwood. I have used him once, some time ago. Seems fine. Meanthile last XMAS I got the $150 Chef's Choice electronic sharpener (recommended by Cook's Illustrated) and have been pleased.

Dec 09, 2010
WonderPen in Dallas - Fort Worth

10 best things to eat in Dallas

I just had the Quatro Leches cakes yesterday at lunch and it was pretty darn good. I thought the dense rather hardy cake was a nice foil for the very moist rich icing. Not sure it's a Best in Dallas, but justly famous.

Oct 09, 2010
WonderPen in Dallas - Fort Worth

Empanadas (Dallas)

Aha! Pumpkin empanadas will be perfect for the party I am doing in late October. & way more interesting than the pumpkin pie tartlets I was planning. Thanks for the suggestions.

Oct 09, 2010
WonderPen in Dallas - Fort Worth

In need of lots of Spring Rolls in Dallas

Am doing a Chinese New Year party that is getting bigger by the minute and I want to supplement my menu with purchased Spring Rolls (vegetarian) and possibly Egg Rolls (any flavor). My back up plan is to order from the Thai place at Greenville/Yale. Any other suggestions for large quantities (50), good price, good product?

Feb 11, 2007
WonderPen in Dallas - Fort Worth

Deep Ellum Cafe

Ditto. I eagerly booked a business lunch there a few weeks ago and was sadly disappointed, not in the least because they were temporarily out of some ingredient or other in the Asian noodle salad - one of my fond memories from their past incarnation. Not a good vibe in general either. Sad. Used to be one of the places I always took out of towners.

Feb 11, 2007
WonderPen in Texas