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Dave's Gourmet and Exotic Burgers [Albany]

jamesg70, did you try the burgers?

Welcome to CH, I see this is your first post.

Please help me decide on Italian for my birthday


Sure did . . .was focused on Ai Fiori.

First date - with restrictions

Pala is a good suggestion. I haven't been since they first opened. Also not too far from 4/5/6 as OP requested.

I forgot about the fun part . . .

First date - with restrictions


Please help me decide on Italian for my birthday

Crispo is too casual and doesn't meet the OP's request "more upscale than not."

Please help me decide on Italian for my birthday

Thanks so much, everyone. I will do my best to report back on his experience.

Also regarding the OP's request, I think SO has been to Costata. It was suggested to me on this Board when I was searching for steak in a certain neighborhood. As ipsedixit posted, it's more of a steakhouse. SO didn't order their signature dish and I didn't hear rave reviews. He's more of a Luger guy.

Please help me decide on Italian for my birthday

SO is going to Al Fiori for dinner next week.

I've done a search of this Board but not much is recent. Any suggestions for him, Spiritchaser?

Next Door Kitchen and Bar, Ballston Spa

Returned to Next Door recently.

Same excellent service, so consistent. Reasonably priced bottles of wine. Awesome cocktail menu.

Amuse bouche was a celery root puree. Very good.

Bread with white bean dip drizzled with olive oil.

We started with a kale, apple and smoked almond (were they hazlenuts?) salad with shaved pecorino, preserved lemon and champagne vinaigrette.

SO had a half portion of shrimp & grits, holy sofrito, shrimp butter, celery salad.

I had the duck special with a puree of parsnip, roasted fennel and ?. Delicious.

We shared brown butter brussels sprouts beer crispy shallots.

We shared a sweet potato bread pudding. Very good. Coffee. No espresso.

Italian Chelsea or below

ios94, where did you end up? How was it?

I'm looking for Italian in Chelsea (maybe nearby Gramercy) for SO. Appropriate for a business dinner. NOT in a Per Se/Masa price range.


Chelsea. . .Ai Fiori or Carbone
Gramercy. . .Mailiano

Best late-night Manhattan Chinatown/Financial District, preferably vegetarian options

. . .and open until 3:00 AM:

Menu looks really good and budget friendly. I need to get out more, been open since 2011. Maybe it's my aversion to Stone Street.

ipsedixit, your post reminded me of Nelson Blue (earliest close is Sunday at 2:00 AM):

Have not been to Nelson Blue in ages. I defer to hounds who've been more recently.

Best late-night Manhattan Chinatown/Financial District, preferably vegetarian options

foodwhisperer, I went to Pala when they first opened. It has been awhile. What are your current favorites there?

I like that they're on OpenTable. Might need to get myself back over there.

OP didn't mention price. Did say "midnight." If you're a little early you might want to consider Da Claudio and Les Halles. Both open until midnight (and on OpenTable), close to WTC when you don't want to schlepp to nearby Chinatown. Or are craving something different to eat.

3% healthcare charge: coming to more receipts near you

The federal poverty level for one person is $11,770 in 2015:

Mio Posto (Saratoga Springs)

I have not been since the chef change.

TU review:

Bon Appétit’s Exec. Editor spends 3 days eating in LA

Second Will Owen's sentiments.

I was devastated when Gourmet was killed and publisher tried to push a Bon Appetit subscription on me.

I couldn't tell if any of the restaurants in the OP are in Long Beach? SO is in Long Beach for a few days.

12 Best Restaurants In Covent Garden

SO had dinner at Lima Floral. Barrafina had a 1 hour wait and it was cold so they ended up at Count Pino Ragona of Sicily, Giovanni's.

Once I get more details from him I'll report back.

Lake Placid

There are Saranac Lake threads from 2011/2012. Search is your friend :)

Left Bank Cafe is mentioned:

Family Restaurant - Nassau County

stuartlafonda, so good to read Hildebrandt's is still there. Been years since I've been.

Do you make dining decisions based on coupons or discounts?

City Dining Cards are fun. No NYC. They do have Chicago and London.

Do you make dining decisions based on coupons or discounts?

All things being equal, will choose a restaurant on OpenTable over one that's NOT.

Used groupon once. . .

Family Restaurant - Nassau County

How old are the kids? Will chicken parm or a burger work for the "not as adventurous"? Not sure if they have a kids menu.

What about Jonathan's (American)?

I haven't been in awhile, so maybe someone who's been recently will chime in.

Solo in Long Beach

Looks like the scallop dish is still on the menu.

Sea scallops with capers, shallots and garlic drizzled with balsamic reduction brandy cream sauce. And of course, mashed potatoes:

Anyone been to Utopia recently? Your experience?

Long Beach eats

How is Tavern on 2, circa 2015?

>belly & sucker (pork belly, octopus, carrot, black currants, jicama, radish & herbs


> bone marrow (escargot gremolata & crusty bread)

>brutal burger (Korean chili jam, avocado, bacon & cheddar)

Only downside, no reservations unless you are a party of 10.

Long Beach eats

SO is heading to Long Beach soon (only for a few days) and I am just starting my research . . .

Found this 2011 thread and one from 2014:

wkstat, what's "new" (but not too trendy) and "much better"?

Or older and still delicious?

How is Berlin? Pier76 Fish Grill? Open Sesame? Sunnin (still open?)? Are there any local or only in Long Beach "must haves"?

Thanks for your help.

PS No Greek (can get that in Astoria), probably no Italian, no pizza. Good wine list a plus. Also some appropriate for a business lunch/dinner.

12 Best Restaurants In Covent Garden

Thanks, DavidT.

This is very helpful.

SO is heading to London next week and I'm scrambling to find restaurant suggestions in Covent Garden. Narrowed it down to 8 of the 12.

Clos Maggiore
Green Man & French Horn
Lima Floral
The Ivy
Flesh & Buns

Mishkin's (Jewish Deli)
Joe Allen

small plates and great cocktails in Manhattan

Been to The Eddy several times. Interesting cocktails. Might have to try Wallflower next after reading your post.

Rocco's at The Jonesville Store (ETA?) [Clifton Park]

Rocco's has become our local favorite.

Bread service with ricotta and cracked pepper.

We started with the mozzarella en carozza appetizer. Good. SO liked it better than me.

We had a caesar salad. Our server asked if we wanted anchovies and of course we said yes. Croutons were nothing special.

None of the specials appealed to me so I continued eating my way through the menu. I ordered the popular brick chicken (de-boned) with roasted garlic whipped potatoes, broccoli rabe and natural jus. It was very good. Comfort food. A large portion, I took half the chicken and mashed potatoes home.

SO had the farfalle with wild mushrooms, sun dried tomatoes, walnuts and a parmesan cream sauce. Large portion.

We had espresso and shared a dessert, something chocolate filled with cannoli cream and surrounded by salted caramel. Very rich.

Service was professional and cordial.

Any Good Freeport Nautical Mile Options?

I have not been in years. . .only been for lunch. In the Spring/Summer. More about the waterfront and weather than the food.

If you like Jeremy's (Seaport North), they also have a location in Freeport. They closed Meade's, which was around the corner from Jeremy's in the city. Not a dining destination.

Be curious to know how Freeport food scene is these days.

vegan-friendly in Financial District SIT-DOWN

SO likes Acqua (Italian) for lunch. I have only been for dinner. Once M343 (new school) opens next door maybe they'll start breakfast service as well.

I usually have enough vegetable options at Acqua (though I also eat fish and poultry):

If you are walkers, the Financial District is also close to Chinatown (walk through 1 Police Plaza for the shortest route) and there is Buddha Bodai on Mott (former VP3 location). I haven't been there in awhile.

vegan-friendly in Financial District SIT-DOWN

Thanks, Ttrockwood. The breakfast scramble sounds so good. Need to get back to Terri.

le creuset 12 in enameled cast iron skillet

We use our Le Creuset often and don't have a sticking problem. We have the dutch oven and saucier. Also a small gratin dish. I don't think we've ever fried in it, though. Don't think it's NSF rated. Not sure if they're designed for commercial use.

As already posted, very easy to clean.

I got them on sale or at the Le Creuset outlet, so cost was not an issue.

You can have them re-enameled so they last forever.