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Sun-Dried Tomato, Parsley, and Manchego Grilled Cheese

Looks delicious!~!!

Nov 24, 2007
dpoe in Recipes

Easy cooking

I wanted to help out my family and make dinner one night. I live with seven other children all younger than me. Does anyone have some great recipes that are very easy, and delicious that all the kids will love?

Mar 07, 2007
dpoe in Home Cooking

Schools of Culinary Arts

Hello, i am currently sixteen and am considering being a chef. I go to community college right now, and haven't decided on a what to major in. If anyone could give out some names of awsome cooking schools that would be really helpful. THanx ;)

Feb 16, 2007
dpoe in Not About Food

Behind the Scenes at Alinea

Nice presentation

Feb 15, 2007
dpoe in Features