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Valverde on Steinway/36th Ave--great

corner of Steinway & 36th Ave.

It's only been there for a few weeks and it's a really good addition to Astoria/LIC. For brunch this morning: deliciously creamy scrambled eggs over toasted brioche, topped by a layer of shaved parmesan and served with a spring green salad. Brunch, which is only $10, also came with an appetizer of toasted challah bread with strawberry-infused butter, coffee, and fresh-squeezed orange juice. They bake their bread in house and it's really good, and they use all local ingredients in everything. Also had dinner there a few weeks ago and that was great too, mainly mediterranean--fresh pasta with assorted shellfish, sunchoke salad, and the veal are all highly recommended. Until they get their liquor license it's still BYO. The owners/servers are also EXTREMELY nice and accomodating. Definitely worth a visit or seven.