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36 Hours in Manhattan

Been too long, but Midtown is so far away. . .just feels wrong to order bagels on Seamless.

about 13 hours ago
financialdistrictresident in Manhattan


How is Aldea now?

Couldn't get a reservation for The Eddy, Degustation, Estela, Contra . . .

A recent 2015 report:

stellar meal at Black Tree

Simon, I got a bit of the "we don't change the menu" speech. And then they graciously left the bread off my sandwich. I also overheard them apologizing to a diner about the bread. Maybe there was a bread issue? So this is probably not the place for you if you have dietary restrictions or food allergies.

As to "I can't disagree strongly enough with your description of the place as "anti-hipster"." Not sure what you mean? I'm sorry, someone explained "hipster" to me once before. Not sure what "anti-hipster" means?

Luckily music wasn't blasting when I was there.

How to invite friends for dinner, where everyone pays for their own food?

Perfect, emglow101.

Uses for dry mashed potatoes

Not sure why I can't edit or delete my posts. Dry box processed mashed potatoes are disgusting. NO gnocchi!

Leftover homemade mashed potatoes make good gnocchi.

Uses for dry mashed potatoes

Second gnocchi.

Uses for dry mashed potatoes

Third gnocchi.

36 Hours in Manhattan

Don't forget the hyphens:)

Capital District Sandwich Guide (April 2015)

The Halfmoon Sandwich Shop has a large selection. Had the #P10 recently. Changed the grilled chicken to breaded chicken.

I have had fried scallops, haddock, smelts from Anchor.

stellar meal at Black Tree

Went to Black Tree recently. Very crowded.

The animal of the moment was "duck, ducks, ducks." I LOVE duck.

They were out of the deviled duck egg. Martha Stewart would have been sad. I don't care for deviled eggs and will never understand the love fest for them.

I started with a -From Farm to Sandwich-

Winter Beet: roasted candy beets, creamed goat cheese, horseradish, balsamic reduction, fresh herbs (thyme), arugula. Served in a small iron skillet on a wood board. The kitchen graciously honored my request for no bread. Delicious.

Next I had the leg confit whole leg, creamy mash, duck gravy, arugula. Also served on a wood board. More deliciousness.

My eyes were bigger than my stomach and I would have liked to order every duck dish on the menu. Especially the duck taco.

Appreciated the chef's taste of the roasted duck breast. Such kindness. As well as his sage advice that I was ordering a lot of food.

Had the duck breast fried rice (freekah, egg, onion, carrot, chilies). So good.

More of a beer and cocktail place. Wine list had two reds, two whites.

Showed some restraint and passed on dessert. No hot drinks available (coffee, tea).

Excellent service. You can feel the passion for the food and local sourcing. Bring your patience . . .small neighborhood place with a small kitchen, may impact pacing a bit. Appreciated the biodegradable boxes for my leftovers.

Perfect for a casual dinner. Adirondack vibe. Not a cloth napkin kind of place. Will definitely go back. Not sure if it will work for SO. Might depend on the animal.

Capital District Sandwich Guide (April 2015)

Excellent idea, PSZaas.

Second Pellegrino's.

Add Center Stage Deli and The Halfmoon Sandwich Shop:

Also, Anchor Fish Fry.

Looking for a memorable meal in Westbury or thereabouts

How is Waterzooi? I haven't been in ages.

Jonathan's, New Hyde Park is another possiblity. Though I usually go for lunch.

Kingston Suggestions?

Thanks so much, bob gaj.

Sent them to The Tappen.

Really appreciate the heads-up re: Elephant and reservations. I understand why some restaurants use a no reservations approach, but it rarely works for us (schedules, business dinners, etc.). SO said he knew The Tappen wasn't on because the reservations weren't in my name.

Kingston Suggestions?

Never made it to Kingston . . .

Need to find a restaurant for SO. Le-Canard is closed on Wednesdays, Elephant doesn't take reservations.

Saw this thread on The Tappen from last year:

Anyone been recently?

Any other suggestions or ideas?

Need recs for quiet business lunch - Financial District

If you can consider TriBeCa or Battery Park, you might have more options.

As previously posted, North End Grill and Bouley.

I walked by City Hall today. Not too far from the Financial District. I have not been so can't comment on the food.

Need recs for quiet business lunch - Financial District

-1 Mark Joseph

Per OP: "I can't imagine her enjoying the steak house vibe."

What does New York have that LA doesn't?

There is a Trader Joe's in Colonie, NY (outside of Albany, the state capital).

Rumor has it TJ's might be coming to Lower Manhattan.

What does New York have that LA doesn't?

ipsedixit, where did you find West African in the city? We had to go to Montreal to find African food.

What does New York have that LA doesn't?

BTW, Schenectady has Tara Kitchen. And, sadly a devastating fire nearby. Right before the EV fire.

No bialys or bagels. . .

You can read my posts on the New York State (excl NYC) Board:)

What does New York have that LA doesn't?

What's a bialy?

Your thoughts about a party at a deli

I stand corrected, Russ and Daughters Cafe is smoked fish, etc.

OP asked for "any ideas, any other suggestions?"

When I think of Second Avenue Deli, Russ and Daughters also comes to mind.

Need recs for quiet business lunch - Financial District

I haven't been to Church & Dey in ages. Location is perfect. Have not been to the W.

Maybe Fraunces Tavern? Caveat, not destination dining. Their dining room is an appropriate setting for a business lunch.

Too bad Captain's Ketch, Pine/Pearl is closed.

Need recs for quiet business lunch - Financial District

The Dead Rabbit is more appropriate for a casual lunch. IMHO, not appropriate for a business lunch.

Your thoughts about a party at a deli

The good delis are not inexpensive. What's your price range?

What about Russ and Daughters Cafe?

If possible, a weekday might be better than going on the weekend.

1 night this visit: Modern, Gramercy Tavern or ?

Brookfield Place (Battery Park)

Ttrockwood, thanks for saving me from an old bagel.

We were eyeing Blue Ribbon.

The ? bar was crowded.

Is J. Crew in the former Donald Sacks location? I really liked their Thai chicken salad with shitake mushrooms and black sesame vinaigrette. Gone but not forgotten. Before 9/11.

Feels odd going to the re-branded WFC and Winter Garden. Looking forward to going back, just need to plan timing to avoid tourists and lunch crowd.

Need recs for quiet business lunch - Financial District

Price range? Cuisine?

A quiet corner in the back dining room at Les Halles (French), Acqua (Italian), Trading Post (American). Acqua is small, so it depends how busy it is. The Trading Post you want to be in the dining room, not the bar area.

One of the steak houses . . .Bobby Van's. Or a hotel restaurant.

I would avoid Da Claudio (Italian) because the room has high ceilings, Meat Packing District like space.

The Beekman

Looking forward to the hotel bar/Atrium in the lusciously restored Beekman building (historic Temple Court, near Theater Alley and Newspaper Row). Also, the signature restaurants (Tom Colicchio, Keith McNally) planned for The Beekman:

Priority reservations for residents of the luxury condos.

"The world according to The Beekman" includes an "epicurean fantasy."

Brookfield Place (Battery Park)

Brookfield Place (Battery Park)