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Valentine's Dinner: Student budget, veggie-friendly.

I know what you mean about the boring Pasta element to veggie friendly. Have you considered doing something like C'est What on Front street? Very rustic with a fire place and local brew and wine. Also on College there is Utopia, however the place is a bit small but they do a great pommegranite dip and it's all burritos but with unique options. I feel like it's intimate. And at Utopia you can head to the Orbit room after for live Jazz or go and get dessert at a cafe afterwards.

Toronto - San Francisco = ?

I know what you mean about Pan and the owner you mention (I didn't actually know she was the owner). I actually think she just adds to the amusement and she seems genuine so it's hard not to like her!


In Cambridge you have to add the Golden Kiwi, not a huge menu but the quality is there. Desserts, simple and sweet. Creme Brulee is wonderful. Great local micro brews available as well. Another favourite growing up in Cambridge (Now I am TO girl) was the Cookhouse in Rockton. Worth the drive for the ribs and stuffed salmon. Also you need to get the double stuffed potato as a side.

Valentine's day dinner - Urban Fare Catering

I am a huge fan of UF. The head chef is a wonderful Thai woman so those items tend to be their house specialty. Everything is always so fresh. Outside of Valentine's Day they have Friday TV dinners, 3 course meals. And they have a food shop that you can by great sauces, oils etc.

Recommendations for Woodbridge area restaurants?

Bill's Pit! It is fantastic, the stuffed sole is wonderful.

Vegetarian chow close to Convocation Hall

Oh, and personally although Kensington Kitchen is cute it has gone way down hill in the food department. May get to see Margaret Atwood there though, saw her there twice at lunch and I have only gone a handful of times cuz not too impressed.

Vegetarian chow close to Convocation Hall

About a 15 minute walk north to Spadina and Bloor is Fresh. The smoothies, soups, salads all are fantastic. My personally favourite smoothie is the Liver Cleanse. My fiance is not a veg and he still loves all the fresh (not meant as a joke) flavours. Also if heading that direction, Thai Basil is great however they use the fish sauce.

Enjoy the talk.

Toronto - San Francisco = ?


I am not sure if you have gone yet, but just a few suggestions. Splendido is lovely and puts things like Pigeon and Rabbit on the menu. However, right across the street is Messis and it is special too. It's a training ground so to speak for young chefs and you get great value. Wine is extensive and whenever they have lamb on the menu it is fantastic. For Carribean, The Real Jerk on Queen East. The area of town is not the greatest but the food is wonderful. If you have time to make it to the Danforth (Between Broadview and Pape) you will not be disappointed. Traditionally known as Greek town however it has evolved to be very eccelctic. I recomment the Silk Road, Shee Ree Punjab and Lolita's Lust. For Greek, Pan is great but really so is any little place. The simple flavours of lemon and garlic make for great taste where ever you go.

Above all enjoy!