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burritos like the mission in SF?

That's a bad Mission burrito.

A good Mission burrito has a *grilled* tortilla, lots of meat, and generous avocado. At least where I get mine :)

Please help me love the westside!

Precisely. Thanks for the suggestions - that grilled Szechuan beef sounds wonderful, despite the fact that it's a Puck restaurant and those kinds of places scare me :)

hong kong style pan-fried noodles near silver lake

Second that, although the sign now says something like "Hong Kong Barbecue" instead of Sam Woo. Still the best pan-fried noodles in Chinatown, IMO.


When I was taking classes at CSUF, I always looked forward to eating at Taal restaurant across from the campus.

Taal Restaurant
2720 Nutwood Ave, Fullerton, CA 92831

Yummy Thai Food in Surrounding Downtown Area

Reporting back to say that Patakan was actually good. We had beef satay, garlic eggplant, and pad kee mao with chicken - all very tasty. Perhaps I wrote this place off too soon!

Yummy Thai Food in Surrounding Downtown Area

Not downtown, but been meaning to check out some of the SGV options on this list:

We're about to brave Patakan on Fair Oaks in South Pas to satisfy the Thai craving. Ordinarily I wouldn't recommend it, but a couple weeks ago I had some really good tom yum goong there, so they're getting a second chance from me.

I'm interested in hearing where you end up. Good Thai is hard to come by in these parts. Thai Eagle Rox, on York, used to be quite good, but not anymore (there may have been a change of ownership or personnel). Classic Thai on York is just bland and boring, although the location is kind of cute and cozy for a rainy day. A lot of people like the Saladangs on Fair Oaks, but I just find the food to be unnecessarily sweet.

Won-Ton Soup

Even though this thread is almost 5 years old, I find it a perfect time to plug my absolute favorite wonton soup: the three-flavor wonton soup at China Islamic.

It has no pork in it, of course, but contains lots of chicken, beef (or is it lamb - I'm not certain) and shrimp as well as wontons and lots of veggies. A meal in a bowl!

Please help me love the westside!

I've heard that about Thai on the westside - still, you gotta eat! So I'm looking for the best of what's available; I'm not going to drive to OC or Thaitown or NoHo on my lunch break :)

Northeast LA is north and east of downtown - it encompasses areas such as Lincoln Heights, Hermon, Highland Park, Eagle Rock, and Garvanza. Here's a good map for reference:

I'm currently loving the Mexican fare at My Taco.

My Taco
6300 York Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90042

Please help me love the westside!

Great list, thanks! That steak salad sounds perfect, and I'm totally planning to check out the kebab places as well as a few others.

Please help me love the westside!

Another great list, thanks! That's pretty cool that Fritto Misto will make that substitution - haven't seen a lot of places that do that.

Please help me love the westside!

Thank you for the recommendations and the well-wishes!

Funny you should mention Tito's - I know it has its fans, but I've been there once and was pretty horrified my the food. I think my (admittedly ignorant) opinion of westside Mexican was based solely on that experience.

And yes, the better air quality and cooler temps are not to be discounted :)

Please help me love the westside!

Heh, thanks for the commute info :) I know, it's absolute insanity, but the job opportunity is fantastic, and I love where I live, so - I gotta do it. Now that I'm armed with dining suggestions, I'm a lot less worried - at least I have places to take refuge after work while waiting for traffic to die down.

Please help me love the westside!

Thanks for all of your suggestions so far. I'm feeling a lot less hopeless about my Mexican food prospects - was afraid I was doomed to a future of La Salsa lunches!

Garlic Lovers: What dish served in LA has the most garlic?

Zankou quality really does seem to vary by location. I'm often disappointed with the rotisserie chicken at the Pasadena one, for instance, but the Glendale one seems consistently good to me.

I love that garlic paste. Perhaps too much!

Please help me love the westside!

I'm a Northeast L.A. kind of girl, but am *thisclose* to accepting a job in Santa Monica at 20th and Colorado. Generally I do not venture west of La Brea, so I'm pretty clueless about the wide world of food out there on the far-western frontier.

I'd like to start compiling a list of new places to try, and am open to suggestions that fit the following:

No Italian, sushi, vegetarian, or sandwiches. I'm diabetic and have to limit carbs; I also have an aversion to tomatoes or anything raw. And I'm an unrepentant carnivore :)

Low-key, not pretentious, not a scene. I prefer hole-in-the-wall, ethnic-dive types of places.

Bonus points for good Thai or Mexican, my two favorites.

Thanks in advance!

Early Dinner with an 8yo in Chinatown

The Hong Kong BBQ place, formerly Sam Woo, is a good choice - pretty much something for everybody there. And the Chinese-American standbys like broccoli beef and chow mein are actually quite good.

Early Dinner with an 8yo in Chinatown

Seconding the Family Pastry reco. Only thing is, since dim sum is more of a morning thing, the later in the day you go, the less fresh stuff will be.

My personal faves include the "curry pork cookie," har gow, half moon, and the barbecue pork buns. The har gow and half moon might be offputting to a kid from a texture standpoint, depending on pickiness, but the other two should be pretty safe. Lots of dough - and what kid doesn't like dough :)

Your favorites in Little Tokyo?

Seconding Hanaichimonme - one of my long-time favorites that just seems really overlooked and underrated, for reasons I can't explain. And I also like Suehiro, mentioned by Dommy below, for the house special and for the katsu curry.

Mexican in Pasadena?

You know, even though El Cholo isn't my cup of tea, I'd recommend it for an East Coaster visiting too. When the folks from my company's East Coast offices are out visiting, it's the first place they want to go - even the ones who don't drink! Go figure. Seems to be a crowd-pleaser for out of towners.

Oinkster chicken: move over, EPL!

Thanks for the clarification - mustard, to me, is like <a href="> to some people - it just tastes awful no matter what.

Who offers the best Fried Pork Chop in the LA & OC vicinity?

I actually don't make chops myself - the grocery store versions are just too dry. Mostly I make tenderloin, no particular recipe, just whatever I google that sounds good.

Oinkster chicken: move over, EPL!

Question for you - when you mention honey mustard, is it on the chicken or something else?
Been curious about their chicken for some time now, but honey mustard is a dealbreaker for me.

Who offers the best Fried Pork Chop in the LA & OC vicinity?

I love pork - chops, cutlets, tenderloin, whatever - but find that most pork is dry and bland and boring unless I make it myself. With one exception - the Pork Chops with Spicy Salt at Sam Woo in Chinatown. Which may not be called Sam Woo anymore - oddly enough, my takeout menu says "Hong Kong Barbecue" in English and "Sam Woo" in Chinese, go figure.

They are definitely fried, but IMO they are far from "bad for you" - you're right, we do need fat to stay alive, but we also need protein and they are just that - tasty little bits of protein! Even though big agribusiness has managed to breed pork so that much of the fat (and thus, taste) has been removed, they haven't figured out a way to take the protein out of it :)

Sam Woo Bar-B-Que Restaurant
803 N Broadway, Los Angeles, CA 90012

India's Flavor, Glendale?

They do - Monday-Friday, 11-2:30, according to the menu I brought home with me. And only $7.94.

jury duty downtown on a budget?

Thanks! Despite my current hesitation to eat uncooked food, the salad at that taco truck sounds really good - I don't spend a lot of time downtown, so I'm unfamiliar with JH/Eastlake Avenue. Is it walkable/DASHable from the Criminal Courts Bldg?

I agree, Thai is tricky because of the sugar, but it's navigable if I avoid dipping sauces or obviously sweet things. I tend to do well with a limited selection of dishes: tom yum goong, any variation of BBQ chicken/beef/pork, and a few of the Thai/Chinese dishes, as long as I skip the rice.

jury duty downtown on a budget?

I'll be in the criminal courts building, but this still sounds walkable so I may check it out.

Memorable isn't necessary, but inexpensive and with a wide range of options is, so this still sounds like a good option - thank you!

Review: India's Flavor, Glendale/Montrose

Not sure about beer - not a beer drinker myself. But didn't notice anybody drinking, so I tend to think maybe not.

Pretty close to La Cabanita - from the 134, I passed LC on the left, then a few blocks later made a right on Verdugo, and there it was - if that gives you an idea of the place.

I'd totally go there as a solo diner. It's really small, only maybe a half-dozen tables, so might be best in the off-hours - you'd probably get a 4-top all to yourself.

India's Flavor
3303 N Verdugo Rd, Glendale, CA 91208

jury duty downtown on a budget?

That's perfect, thanks. I actually didn't know they were still there - so many of the KKR locations have closed over the years.

jury duty downtown on a budget?

So I've been poring over <a href=" thread</a> in anticipation of potential jury duty next week, and have come up with a few suitable options, but was wondering if anybody has some more recent suggestions that might fit my needs.

I'm not on a Patina budget; I'm on more of a taco truck budget. I also have to keep carbs to a minimum because I'm pre-diabetic - I can do a couple tortillas, but I can't do sandwiches, for instance. And, thanks to a recent bout with norovirus that I don't care to re-live anytime soon, I've been temporarily scared off of anything raw (this includes salads).

So basically I'm looking for cheap, good, possibly Mexican, Chinese, or Thai, and definitely no sushi, sandwiches, pasta, or salads. Something simply grilled with a cooked veg side dish would be divine, but probably out of budget.

I'll likely be heading to La Luz del Dia, which is fine, but would definitely be up for trying something new.

Anyone up for the challenge of suggesting something that might make me actually look forward to my day(s) downtown? Thanks in advance!

Review: India's Flavor, Glendale/Montrose

Not feeling like braving L.A. traffic and the parking competition at Makkah Halal, we tried India's Flavor for dinner last night. Only two of us, so couldn't sample a wide variety of offerings, so we went with three favorites: samosas, chicken saag, and dal tarka.

We chose the meat samosas, which are filled with a combo of lamb and chicken, and these were delish! Nicely spiced, and their chunky version of mint chutney went quite well with the meat filling. I don't see these offered at too many other restaurants, and I will be dreaming about them for days :)

The chicken saag was equally good - big chunks of chicken with creamy, flavorful spinach. Spicy, but complexly so - not just the "you asked for spicy, so we threw in a bunch of chile" variety. The dal, while not bad at all, was a bit on the bland side. However, I liked that it was thicker than most, and that it didn't migrate all over my plate!

When the owner took our order, he asked how spicy we wanted it. We asked for medium-spicy. After our food arrived, he came back to check that we were satisfied with the heat level, and when I commented that next time we might go for full-spicy, he brought out some chili sauce for us to try. Quite honestly, the food was good enough without it, but I was impressed by his attention nonetheless.

Overall a good experience - will definitely go back. Still doesn't compare to my beloved Makkah, but far better than any of the Pasadena offerings, easy to get to, and easy to park.