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Balvanera (LES)

SO went. Had the quinoa salad and sweetbreads, wine. Flan for dessert.

He said the sweetbreads were excellent. Also, very nice people.

Santa Fe trip. . .suggestions?

Thanks everyone!

Getting ready to book our dinner reservations. . .

We will report back after our trip.

Balvanera (LES)

Thanks for the detailed report.

Sounds delicious.

Top Pizza in Capital Region?

Per Metroland's Readers Poll, Top Pizza (2014):

1. DeFazio's
2. I Love Pizza
3. The Fountain

Mio Posto (Saratoga Springs)

Another Danny, Chef Danny Urschel is the new chef-owner of Mio Posto per TU:

Per TU, Restaurant is closed for vacation until 9/18.

Tara Kitchen (Schenectady)

Went to Tara Kitchen recently. With friends who had not been.

Had harissa, chermoula, ras-el-hanout seasoned grilled fish and eggplant roasted garlic and tomato dip with pita.

A friend had lamb tagine, his wife had ? SO had fish and harissa tagine, I had chicken apricots dates tagine. Everything was very good.

We had baklava and tea for dessert.

The outside deck now has an awning and a patio has been added.

Just keeps getting better and better.

Top Pizza in Capital Region?

Been to Our Original Pizzeria several times. Most recently, had eggplant and broccoli slices.

Really nice people, enjoy their pizza.

Microwave oven at Pylos

Pylos was very crowded When I was wandering around the EV deciding where to eat. . .could it be the new microwave ?

Feed me! Where to eat?

I forgot to mention how good the duck gravy was! I should have asked for a spoon. Also service was very good.

We like Rayuela. This is disheartening.

Feed me! Where to eat?

Is it always loud? I prefer low key.

Feed me! Where to eat?

Thanks, Ttrockwood. Unfortunately, I 'm rarely home on Sundays these days.

Feed me! Where to eat?

Attempted Northern Spy. Small venue, too crowded. Wandered around the EV and ended up at Tinks.

Liked the low key vibe. Had Disco is Dead (tater tots with duck gravy and thinly sliced apple) and scallops with black rice w/Indian spices, chipotle mayo. Only 2 dessert choices and no espresso. . .my favorite thing was how the check came in a book. No salt on the table, every table in every restaurant should have salt.

Walked past Rayuela ( LES) and it was closed. What's up there?

Feed me! Where to eat?

Good to know. Thanks, Barcelonian.

Feed me! Where to eat?

It was a novelty thing. . .

Feed me! Where to eat?

Thanks, Ttrockwood. Will keep it on my short list.

Feed me! Where to eat?

If it quacks , clucks or swims (no alligator or other amphibians) I eat it . Probably wouldn't try sea slugs again.

Feed me! Where to eat?

Thanks , foodwhisperer.

I eat fluke and sometimes crow.

Lavagna is a favorite. Went recently.
In the mood for something different.

That 's two suggestions for Pig and Khao. I just read the "Awesome " thread on this Board. Leaning towards Pig and Khao (might be too sceney) or Northern Spy.

Maybe Batard if I can walk in and eat at the bar.

Do you think wheat is "the root of all evil" or staff of life?

I have gluten free friends who do so because it makes them feel better , colleagues who do so because they are in that small % of the population who has Celiac, etc and have to.

I eat carbs in moderation. Try to avoid white ( flour , bread, etc. ). Except for baked potatoes with skin that are iron rich.

The rest of the time I rely on magic . More fun than science .

Casual Manhattan restaurants?

Fish centric try Rayuela .

Feed me! Where to eat?


Forgot to post I only eat fish and poultry.

Amtrak was 10 min. early today. Can you say Alfanoose ?

Mermaid Inn underwhelmed me for dinner. How good are their oysters? So close to the M15.

Will check out Bob White and Northern Spy.

Northern Spy menu looks interesting. Ricotta and smoked plum . Love duck .

SO has been to Bob White and gives their fried chicken a 9.

I have not been to Upstate yet. . .

Feed me! Where to eat?

The menu does not excite or surprise me. . .

NYC (Manhattan) Rest. Recommendations--Lunch/Dinner

You go girl!

Second RGR LES tour.

You may want to try the newer Russ and Daughters restaurant. Only in NYC .

I hope Jaun feels the hound love .

I am back at Denny's my new neighborhood favorite. Will report back . . .

Feed me! Where to eat?

Thanks, Scott_C.

I 'm thinking for tomorrow night. Will keep in mind for the future . . .

Next Door Kitchen and Bar, Ballston Spa

It felt somewhere between a Strata and a Bloomers. We had a great experience.

Pricing and menu is smart.

Thanks so much for your post , PSzaas.

Vegetarian / vegan recs? (downtown)

How far downtown ? Price range ?

Maybe Dirt Candy.

Feed me! Where to eat?

Been to the first Denny's, The Eddy , Root & Bone. Also all the neighborhood favorites (Acqua , Les Halle, etc.) . Was thinking Batard until Ellen Nost's post.

Prefer EV or LES.

Thanks !

Next Door Kitchen and Bar, Ballston Spa

We went to Next Door recently. As previously posted, cosmetic changes have been made, including new lighting. The ceiling is new, wood beams, surrounded by copper trim. One wall has reclaimed barn wood. There is an interesting use of mirrors on the ceiling above the entrance so diners near the front of the restaurant can view the plants.

Now on to the food.


Fresh burrata with pepperonata (roasted peppers), smoked almond, parsley. I think the parsley was crispy or fried. Very good, though I would probably not order this again.

Cornmeal fried green tomatoes, pickled peppers, micro greens, green goddess dressing. Very good.

Crisp duck confit grilled radicchio, fresh peach, pistachio, scallion, balsamic. One of my favorite dishes. Can't wait to have again.

SO had the gazpacho special. It was pureed, not chunky. Very good. Another favorite.


SO had hand rolled gnocchi with basil pesto, heirloom tomato, green beans, grana padano. I tasted it. Very good. He was very happy with it.

I had the smoked corn and quinoa stuffed poblano pepper, goat cheese fondue, fried zucchini, red mole, pepitas. Another delicious dish. We both loved it.

We also had wine, coffee (no espresso yet) and a dessert sampler (3 desserts).

Service was excellent.

Next Door Kitchen and Bar, Ballston Spa

Thanks so much, davmar77.

The poblano pepper sounds really good.

We'll report back.

Anyone been to Denny's yet?


Anyone been to Denny's yet?

So I just have to find someone with an ID and become their guest?