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MSP - Burger Jones opens today

Gonna have to chalk the demand/success of the smashburger up to marketing, plain and simple. As a recovered pre-fab food eater and current cook that grinds my own chuck patties, I thought I'd get off my high horse and see what all the fuss was about and check this place out. If I had to find a redeeming quality for these burgers - a big s-t-r-e-c-t-c-h - I'd say that they are seasoned well and have the crispy edges. But both of these things can be accomplished to much more delicious results with a real piece of meat and proper cooking technique. I'm about $6 poorer, but happily back on my horse again.

May 28, 2009
mazzam in Minneapolis-St. Paul

Just got back from Ngon Bistro - MSP

What does your sweetheart say about the pho at Ngon? I'm on a serious mission to find the ultimate pho and am on a cities-wide 'pho'quest '. I've heard MANY opinions about who's is the best..... have yet to find it....

MSP - Manioc Flour - need help quick!

It's an itty-bitty place but they have the Brasilian stuff covered, and the owner - Malu is a gem! I'm happy to spread the word about this place and help support other small biz owners. Chowhound is such a super forum for all of us too.

MSP - Manioc Flour - need help quick!

Hey thanks for all your great suggestions! After driving all over town to *every* different ethnic market in minneapolis.... someone called and told me about a place in Minnetonka called The Brazilian Connection. They have everything a person would need to make a traditional Brazilian feast, including the elusive manioc flour. The phone number there is - 952.935.2708 and their website is address - 5757 Sanibel Drive
Our event had a huge turn out, so much so in fact that we ran out of food!

MSP - Manioc Flour - need help quick!

Thanks for your suggestions so far! Yeah, I've looked at the coop's, a couple restaurants, Latin markets ect. - no luck with any of them. I did buy some tapioca flour with hopes of substitution, but it's a different texture/grind than manioc flour which is more coarse than tapioca. I will be able to use the tapioca for the 'pao de queijo' (cheese bread) part of the dinner though.

MSP - Manioc Flour - need help quick!

For some reason (maybe me being a 1st timer here) only the subject appeared from my above post.....
I am hosting a Brazilian themed dinner tomorrow and making Feijoada (Brazilian beans & rice with loads of yummy meat) which is traditionally accompanied by Farofa.The main ingredient in Farofa is manioc flour. I have searched all over town for manioc flour and have been met with only blank stares. Anybody have any idea where to find this elusive stuff?

MSP - Manioc Flour - need help quick!