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Campagna (Malta)

Anyone been to Campagna in Malta yet?

Been open about a week. Very happy to see they are on Wish Rocco's and Next Door were.

Anniversary Dinner on the LES or EV

I've only been to The Eddy and I don't find the atmosphere feels special. The food is very good.

I like the atmosphere downstairs at Bacaro but don't know how the food is these days. I used to go for the duck ragu. Certainly not the same level as The Eddy, etc.

Falai would have been perfect.

Where to eat near the Spa?

Anyone been to Siro's this year? How is the food? Though it's not really about that . . .

Brunch near Cinema Village (East Village)

Another for Ukrainian National Home.

Do they still hand grate their potato pancakes?

Need to get back there for pierogi.

Never been to Veselka.

Where to eat near the Spa?

TU Review:

Probably okay for lunch.

Best thing about Jack's is they are open every day, including holidays.

Where to eat near the Spa?

PSZaas, is Siro's the restaurant that has a different chef each season?

Do you pray before a meal?

My father used to say "Father, Son, Holy Ghost, thee who eats the fastest gets the most. Amen."

Name a dish that you cannot find anywhere in town that you have to make yourself???

Chicken eggs.

No cream.

Peas only once.

Maiolino, Ai Fiori, Cafe Boulud or Ilily

Ai Fiori is the upscale Italian restaurant SO went to for a business dinner. I think I made the dinner arrangements back in March. He felt the price did not justify the food he had. Don't recall him having any service issues.

I know SO really likes Maiolino. Also, Cafe Boulud.

Does it have to be just the restaurants you listed? Italian only? What about Aldea?

Not fine dining. Don't remember how comfortable the chairs are. Don't recall it being overly loud since that's one of my pet peeves. Made last minute reservations there for a couple who are into food and they really liked it. Couldn't get them into Estela, Contra, etc. given the short notice I had.

Saratoga Springs, June 26-28


All I remember from the last Jazz Festival I went to was the mostly meh food, champagne and seeing Buddy Guy, Quinn Sullivan and Tony Bennett live!

Saratoga Springs, June 26-28

Thanks for the report, TheDegustationAsian.

Very helpful since I've only been to Mrs. London's and Hattie's (Track Restaurant Row location).

Thought you might enjoy these NY Times (1999) and Times Union (2014) articles about Mrs. London's:

Where to eat near the Spa?

threeboys recent thread on the Jazz Festival (June) and eating in Toga:

Mio Posto or 15 Church has topped the Trip Advisor rankings for awhile.

Where to have dinner (NOT in Toga) during Track Season?

Local 388 Burger Bar, Ballston Spa.

Local 388 Burger (Ballston Spa)

Thanks, Roger K. Suprised you never had Smith's before.

Breakfast in Saratoga Springs

Roger K, I started a Local 388 Burger thread.

Local 388 Burger (Ballston Spa)

Anyone been to Local 388 Burger?

Reminiscing about the Crazy Cow.

The Yelp perspective:

Istanblue in Saratoga

Now closed as reported by the TU:

I have not been to Istanblue, Clifton Park yet.

Where to eat near the Spa?

Where to eat near the Spa?

Search is your friend:)

Will you have a car?

As PSZaas posted previously, do you want to have dinner in Toga or avoid the crowds in Town?

Price range? Type of food? Upscale or casual?

I usually avoid Toga during Track season. If you search, there is a recent thread on where to eat, NOT in Toga.

If you have a car and want to avoid the crowds, maybe Next Door in Ballston Spa. Outside of Saratoga Springs yet close enough to the Northway aka I-87 since you're a day tripper. Recent article in the NY Times:

Iron Roost (Ballston Spa) . . .anyone been?

The Iron Roost was mentioned in the NY Times article about Ballston Spa:

Next Door Kitchen and Bar, Ballston Spa

Next Door was mentioned in the NY Times article about Ballston Spa:

Where to have dinner (NOT in Toga) during Track Season?

Thanks, Roger K. Will have to check it out.

Rocco's at The Jonesville Store (ETA?) [Clifton Park]

Rocco's is now open Mondays. So happy, given it's Track Season.

Where to have dinner (NOT in Toga) during Track Season?

davmar77, is Nonna Maria in the former Pasta Parma location?

Name a dish that you cannot find anywhere in town that you have to make yourself???

Second your thoughts on guacamole, Ttrockwood.

The Beekman

Keith McNally's Augustine (French Bistro):

Colicchio will run the hotel lounge, The Living Room:

Wandering around NoLita . . .Kent & Cook

Almost forgot, my mussels were accompanied with a slice of soft, whole wheat looking bread with some grill marks. The menu description was toast.

Branching out in the East Village

Thanks, loratliff.

Wandering around NoLita . . .Kent & Cook

I found myself wandering around NoLita with a dying cell phone. No hound advice in a neighborhood I don't know well. Wasn't in the mood for Chinatown, walked past a line at Ramen, looked at The Butcher's Daughter menu and ended up at Kent & Cook.

Their breadsticks were good. Soft not crispy. There was a small bowl of olives and cornichons on the bar. I had a Prosecco and mussels without the chorizo ($26). Compared to Markt ($20-$24) or Les Halles ($19), I was disappointed with portion size. Maybe I didn't order their best dish? Might be a better place for drinks or a boozy brunch.

Name a dish that you cannot find anywhere in town that you have to make yourself???

Duck bacon carbonara.