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Wedding in Washington DC area

The W hotel was the most unhelpful for us as well. We were trying to make arrangements for my daughter's wedding and after several calls, messages left and complaints we never received a return call. Maybe they did not like our zipcode.

Hokkaido Seafood Buffet sign is lit tonight

In the old Lucky 3 space in Baileys Crossroads.. any info about it?

Lucky 3
5900 Leesburg Pike, Falls Church, VA 22041

Restaurants Everyone Loves Except You

equinox-- had an utterly forgettable meal with poor service albeit during restaurant week a few years ago and I gave feedback to the management. They offered to send me a gift cert to return and enjoy a better meal. I never received the cert and when I contacted the restaurant I was accused of trying to scam them for a free meal-- Was told that the cert was sent and that was that. Never returned.

Cold Weather = places to try


I think they are hot because each time I have tried them, they are freshly cooked. Hot sauce served on the side. i will have to brach out- but Cinthia's is so close to home . IMHO chicken is my favorite.

Any recs at Meaza Ethiopian

Thanks Wayne- Yeah! Should have said something- but it must have been clear to the kitchen that the food except the lamb and 1 or 2 of the veggies were COLD and the others barely warm and the injera must have been taken from the fridge and onto my plate, When the server brought more injera it too was cold-

The irony is that I realy like the cuisine and had not had it in a while-last time at the place opposite the Studio Theater a few months agowhich was also empty at the time I was there but the food was hot( temp wise) and well seasoned and spicy which is how I like it. My first time in my neighborhood and it was cold and not so tasty- nor spicy.

Perhps I should try another noght when there are more cars outside- it is on my route home.

Any recs at Meaza Ethiopian

Dinner at Meaza the other night- a week night and they were almost empty- 3 tables of diners. Live in the neighborhood and had not been before- I ordered the large veggie sampler and husband ordered a lamb dish- food was ok IMHO but the injera was really COLD- and as a result a lot of the veggies were coldish- I understand that the tomato dish is a cold salad but I wondered if I misunderstood the dish. Have eaten in other Ethiopian restaurants but never had the veggie platter cold nor the bread cold.
Is that ususal?

Cold Weather = places to try

Cinthia's Bakery
(Baileys Crossroads- Columbia Pike between Pollo Campero and Papa Johns)

Newly opened Bolivian bakery and cafe-- Only 4 tables, cash only limitied menu which is posted on a whiteboard in the window, I hope Steve will try it soon.

Saltenas and many other baked goods including empanadas and sweet breads as well as fancy cakes.- also soups and meat platters.

Went yesterday and they were full and the wait fro saltenas was 45 minutes.

Returned today- IMHO excellent saltenas de pollo- big- football shaped hard shell, very tasty and soupy stew inside- served with a spoon on a shallow plate but eaten in the Bolivian style- wrapped in napkin- held in hand- open one small end to let the steam escape and patiently waiting for the filling to cool and nibbling til done. Delicious and filling @ 2.50 per. I finished mine without leaking or needing a second napkin.They have saltenas de carne as well but I didnt try one. The dough was pretty sweet but delicious nonetheless.

We also had a bowl of sopa di mani-- served in a large bowl with red sauce on the side- the salsa was tasty- lots of flavors and a good amount of heat. Everything was freshly cooked and HUGE.
The place only opened a couiple of weeks ago and it seems popular with Bolivian families.

Amercian Flatbread in Clarendon, Sneak Preview Offer 2Nite

Thanks for the head's up. We went last night and the food was yummy. ordered the Revolution and then ordered another - the country ham cheddar and apple etc,just to taste and for leftovers. Couldn't resist the half price event. Also ordered salad with ginger vinaigrette. Salad was really good- fresh greens and sesame seeds and the Revolution was delicious. I liked the second flatrbread (ham et al) but not as well. The leftovers today for lunch were delicious as well. Will definitely return.

El Mollete - Madrid - Reports?

Had dinner there last night-Saturday- We had a 9 pm reservation- the earliest they would take- it was our first night after our trans atl flight. Arrived at 9:15- There were few folks at the bar and we were seated upstairs, The seating upsatirs seems to handle 14. There was one other table of 3. The food was great- Spanish skills are useful, The owner took time with us- We had goat cheese in some tyoe of filo or thin dough- filled with onions, huevos rotos, pulpo and tuna, The tuna was amazing- served seared with a soy sauce and maybe vinegar reduction..The squid or octopus was delicious as well- served with potatoes- a comfort type tradtional food as were the huevos. The owner recommeded we order 3 but when we saw the tuna go by we added a 4th. It was a lot of food-- we also ordered a small bottle of red wine and were brought complementary small shots of brandy. Most of the pattrons were eating the same dishes. No rom for dessert! After an hour had passed the restaurant was more than full- no English speakers within range. A lively spot with a gracious but busy host. Our bill for 2 came to about 30 euros. Good enought that we made plans to return for lunch on Monday.

Jun 07, 2009
naxos in Spain/Portugal

Bebo - Bad Experience

I had a terrible meal about 2 months ago before an Arena production and was in too much of a hurry to voice my dissatisfaction but callewd the next day to complain about the inedible and burnt pizza, olive oil substitute and poor service.. I was sent a 100 dollar gift cert which I was unable to use last weekend because I chose to go 2 days after they had shut the doors for good. If Roberto Donna opens another resto I plan to produce the gift cert in hopes of getting an edible meal. I had been a fan since the first Galileo opened near Dupont and found it hard to believe that Donna put his name on Bebo and let it disintegrate so far.

Ray's Hell Burger -- Arlington

I have been to Ray's burfgers 7 or 8 times since it has opened and when I went last week- early on a week night I was dismayed to see piles of partially cooked burgers. The first one I ordered medium rare came out well done and hard on the outside. I reordered and the second one was better- rarer but still not the soft yummy burger I had enjoyed the previous 6 times. No probelm replacing the burger and ice cream offered (but declined) as a nice gesture. But I wish I could be assured of a burger cooked from scratch as before. Toppings were good and evem more plentiful than in the past but precooking is not optimal IMHO.

Corduroy -- What not to miss??

Since there is little chance that there will be much walk-in traffic in this location, and the chef-owner is experienced, I wonder about the missing menu items.

Corduroy -- What not to miss??

We were there Saturday night as well- group of 6 and were seated upstairs. Service was very attentive- the new bar area is very nice. We brougth our own wine, but was warned that we could only bring 2 bottles when I inquired about corkage fees when I made the reservation.
For Apps- softshell crab was good- there was a tiny bit of delicious sauce on the plate- wish there were a bit more. Snapper soup was good but the lobster carpaccio was lacking intaste although it looked pretty- The old lobster salad app was a better option had it beenon the menu,
One of us had the chicken- perfectly cooked as usual, one had the striped bass but was a bit disappointed- just ok, 2 of us had the veal ribeye- ordered rare- one was chewy but one was perfect.
Dessert choices were a bit disaapointing- the chocolate sabayon was good as it always is- but could have omitted the mint ice cream- not may favorite flavor,

They were out of the caramelized banana dessert although it was on the menu and our reservation was for 8 PM .

Maybe I am being a bit picky- we had a good meal- the new digs are beautiful and the service was good, bringing our own wine was a plus for us. More dessert choices would have been good. The prices are higher than before-- I will go back- but it is not the bargain it seemed to be before. BTW- we liked the private feeling of the upstairs dining but I might be tempted to dine downstairs next time and watch the kitchen.

Help needed for restaurant crawl ideas for DC

Thanks- have not been to the new space- they do have a corkage fee- we have some special wine to bring- but I am thinking the space may be right and the desserts are always great. I am hoping for some new menu items as I think we have tried almost all the the selections on the old menu over the years. And we could have a bigger party if we choose Corduroy over Eve.

Help needed for restaurant crawl ideas for DC

Thanks for all the responses. Still up int he air-- Our group of 6 does eliminate alot of crawling activites-

Currently considering the new Corduroy- we can bring some special wine.. any feedback on that choice?

Help needed for restaurant crawl ideas for DC

We have not been to Eve yet- would you recommend the 5 or 9 course meal? we will be 6 for dinner as they do not seem to permit larger tables without using the private dining room?

Do you think there is a difference in quality of service or of offerings between a weekday night or weekend?

Help needed for restaurant crawl ideas for DC

Husbands big birthday and have been thinking about inviting friends to a meals of "best ofs" in DC. Happy hour, then mains and then to place for dessert.

Thiniking POSTE outdoor bar and maybe Citronelle bar for dessert. But suggestiones welcome and transportation ideas as well.

Or just do tasting at Eve ???

Buenos Aires - Social Paraiso

We had a nice lunch there last July. Recommend.

Buenos Aires recommendations

We ate at La Cabrera twice and Don Julio once in July and can recommend them both. La Cabrera had larger portions if that is imprtant o you and tons of sides-- sharing is necessary if you are a normal eater. The sommelier at Don Julio is friendly and enjoys sharing his love of wine.


I heartily second the advice to visit Terroir-- Great service !

Sep 09, 2007
naxos in Wine

OK, so I've been there - German Gourmet - you gotta go too!

Surprisingly A lot of the packaged goods are available at the Mediterranen Bakery on Picket Street which stocks lots of middle eastern goods as wellas a huge array of Euro imports.

OK, so I've been there - German Gourmet - you gotta go too!

I live nearby and stopped in at lunch time- I must say that the cheese prices were extremely high and a lot of the package goods- are also priced higher than other stores. I wonder about the choice of location-in the sea of ethnic restaurants that are available, the German Gourmet seems a bit out of place.

Buenos Aires Special Occasion

Unfortunately I will not be in BA on a weekend- Ihad so looked forward to dining at casa saltshaker but I am interested in other recommendations if youplease. Good food is the primary concern- Sucre sounds great- any other recs? we have 4 other nights. Thanks iin advance.

NYC Chowhound visiting Claremont/Pomona

Also looking for same recs as famdoc- please keep them coming!

Feb 10, 2007
naxos in Los Angeles Area