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I think I saw a mouse in frying pan....throw out or clean it?

Second steel wool. Sealing should do the trick.

Depends what the surfaces are. I am not a fan of bleach, etc.

Hopefully your LL will get a better exterminator. I'd tell my LL so she has an opportunity to fix the problem.

Just read OP's "not scolding" post. When possible, it's probably a good idea to avoid leaving food, etc. that might attract vermin out.

Better mice than rats. Just read the latest on what NYC is doing to deal with rats.

I think I saw a mouse in frying pan....throw out or clean it?


Classic NY Pizza in Lower Manhattan?

You might want to check out Russ & Daughters Cafe.

Puerto Rico (ESJ, OSJ, Condado) Suggestions?

Thanks, i_eat_a_lot_of_ice_cream.

Look forward to reading your trip report. Will pass on Aguaviva next time we head to PR.

Almost forgot what a long, cold Winter 2013/2014 was until I revisited this thread. In a PR state of mind. Casa Adela on Losaida/C is the next best thing to being in PR. I wonder if they have mofongo on their menu?

going to Puerto Rico first time since 1974

crispi, where did you end up?

How was it?

PS I had hoped to go back last year but we went to Montreal.

Birthday Dinner Old San Juan

hhodgdon, you don't mention when you are going, so hopefully this post is not too late to be helpful.

Maybe Carli's? Ambience. Live music. You could purchase a CD as a memento of your first time in PR and the special birthday (ask Carli to sign and personalize it). Ambience is better than the food. That said, we've been many times and always enjoyed our meals there.

El Convento (former convent, now a hotel with a lovely courtyard) ambience is better than their food.

My last trip report (long!):

I hope you love PR as much as we do.

Cafe Cortadito (EV vicinity)?

Was wandering around C/B after a late lunch at Casa Adela.

Passed Cafe Cortadito (most recent post on this Board circa 2010).

Anyone been recently?

Santa Fe trip. . .suggestions?

Appreciate all your suggestions, finlero. Joseph's looks really good:

Really good food is more important than (so easy when I'm busy).

Reservations can be changed (Taberna?). Also, The Shed and Cafe Pasqual (no outside seating) might be worthy of a second visit.

We'll play breakfast and lunch by ear, grateful to have a hound vetted list to choose from. Maybe I'm being overly planful, coming from NYC where reservations are typically a MUST.

Mrs. London's & Max Londons [Saratoga Springs]

That's what I was thinking, Elisa515. Maybe they plan to retire.

There have long been rumors of financial challenges.

Anyone been to Denny's yet?

Thanks for the report, small h :)

Any specialty cocktails?

Why would anyone go to Denny’s these days?

Come to NYC.

We have champagne with our Grand Slam.

Wine Mark up

But restaurants make more revenue on bottled water over New York's finest (aka tap water) . . .

Wine Mark up

I had to look "nescient" up in a dictionary. Per Google (Google's sentence, not mine):

Lacking knowledge; ignorant.
"I ventured into the new Korean restaurant with some equally nescient companions"

No mark up in SO's wine cellar :)

He's a really good cook, as well.

It's rare when the food check is less than the wine. That said, we enjoy dining out. Think of it as supporting an industry/jobs.

NYC wine markup can be obscene (Dovetail's was near 300% when we went years ago). But so is their rent.

Anyone been to Mexican Radio (Schenectady) yet?

Went to Mexican Radio recently. There is a community parking lot just around the corner. A great location to grab a bite if you're early for your train (Amtrak Schenectady station is nearby). Weather was gorgeous so I sat outdoors. They have a fabulous patio. The restaurant is enormous and perfect for special events. I remember shopping there in its' pre-OTB days.

Service was very good. My margarita came just as I ordered it (I'm very particular). Served in a high ball glass, I prefer a traditional margarita glass (picky, picky). Guacamole was fresh. Could have been a little chunkier for my taste. Not properly seasoned. Needed salt and pepper. Didn't taste any cilantro.

I had a chile rellano. Good. It came with my guacamole and chips (I should have requested and server should have asked whether I wanted both apps at the same time).

I also had the black bean and butternut squash soup. Simple. Very good. Loved the surprising presentation.

I'm usually a "don't eat Mexican food unless you're out West" purist and everything was good.

Good to have another Schenectady option besides Tara Kitchen, Cella Bistro, The Bier Abbey, More Perreca's. I'd go back for drinks and appetizers when in Schenectady. I do have concerns about their future "franchise" plan. Not a fan of chains.

Mrs. London's & Max Londons [Saratoga Springs]

Mrs. London's and Max London's have been sold, per the TU:

Hopefully they will remain favorites for French baked goods/lunch and brunch. Mrs. London's almond croissants are so good.

Rayuela (LES)?


It's one of our favorites. SO walked by Saturday night and it was closed. What's up?

Rayuela made it through the "Great Recession" and the passing of Chef Maximo Tejada (2012).

Santa Fe trip. . .suggestions?

Thanks for your help. Four down, one to go. So hard to decide!


Tia Sophia's or The Pantry or Tecolote (if re-opened)

La Boca*


Coyote Cafe*

La Cantina* Live music.


Rancho de Chimayo

Arroyo Vino (Contemporary American)*


Cafe Pasqual's (no outside seating)

___________________El Meson**? El Farol*? Los Potrillos***? Galisteo Bistro*? What's best for a Sunday evening? Or is day of week irrelevant? Prefer restaurants on


The Shed (or La Choza?)

Taberna* Too similar to La Boca? Should we go to both or just one?

**online on their website or 505-983-6756

I think I saw a mouse in frying pan....throw out or clean it?

Too bad I only eat fish and poultry . . .anyone had mouse? What's your favorite preparation?

Soap (unless it's a cast iron pan, no soap!) and hot water should do the trick.

Santa Fe trip. . .suggestions?

Thanks so much, finlero. Just saw your post.

Getting ready to make reservations for dinners.

W 42nd... lunch?

Where would you have lunch near W. 42nd? I did a search of this Board and nothing recent came up. No upscale like Esca, Aureole, etc. After looking through I found a few old favorites:

Gaby (in the Sofitel hotel) - anyone been recently?

Little Brazil:

Marseille (way over on 9th Ave) - haven't been in awhile but always been a favorite if I HAVE to eat near 42nd

Hells Kitchen (still researching


Any other ideas?

Dave's Gourmet and Exotic Burgers [Albany]

Thanks, AmyH.

Will keep it in mind when we're in Albany.

Yopparai is fantastc!

Thanks for the report, Spiritchaser.

The dried sardines, tofu sound really good.

I had two dishes in Japan that I would like to find here. Rice cakes and jellyfish.

It's funny how certain dishes stay with you. Many of my most memorable tastes are surprising in their simplicity (Summer tomato, potatoes with spun sugar, etc.). When I think of Japan I remember jellyfish and rice cakes, among other things.

Nothing expensive in lower Manhattan

. . .and I think their slutty pancakes have peanut butter?

No reservations

I had breakfast solo at Russ and Daughters Cafe. Sat at the counter. If you have a flexible schedule, go on a weekday.

Minimum Wage Impact on Restaurant (especially FF) Prices

TVHilton, interesting. . .

Frances Perkins (the first woman cabinet member) who spearheaded Social Security and Unemployment Insurance back in the day intended them as a "safety net" for widows (limited career choices: seamstress or prostitute) and children. Frances Perkins was a fascinating woman. Might need to read a biography of FDR.

Where's a good place to eat near the Tenement Museum? I'm feeling the urge for some history. Already been to Russ and Daughters (capitalism at its best).

Minimum Wage Impact on Restaurant (especially FF) Prices

If the market will bear it, prices will be raised to cover the % increase in costs.

If not, the business will be less profitable or make strategy decisions in response to the new regulation/law(decide not to expand or open a new location, hire less workers, cut back on workers hours, etc. etc.).

Think about the lemonaide stand you had as a kid. Arithemetic is not an opinion!

Feed me! Where to eat?

4Snisl, did you read about the "lion burger"?

Just found out SO has been to Pig and Khao a few times (said he discovered it on his own!). Also said not a lot of choices for me there.

SO and I may be in NYC on the same day next week. I'm thinking about food again . . .

Taste [Albany]

Anyone been since they announced the NEW Prix Fixe ONLY menu on the 16th?


Today, we are changing
our menu format to a
Prix Fixe menu only
$25 for three courses!!

To capitalize on the Farm to Table bounty that is
prevalent in the Hudson Valley to the Canadian border,
TASTE has decided to change their menu to a weekly
Prix Fixe menu to compliment the seasonal offerings.
Every Monday, a new menu will be unveiled for that week,
being available starting on Tuesday.

PRIX FIXE MENU ~ 3 Courses
Menu for September 16th – 20th
5 Course offerings for Friday and Saturday only ~ $37 per person
Does not include beverages, tax or gratuity
Wine fights Available for $15 per person
Menu Alterations Politely Declined

First Course
Pumpkin Soup
Pancetta and Crème Fraiche GF

Warm Lobster Potato Salad
Potatoes, Pickle, Radish, Lemon Aioli GF

Short Ribs
Three Cheese Creamy Polenta GF

Roasted Sweet Potato
Citrus Cumin Glaze, Fresh Thyme, Garlic
Shallot, Orange Marmalade, Lime Juice, Farro GF

Second Course
Roasted Beef Tenderloin 6oz
Sautéed Kale, Mashed Potatoes GF

Roasted Trout Filet
Potato-Leek Nage, Truffle, Crispy Prosciutto GF

Duck Breast
Pickled Cranberries, Mushroom, Marcona Almonds
Roasted Carrot-Orange Puree GF

Brussels Sprouts
Ricotta Gnocchi, Mushrooms, Dried Figs, Pine Nuts GF

Third Course
Brown Butter Almond Cake, White Chocolate Crème Fraiche,
Pumpkin Gastrique and Candied Pistachios

Chocolate Chili Semifreddo, Mexican Chocolate Gelato

Gluten Free
Frozen Flight ~ Chef's Choice, an assortment of gelato & sorbet GF

Rocco's at The Jonesville Store (ETA?) [Clifton Park]

I guess CH is automatically putting "[Albany area]" on posts now?

It's actually "[Saratoga area]"

Two different cities, both with houndworthy food.

Some Upstate NY cities or "areas":

Albany, Schenectady, Troy, Saratoga

Villago (Ballston Lake) . . .ETA?

Been back a few more times. Once alone, once with SO.

We've been lucky, though two of our friends told us service and food was inconsistent when they went.

When I went I had my favorite pizza and the aranciata. I could hardly eat the aranciata. Rice was under cooked, tomato sauce was cold, there was a blob of pesto on top of each ball. My server was very good. I don't remember exactly what I said about the aranciata but when she asked me if I wanted it wrapped, I said no pretty emphatically. I probably should have told her I didn't like it but she figured it out on her own (I only took 2 bites) and took it off my bill.

When SO and I went we had the fried artichokes app. Very good, a favorite, consistent. We decided against the aranciata since I had a bad experience and SO's friend did as well. We had the fried calamari. It was okay. A little too heavily breaded for my taste and SO said it could have been cooked just a touch less. It wasn't tough or inedible though.

We also had my favorite pizza and the eggplant pizza (at the suggestion of our server). The pizza crust has changed a bit. It started out thin (which we prefer) and evolved to a medium thickness. Loved the eggplant pizza! A new favorite.

We had tiramisu for dessert.

We love having such a good pizza place nearby. Only wish it was more consistent.