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Great Midtown Restaurants for first time visitors to NYC

Second The Eddy. Small. Perfect for two. Reservations are a must. Not in midtown though.

Barbados . . . anything new?

Just started my research.

Only found one 2014 post:

Anything new in Barbados?

Dinner near W 45th

Thanks, Ttrockwood.

Will keep in mind for the future.

We ended up at Le Rivage. The company was better than the food. Service was excellent.

Da Claudio (Financial District)?

Anyone been to Da Claudio yet?

The other half of former Barbarini Alimentari, pre-Sandy.

Next Door Kitchen and Bar, Ballston Spa

Went to Next Door recently. Our best dinner yet.

We started with the grilled shrimp white bean salad with grilled leek and walnut romesco sauce. Delicious.

Also had the curry cauliflower soup special. Very good.

Menu has changed. Not a bad thing. Saved me from ordering my favorite poblano pepper with quinoa, etc. again.

I had the pan roasted salmon with golden beets, brussel sprouts, horseradish cream, red beet vinaigrette. The presentation was stunning. This dish was close to perfection.

SO had one of the specials.

He had the goat cheesecake for dessert.

I hope Chef Strom doesn't get homesick for Colorado.

Dinner near W 45th

Thanks, Pookipichu. We had good dinners there in the past but haven't been in some time.

Will keep Hakkasan in mind for the future.

Rain (Albany) - Anyone been?

Went to Rain for dim sum (available Sat. & Sun. 11-4) recently. Upscale decor. No push carts. We had:

*rice noodle roll with shrimp
*stuffed eggplant with shrimp
*sticky rice in Lotus Leaf
*shrimp shu mai
*chicken feet
*spring rolls
*pork bun steamed
*sesame seed roll with red bean curd

Everything was delicious. Service was professional and attentive. Good value. So happy to have a dim sum option in the Capital Region.

Off street parking.

Dinner near W 45th

I'm also looking for similar recs.

Any thoughts on Le Rivage ($39 prix fix)?

Anyone been to Marseille recently?

It might depend on where I can get a reservation.

Lake George and Surrounding area(s) - Thanksgiving 2014

I hope all this beautiful snow didn't play havoc with your plans and you and your family had a wonderful Thanksgiving.

Where did you end up, Gastronomos?

How was it?

Ideas for serving smoked salmon

I had smoked salmon bruschetta (or something like that) at Taberna in Santa Fe. Never thought to drizzle honey around smoked salmon bruschetta. I think it also had capers and maybe creme fraiche (on the bruschetta)?

Javier's (nuevo Latin in Saratoga Springs)

Sad news.

A reminder how challenging the restaurant industry is.

[UPDATE] Vote for your favorite restaurants in Manhattan for "Best of 2014."

darren425, there is a link to categories in the OP.

Finally! Korean BBQ in Colonie/Albany!

Thanks, AmyH. Will do.

Finally! Korean BBQ in Colonie/Albany!

Thanks, AmyH.

Can you BYO?

How odd they cook for you. Looks like we'll have a taste of Korea Town in Albany:

Look forward to checking it out.

Rocco's at The Jonesville Store (ETA?) [Clifton Park]

Had dinner at Rocco's again. Less crowded and lively.

SO and I shared the crab cakes with spicy remoulade. Very good. Could have been a little spicer for our taste. Also had steamed clams of the day, "scampi." Clams were okay, I probably wouldn't order again. Will stick with raw oysters.

They forgot our bread service, not a bad thing. We saved the calories instead of reminding them.

SO had short ribs and risotto. He seemed happy. Brought some home.

I had duck confit with red cabbage. This time it was on a dinner plate. Not as good as the last time I had it, less sliced duck and smaller, fattier pieces with the confit leg. Maybe I should try it again with the mustard ? that is supposed to accompany it. I'm just not a big mustard person. Server was very gracious and accomodated my request for a green vegetable (they don't have sides on the menu yet) instead of the potato hash with pancetta.

SO had cheesecake for dessert. Said it was very good.

Service was professional. Everything was very good considering they've only been open about a month. Love the "30 under 30" wine list.

Special Occasion Recommendation - Nassau County/Western Suffolk

Is ambience as important as food? More upscale? Any preference as to cuisine?

I don't dine out on LI as much as I used to, so I defer to hounds more "in the know." Maybe Dario's (Italian) in Rockville Centre. Not sure how Dario's is these days. First ate there when they were located in Hempstead. Known for their veal chop.

You might want to do a search of this Board. The Yelp perspective:

Alaturco Mediterranean Grill ( B. Spa)

It's great to have more ethnic choices (Istanblue, ? in Clifton Park). We went recently for dinner. Still no liquor license, so call ahead if you want to BYOW. Service was friendly and professional. The little girl was adorable, running around. Open kitchen. We sat at a table far away from the open kitchen part of the restaurant.

We started with an appetizer medley. They let us combine hot and cold. We had "try me cauliflower," falafel, babaghanoush. Served with warm pita bread. Very good. I probably wouldn't get the "try me cauliflower" again. It was fried. I expected something different, more like Alfanoose's. The falafel was cooked perfectly (Roger K your description is spot on).

SO had the Iskender.

I had the Hunkar Begendi. It was good. Next time I'd get vegetarian. Didn't care for the chicken.

We had Turkish coffee. SO had Sutlac (rice pudding) and I had Kazandibi. The Kazandibi was delicious.

Overall, a good experience. More of a lunch place for us.

Name that Italian on E. Houston (Whole Foods vicinity)?

It's Ballato!

Thanks so much, everyone.

Name that Italian on E. Houston (Whole Foods vicinity)?

Thanks, Pan.
The amazing tripe they had 20+ years ago was at a DIFFERENT restaurant. Not even sure if it was in NYC. They were comparing the 2 tripe dishes . . .both amazing.

Name that Italian on E. Houston (Whole Foods vicinity)?

Thanks, loratliff.

Looking for restaurant suggestions

Glad to read Graffiti is still around. Need to get back there:

Looking for restaurant suggestions

madison65, hope you had a good visit.

Where did you end up? How was it?

Name that Italian on E. Houston (Whole Foods vicinity)?

Looked up Whole Foods address and it's 95. Ballato is 55. Gaia's at 251, sounds too far. That said, never been to Gaia, looks really delicious.

Just remembered they also said it was around Lafayette. Another tidbit for the food detective . . .may have to take a walk.

Name that Italian on E. Houston (Whole Foods vicinity)?

Thanks, Pan.

To clarify, I don't know if the restaurant has been around since the 80s.

They told me their tripe at the ? restaurant on E. Houston was amazing and the best since a tripe dish they had in the 80s. 20+ years is quite a time span in the food memory. I guess it's hard to find well prepared tripe.

Moderately Priced Dinner & Good Wine List

Second Lavagna (East Village). On the dark side. Can be loud and lively, weeknights usually okay.

In a different class than Crispo (been once with a group).

Name that Italian on E. Houston (Whole Foods vicinity)?

I am looking for an under the radar screen, Italian restaurant on E. Houston.

I didn't get the name, so my research on Google, Menupages, this Board has been limited.

Someone told me they had the best tripe (since 1986) there.

Thanks for your help.

Hen of the Wood (Burlington) . . .anyone been recently?

Thanks, Morganna.

Since we'll probably stay overnight I just need to decide whether Waterbury or Burlington is better for that. Also start researching breakfast :)

Financial District restaurants

Ttrockwood posted some good threads on the neighborhood.

This is a longer thread if you feel like reading:

Blue Smoke is in Battery Park, not Financial District.

I like Acqua (Italian) on Peck Slip. Local, neighborhood place. Not a destination. Go often.

Les Halles is good and open 24/7 if you really don't want to leave the Financial District.

No sushi or Mexican I'd suggest. As previously posted more choices in TriBeCa, though heading to the LES, EV or Brooklyn is typically less expensive than heading West.

You don't mention Asian food. Chinatown is next door.

Hen of the Wood Burlington not opening until late Sept/early Oct

Thanks so much, nurselizzie.

Hen of the Wood (Burlington) . . .anyone been recently?

Thinking Vermont since we still haven't been to Hen of the Wood (HOTW).

Food, wine list more important than hotel. Did a search of this Board for HOTW, Burlington. Not many recent posts.

Preliminary research:

How loud and lively does it get? Would we be better off going to HOTW Waterbury? Both are about 3 hours from Albany. Cheese course a must?

Have to call for reservations or use the system on their website, not on

Anyone been recently? Your experience? If you've been to both, any preference regarding Burlington (newer) or Waterbury?