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In Chicago for a short visit first time - blues bars with good food?

In town with a girlfriend for the weekend. Any recommendations on blues bars with good music and good food?

Apr 27, 2013
pishpesh in Chicago Area

Oysters DFW

Try Big Fish in downtown Grapevine. They have a high turnover, so very fresh product. Reasonably priced, nice and fat.

May 12, 2012
pishpesh in Dallas - Fort Worth

Best beef ribs near Grapevine?

Brother visiting from Australia and I'm looking for a place with good smoked beef ribs in the Grapevine area. Any suggestions?

May 12, 2012
pishpesh in Dallas - Fort Worth

Breakfast in the Goldens Bridge Area

Teh Katonah diner gets a bit hinky when there's too much traffic (on weekends). We've eaten there during the week and it's been quite nice. You could try Restaurant 353 on route 117 in Bedford (across from the shopping center where CVS is) - the food is EXCELLENT and they have a nice brunch on Sunday - and the lunch combos, which are also served, are great too.

Bedford/Mt. Kisco/Katonah area- looking for good pizza and good sushi

The pizza at 353 on 117? where John's Best Pizza used to be? The individual pizzas there are very good - thin crust and flavorful. the shortrib pizza is a bit too fru-fru, but the diavolo is very good.

Francesca's in Bedford Hills

It belongs to the folks who used to have Pizza and Brew (and then they called it Alfresco) over by ShopRite. My son worked there as a waiter two summers ago and they tried to cheat him out of his tips. He ended up quitting and going over to the Tuscan Oven, where he did a lot better. In any event, I would not set foot in that place because if how they treated my kid - the food was always mediocre at best, so it's not a big loss. Several friends of ours have been there and they said that the food is now officially awful. That location seems to be cursed anyway. I hope they go out of business soon - and painfully.

BBQ Worth the Drive

We tripped over a new place called Jacjalope BBQ in Fishkill on Rt. 9 (just north of 87 on the west side of the road). it was about lunch time, and we were hungry (early breakfast) so we stopped in. REALLY good BBQ - certainly better than anything else in the extended area (and no, i have not had a chance to stop by the guy with the trailer on 22 yet). We split a rack of St. Louis style ribs. Very good and with several different kinds of sauce. We particularly liked the Habanero sauce - very tastly and not horribly spicy. Reasonably priced, beer on tap, a decent house wine. Good service - very friendly. We're going to go back there for the salt and pepper beef ribs - the place is definately worth the drive. They have a full complement of BBQ stuff and a very informal, Texas atmosphere. The waitress told us that they were having a blue grass band this Thursday. I don't know if that's a special deal or if music on Thursdays is a common thing. their website is

Hudson Valley Restaurant Weeks - March 9-21 (Sunday-Friday)

it is a set menu, but most of the dishes are from the normal menu - so you can get a good view of what the restaurant has to offer normally. Also, it's all about execution and service isn't it? you can certainly tell whether a restaurant has decent food and service - even if the menu is a set menu. They either execute and serve the dishes well, or they don't. it's a great way to try places you are not familiar with. We ate at the Kittle House on Monday and at Harvest on Hudson last night (John Michael was full *lol*). The food at both was very good, the service was excellent. I had not been to Harvest before and will definately go back - so I guess they achieved what their goal with RW participation. Tonight is Il Soriso. i'll report back afterwards.

I want to braise... something

short ribs are a good three hour braise, which will get them done in time for dinner. trim them of excess fat and remove the silverskin on the back (or remove it). sprinkle liberally them with salt (i use large grain sea salt) and cracked pepper. heat a dutch oven with a bit of olive oil and some garlic. brown the short ribs (in as many batches as you need to) in the hot oil with the garlic. in the meantime, take a good $10 bottle of wine, and bring to a boil in a saucepan. reduce by half. pour the wine over the shortribs. cover the pot and put the whole thing in a 300 degree oven for a few hours. very tolerant of cooking time. fall off the bone tender. can also be done with beef shank.

broccoli rabe with garlic is perfect. i usually blanch it to remove the extra bitterness, but that's because everybody in my family are wimps. i would also make a fresh black pepper pasta to go with it. hand cut noodles.

Feb 09, 2008
pishpesh in Home Cooking

Richard Gere was not there but Jean-Georges showed up...

Tried it today for brunch - it's been open for about two weeks now. I had the multi-grain waffle, very light and delicious. It comes with wild huckleberries and creme fraiche. I asked for the creme fraiche on the side - good thing too, because it was not creme fraiche at all but rather unsweetened whipped cream. We also ordered a latte and a pot of tea, which showed up after we reminded the staff three times and our meal had been served. My husband ordered the Herondale Hamburger, rare. It came well done. He sent it back. The second one was right on point and delicious. We waited forever for the check, then waited forever for them to pick up the credit card and process it. The waitress was not wearing her glasses, she said, so she could not see.

Bottom line, very good food, but the service leaves something to be desired. There did not appear to be a manager on the premises. I imagine the service will get better, since the clientele around here is used to being served. I'll give it another try. The food is good enough that they deserve the benefit of the doubt. The pastries look terrific and I got talking to the pastry chef. Very nice woman.

Oh - and Martha Stewart was there.

Outdoor Lunch places?

missed your post for today, but a good place to have lunch outside is Jardin du Roi in Chappaqua. The sandwiches in particular are very good - I love the merguez sandwich. Also the mozarella and prosciutto is good.

breakfast in orlando

We went to First Watch yesterday morning for breakfast and it was outstanding. Good (not overly attentive) service. Fresh food, great coffee (a rarity) and really terrific pancakes (even more of a rarity). I get down here fairly frequently for trade shows, and that's going to be my breakfast spot from now on. Be prepared for a wait - the place is JAMMED.

Mar 04, 2007
pishpesh in Florida