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Next Door Kitchen and Bar, Ballston Spa

Thanks, davmar77. That makes two of us, since we really enjoy Next Door.

Next Door Kitchen and Bar, Ballston Spa

Arrrgh! Please help settle tipping argument!!!

Didn't answer OP's question, "total amount of cash we should leave?"


Arrrgh! Please help settle tipping argument!!!

I'm a rounder as well. At least $22. I'd probably round that up to $25.

My understanding is you don't have to tip on tax.

New York Dinner

A thread on Russ and Daughters Cafe:

Henry's (Ballston Spa) - anyone been?

Thanks, PSZaas. And I thought the fish and chips at The Local was really good. Might have to head to Henry's for a fish and chips lunch on the porch.

Need to find another Crazy Cow (closed) for when we want burgers (in my case a turkey burger).

Eat the Greek Yogurt (Correctly)

I have Fage and walnuts in the fridge. Darn, I left my Greek honey in Saratoga . . .never tried almonds?

The beets with toasted Israeli couscous, Fage and harissa sounds really good.

Eat the Greek Yogurt (Correctly)

I'll take a schmear on my bagel or bialy, please. Some things should just never change.

Jury Duty, and help for a Chinatown neophyte

My Big Wong favorites are cold chicken with rice, ginger scallion sauce. 1/2 roast duck. Salt fried chicken shrimp rice. Something green.

New York Dinner

Second Russ and Daughters Cafe for breakfast.

If they like Asian food (and aren't coming from an area known for Asian cuisine), Chinatown for an inexpensive lunch or possibly Dim Sum.

Dinner - so many choices. Price range? Neighborhood? What do they like?

Saturday birthday dinner - group dimsum?

Thanks, small h.

Have you tried delivery from Red Egg?

Henry's (Ballston Spa) - anyone been?

Thanks, PSZaas.

Similar to The Local in Saratoga?

The noise level will probably nix it for us. Though Rocco's can be lively.

Been to the The Factory, meh. Have not been to The Brickyard.

Saturday birthday dinner - group dimsum?

Second Dim Sum Go Go.

We went to Jing Fong again recently. We usually go around 11 am. Not sure how late dim sum is available.

Have not been to Red Egg.

Jury Duty next week - what is new and exciting near the courts

If you like ice cream and save room for dessert, Chinatown Ice Cream Factory. Red bean curd and ginger are my personal favorites. Just tried black sesame. They also have traditional flavors.

Capital District Sandwich Guide (April 2015)

Perreca's. More Perreca's pepper and egg on Italian bread. Both in Schenectady's Little Italy.

Henry's (Ballston Spa) - anyone been?

The owners of Next Door and Front St Deli in Ballston Spa opened Henry's. Did a search of this Board. Found these perspectives when I Googled:

Not much about the food on Yelp. To be fair, Henry's hasn't been open long.

We usually alternate between Rocco's and Next Door. Should we add Henry's to the mix?

How's the noise level?

Like the side porch outdoor seating. And the dessert, "I'm on a Diet."

Unpretentious Italian restaurant booked; help with the rest of my itinerary please.

Thanks, Kathryn. They passed on Del Frisco's and Morton's. Next time I'm ressie girl, I'll suggest Wolfgang's.

Unpretentious Italian restaurant booked; help with the rest of my itinerary please.

Agree. And he only likes the Brooklyn location. And they are not on

SO has had some business dinners with UK folks and they want steak, steak, steak. So ironic since I only eat poultry and fish.

This is where they went most recently:

Unpretentious Italian restaurant booked; help with the rest of my itinerary please.

SO did not care for Keen's. He's a Luger guy. As previously posted, Keen's is known for their mutton. He didn't care for Costata, but didn't order their signature dish. He really likes Mailiano.

Chelsea Market is fun, but not on a weekend.

Second Russ and Daughters Cafe. Best on a weekday as you are planning. Second Shopsin's. IMHO, Clinton St. Baking not worth waiting on line for.

3-story Chick-Fil-A opening in Midtown

I am one of the only people on the planet who has not had Chick-Fil-A. Heard great things. Finally, I may get to taste it (1000 6th Ave & West
37th). Can I have a daiquiri with mine, please?

Taking opinions - Saturday in May

Taking opinions - Saturday in May

Second Clinton Street is not worth a two-hour wait.

Anything I should DROP?

SO is not a fan of Keen's (Luger guy) and I only eat poultry/fish. To be fair we only went once. I like the themed rooms (pipes, etc.). I'd go for cocktails.

Cocktails at Keen's on the way to dinner at Betony.

Next on my list is Dirt Candy in their new location.


I don't think Jerusalem artichokes taste like daikon. Maybe it was their preparation?

Balvanera (LES)

We went to Balvanera recently.

We started with boquerones (spanish sardines), olive oil, citrus and grilled bread. Also had empanadas with corn, roasted red pepper, provolone, aji amarillo. Very good.

SO had crispy sweetbreads, grape mustard, peppercress, oranges.

I had quinoa roja warm red quinoa, charred corn, garbanzo beans, lime for my main. Delicious. The sweetness of the corn.

SO had handmade ricotta cavatelli tomato confit, butternut squash, spinach, fiore sardo for his main.

There was a beet, blackberry, etc. dish on the menu that sounded different. I will try it next time.

We finished with flan, ?, espresso and sherry.

Just looked at Wo Hop on Menupages.

Walked by Wo Hop the other day after lunch at Big Wong's (boiled chicken with ginger and scallion sauce) and dim sum at Jing Fong's. I've only eaten downstairs a few times, usually late at night.

Seems like anywhere you go, they've heard of Wo Hop. Many years ago I was on a business trip to Singapore and someone there mentioned Wo Hop.

Tiny Cast Iron Skillets

I prefer a non stick NSF pan for nuts.

Second use for a casual hot appetizer.

Specifically I make Martha Stewart's roasted feta with pink peppercorns and thyme.

If you are cooking for one or two, several uses. Perfect size for a single burger. Or searing some scallops (make sure the pan is really hot so they don't stick).

I have a Lodge, pre-seasoned cast iron skillet. Just remember to get a good brush for cleaning and no soap.

Is there ANY good ethnic restaurant food in Albany?

We've been to Rain for dim sum. Very good. No push carts. Off the street parking is a plus.

Capital District Sandwich Guide (April 2015)

Their Sarartoga Springs Store also has good chopped liver. I get it on rye. Unlike Gershon's, just chicken livers.

I'm not that big on sandwiches either. That said, Lake Ridge has a "Chipotle Chicken Sandwich" with herb crusted chicken breast pan fried topped with tomato, arugula, jack cheese and sweet corn chipotle mayonnaise.

"The Lakesider" at Lakeside Farms is a a favorite of many.

Capital District Sandwich Guide (April 2015)

I only get regular fish fry. No sandwich.