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Maestro's (Saratoga Springs) Recently?

It has been awhile. Anyone been recently? Still a Saratoga favorite?

Mingle on the Avenue coming to Saratoga

Thanks for the report, fisher. I have not been yet.

Saratoga Springs, June 26-28

The food last time I went to the Jazz Festival was pretty good. Mazzone did the catering. Not sure who does the food service now.

Saratoga Springs, June 26-28

Second reservations. Especially for dinner.

Saratoga Springs, June 26-28

Saratoga Springs, June 26-28

I've only had Hattie's fried chicken once. My SO doesn't care for Hattie's so I defer to hounds in the know.

Whole fish per pound? Milos, Avra, Thalassa etc.

Second Astoria. Outer Boroughs Board, as Ttrockwood posted.

We also like Periyali. Pylos (EV) is too hard to get into now. We used to go there often.

First trip to NYC

Thanks, loratliff. Table seating? SO won't eat at the bar.

Brookfield Place (Battery Park)

Thanks for your thoughts, coasts.

IMHO, it's been positioned to appeal to the 9/11 Memorial tourists and workers in the WTC buildings. Maybe families in Battery Park City, with few options over there.

All but one of the retail shops is high end.

That said, the beet salad was delicious and only $10.

Saratoga Springs, June 26-28

Price range? Cuisine?

15 Church, Mio Posto, Saratoga National, maybe Sperry's are more upscale.

Breakfast thread (search is your friend):

Country Corner, Ravenous, Mrs. Londons (French bakery), brunch at Max Londons or Sperry's


Mazzone (Saratoga National, Pasta Pane, etc.) usually has food at the Jazz Festival/SPAC. Scallions.


Capriccio Saratoga, Boca Bistro, Merry Monk might work for you.

Reservations are a must. Many restaurants are on

First trip to NYC

I still have not been to Contra and Estela. Making a reservation should be a high priority. Both chefs will be guesting at Fish & Game in Hudson soon.

Also note, if you cancel less than 24 hours prior or no show Contra charges $67 per guest. They are closed Mondays.

First trip to NYC

Unless you live in the Financial District, then Dead Rabbit location IS great.

I share Spiritchaser's sentiments, posted previously.

First trip to NYC

I like Lombardi's. Their thin crust, brick oven pizza doesn't travel well. Better to wait in line and eat in.

Casual food in lower Manhattan

You had me at "Ghostbusters fire house."

Casual food in lower Manhattan

Second Terroir. Just had a delicious solo dinner there. Agree, not family friendly. Only caveat, it can be very lively.

Casual food in lower Manhattan

Second Bubby's.

If you want a diner, Ghee Whiz is also in TriBeCa. I have yet to find a really good diner in the Financial District.

I think most of the bagel places downtown leave a lot to be desired. Rosella's (Beekman St.) if you just want to grab a quick slice. Further East away from the hubbub. You didn't mention budget. The further from TriBeCa and Brookfield Place, the lower the prices.

Brookfield Place food court (aka Hudson Eats) will give you the most choices. Battery Park City is very family friendly.

Brookfield Place (Battery Park)

I returned to Brookfield Place recently.

Had dinner at Le District. The station with the steaks in a drawer. Beet, micro arugula, citrus salad. Simple, fresh, delicious.

Also had duck prosciutto, apple, fig on a thin slice of toasted bread spread with goat cheese. Very good but difficult to eat. Couldn't pick up and hard to cut with a steak knife.

Had cookies. My favorite was the apricot one. Especially good right after eating the chocolate cookie. The remaining cookies were gone before I got home.

Good place for a casual, inexpensive, quick dinner. Service was excellent. Bar stools are not very comfortable.

Brookfield Place (Battery Park)

BuildingMyBento, can you tell us more about the food? Where did you have the pretzel bread?

God is my co-protein

I ended up at Terroir TriBeCa and had the duck prosciutto with hen of the woods mushrooms, Taleggio sandwich with a glass of port. The bread was pressed so thin. Delicious.

Crowded (was lucky to get a seat) and lively. Great view of the kitchen. Excellent service.

I might have to head West more often.

Dock Brown's . . .anyone been? [Saratoga Lake]

Anyone been yet?

The Yelp perspective:

Looks like they will have a marina. Will there be dock access for diners? It would be nice to have at least one restaurant on Saratoga Lake where you can park your boat.

Tara Kitchen (Schenectady)

Called Tara Kitchen last night and learned they are no longer taking reservations.

God is my co-protein

Love the beet risotto balls.

God is my co-protein

I think the EV location is now CLOSED.

Is duck ham aka duck pastrami? This thread came up when I did a search for Terroir and "God" caught my eye.

I am deciding where to eat, whether it will involve mushrooms and should I go to Terroir TriBeCa or Uncle Boons (not really in the mood for Thai) or someplace else . . .

Not in the mood for Acqua (fettucini with funghi), Il Brigante, Da Claudio, Les Halles, Chinatown, Seamless. Getting late for Brookfield Place.

BTW, did you know there is a restaurant, Hen of the Wood?

Spotted Pig owners opening rooftop locale atop 70 Pine St.

Don't drink and drop.

Newish restaurants in NY for ex-New Yorker

How does the new version of Ciano compare to the former (was one of our favorites)?

Spotted Pig owners opening rooftop locale atop 70 Pine St.

Eater just before it was a done deal:

Degustation Review

Thanks for the report, lexismore.

We have not been in years and this might encourage us to return.

Bua Thai (Malta)

Thanks, fisher.

We like Sushi Thai (Clifton Park). More of a lunch place for us, though we've had dinner a few times. Always good and service is excellent. Parking is so easy there.

George Mendes's New Portuguese Restaurant- Lupulo

Thanks for the report, foodwhisperer.

Sounds delicious.

Love sardines.

Appreciate the heads-up on vent (Casa Mono has a pretty powerful vent and I still left smelling like food when I sat at the counter). Wish they were open for lunch since they are close to Penn Station. Would be perfect for a late lunch. Only take reservations for six or more.

Kingston Suggestions?

Thanks, Jerseygirl111. What were the standouts?

Not much on this Board. The Trip Advisor and Yelp perspectives: