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vegan-friendly in Financial District SIT-DOWN

SO likes Acqua (Italian) for lunch. I have only been for dinner. Once M343 (new school) opens next door maybe they'll start breakfast service as well.

I usually have enough vegetable options at Acqua (though I also eat fish and poultry):

If you are walkers, the Financial District is also close to Chinatown (walk through 1 Police Plaza for the shortest route) and there is Buddha Bodai on Mott (former VP3 location). I haven't been there in awhile.

vegan-friendly in Financial District SIT-DOWN

Thanks, Ttrockwood. The breakfast scramble sounds so good. Need to get back to Terri.

le creuset 12 in enameled cast iron skillet

We use our Le Creuset often and don't have a sticking problem. We have the dutch oven and saucier. Also a small gratin dish. I don't think we've ever fried in it, though. Don't think it's NSF rated. Not sure if they're designed for commercial use.

As already posted, very easy to clean.

I got them on sale or at the Le Creuset outlet, so cost was not an issue.

You can have them re-enameled so they last forever.

Sperry's (Saratoga Springs)

Had dinner at Sperry's recently.

Looks like Sperry's "Signature" dishes are no longer on the menu. Sperry's is on Opentable. Now on to the food:

We had the foie gras special with some bubbles. Very good.

I vaguely remember I had a salad.

SO had the lamb sliders with celeriac slaw, Saratoga chips and minted yogurt.

Sperry's signature warm popovers were served.

SO had the sweet potato gnocchi, ricotta, roasted beets, fine herbs, Banylus brown butter. I tasted it. Good, but we would probably not order again.

I had the mahogany roasted half duck, leg thigh and confit with cranberry pecan rice and a Grand Marnier reduction. Delicious and devoured.

Another diner had the fish special.

Her companion had the Kobe chopped steak burger with smoked gouda on toasted brioche.

We had espresso and dessert.

Chef stopped by the tables. Service was excellent. Sperry's remains one of our favorites.

vegan-friendly in Financial District SIT-DOWN

I like Terri better than Magic Mix Juicery, Fulton at William. Also, Terri is less expensive.

vegan-friendly in Financial District SIT-DOWN

Just had take out lunch from Alfanoose today.

Ample seating.

GRK. Has seating but loud/lively.

Both are on if your friend wants delivery vs. walking over to Fulton Street.

Terri, 100 Maiden Lane. Can't remember if there are tables. I ate in. We sat at a counter.

Jack Dillon's Farm to Fork cuisine (Saratoga)

Javier's has also closed.

Sperry's is now on

One of Jack Dillon's servers is now at Rocco's. I think he was our server when we went in January last year.

too much fish?????


Just remembered The Tin Drum (1979) and Oskar's mother . . .

We digress.

Annisa . . .miso marinated sable with crispy silken tofu in a bonito broth.

Question regarding farms in NY

Since you've cleaned fish, maybe dove or a chicken next. Duck can be more challenging. See how that goes before moving up to turkey, rabbit, pig/wild boar, cow, deer, bear.

There used to be an Asian Market in the city that sold whole chickens. You might want to do a search of this Board.

As previously posted, make sure it's legal.

"Afield: A Chef's Guide to Preparing and Cooking Wild Game and Fish" is another good resource.

You might also want to check out "The Dirty Life: A Memoir of Farming, Food, and Love" or Google Essex Farm (near Lake Champlain).

The deer hunters I know gut/prepare the deer and send it off to a butcher. It comes back packaged and labelled.

Da Claudio (Financial District)?

Da Claudio, again.

Started with the crudo special. Smoked salmon with very thin, pickled grapes and mustard creme fraiche. ? with jalapeno and thinly sliced purple onion. Very good.

A friend suggested spaghettini vongole with clams. Small, baby, sweet clams.

Broccoli raab with pine nuts, golden raisins special. Simple dish, very good. A good choice when you want green but are not in the mood for salad.

For dessert had ricotta gelato without the torta (appreciate the kitchen's flexibility) and espresso.

Coming to NYC for 36 hours!

A thread on The Eddy:

SO went last week for a business dinner.

Coming to NYC for 36 hours!

Minus two for Perbacco. Prefer nearby Lavagna. And as much as I enjoy neighborhoodly Lavagna (and their wine list) it probably wouldn't make my 36 hours list.

Help with laid back birthday weekend in nyc

I think of R&D for nova, sturgeon, whitefish salad, chopped (chicken) liver, hamantaschen, rugelach, etc. Caviar.

Didn't even know they had sandwiches.

Help with laid back birthday weekend in nyc

It's more of an after work place so you might be okay on a weekend. One of the best things about my neighborhood is it quiets down on the weekends (though the Downtown Alliance and Howard Hughes are doing their best to position it as 24/7).

Riverman500's post reminded me of Terroir:

I've only been to the East Village location near Hearth.

too much fish?????

smoot60, not sure if this is the most recent . . .best sushi thread:

Recent omakaze threads:

too much fish?????

Is there such a thing as too much fish?

One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish:

Help with laid back birthday weekend in nyc

Shopsin's is IN the Essex Street Market:

I miss the grittiness of the market. More gentrified every time I go.

Economy Candy:

RGR's Lower East Side:

The Tenement Museum is near Shopsin's. Best in Spring or Fall unless you want to experience the cold and heat the immigrants did. There is a "Tastings at the Tenement:"

Help with laid back birthday weekend in nyc

Maybe a cocktail at The Dead Rabbit?

Caveat . . .don't know much about whiskey or bourbon (made in America).

Help with laid back birthday weekend in nyc

Cafe Serai:

It's very low key and casual. Not destination dining. More of a snack place for me.

Is Russ & Daughters Cafe everything l hoped it would be? Yes.

Thanks, gypsy. Sounds like it might be my next favorite cocktail:

Help with laid back birthday weekend in nyc

The Rubin is one of my favorite museums. They also have a small cafe and a great gift shop. Very Zen like for a relaxing Sunday.

I think it depends what neighborhood you are in. Upper East Side and Lower East Side are far apart.

I would choose Shopsin's over Russ and Daughters Cafe.

Not sure if I'd call Russ and Daughters "incredible". It's an only in New York kind of place. Known for their sturgeon, etc. If you can get smoked fish, etc. in Chicago or will not be craving it on a Sunday, Shopsin's. You could also get some sweets, retro candy, dried fruits/nuts at nearby Economy Candy.

I like Ttrockwood's suggestion about grab and go from Russ and Daughters (the shop, NOT the newer Cafe that opened last Summer). If you need souvenirs you can buy a R&D cold pack for your food (great for transporting their caviar as well) and/or a signed copy of the book.

Help with laid back birthday weekend in nyc

Second ABC Kitchen/Cocina (E. 18th). Easy to get to from Wall Street. If you are flexible about museum choices, consider the Rubin Museum on W. 17th.

Russ and Daughters Cafe will be crazy crowded on a Sunday. Better choice for a weekday.

Coming to NYC for 36 hours!

Second Kyo Ya (Japanese).

The Eddy, but it's not pizza, pasta, Chinese, steak or Indian. You might want to do a search of this Board and see if it works for you.

Our week in NYC

Thanks for the report, Fine. SO is not keen on Keen's either. To be fair, I've only been once and didn't eat mutton/steak. Though I'd go there in a heartbeat for an appetizer and cocktail, some Old New York, if I needed a restaurant near Penn Station.

Good to hear Ess-a-bagel is still worthwhile. Have not been in ages.

Second 2nd Avenue Deli suggestion. Though it's not quite the same for me going to Midtown.

Chumley’s foes file appeal to block reopening; Hope to 86 historic watering hole | The Villager NewspaperUntitled Document

Thanks, everyone. Appreciate being enlightened.

Cafe 2 at the MoMA: a review

Baby it's cold outside! Perfect weather to visit MoMA's Matisse: The Cut-Outs exhibit and grab a snack or lunch at MoMA Cafe 2 (Italian).

We didn't have to wait long before being seated.

Had the butternut squash soup with a garnish of pesto and ? seeds. Shared roasted red peppers and anchovies. Simple and delicious.

Service was very good, not rushed. An excellent value. If I lived or worked nearby I'd have to become a member of MoMA.

Rocco's at The Jonesville Store (ETA?) [Clifton Park]

Had dinner at the bar. Comfortable for solo dining, I noticed several other solo diners.

Prosecco and raw oysters.

Consomme with duck dumplings special. Flavorful. Not melt in your mouth dumplings, but perfect for a cold night.

Salmon with arugula and grape tomatoes (pretty good for Winter), roasted potatoes. Fish was cooked perfectly. Very good. I could make this at home and might not order it again. Wasn't in the mood to try brick chicken or other specials.

Where can I get an onion board?

Thanks, Pan.

I wasn't joking but have been accused of having a sense of humor:)

Where can I get an onion board?

Mamma Mia's in Saratoga Springs

Finally got to Mama Mia's. We've been looking for our new Gotchya's and might just have found it. We tried Three Olives and Augie's family style service doesn't work for two. I like Pasta Pane more than SO. While Mama Mia's doesn't have the speakeasy atmosphere of a Gotchya's, food was very good and it's an excellent value (my $18.95 pasta was enough for two). Also, open for dinner every night. Music matched the cuisine, opera and classical (no Frank Sinatra while we were there). Service was professional and friendly and the hostess and owners were there keeping a watchful eye.

The space is much larger than it looks from the outside. There is a full bar (next to the Bakery INSIDE the restaurant) if you're early for your reservation. And a room for private parties. Now on to the food.

SO asked for a wine list (more selections than Appian Way's "red or white?"). Wish their wine list was on the website.


Calamari Fra Diavlo - calamari tossed in cayenne and hot cherry pepper sauce. SO really enjoyed this appetizer. Our friend and I didn't share his sentiments. Calamari was cooked perfectly. If you like crispy breading on your calamari, this is not the calamari for you. The pepper sauce makes for a wetter calamari. Some of the peppers were not cooked enough. Hot cherry pepper sauce was delicious.

Long stemmed artichoke francese over polenta (firm, not creamy) - we all loved this dish.

Pacing was a little slow between our apps and pasta/mains. Our server stopped by to let us know. We just sipped our wine and talked.


Cavatelli, pesto with potatoes and green beans - I really enjoyed this dish. Enough for two.

SO had the lamb osso bucco. This might have been a special? SO really enjoyed it.

Our friend had fresh capellini with mixed mushrooms and sea scallops. I tasted the scallops. Cooked perfectly and sweet. Very good.


For dessert the guys went to the bakery and selected pastries (sfogliatella) and cake. Our server said she would add them to our bill. The restaurant also had a few desserts (tiramisu, etc.). Espresso.

We will definitely go back. This is our new Gotchya's. Perfect for a weeknight dinner when we don't want to cook or head to Schenectady or a DZ Restaurant. Not on OpenTable. Parking is ample and easy.