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Looking for non-restaurant but food related recs for Prague, Vienna, and Budapest.

I have to second (or 3rd or 4th) that you go to Naschmarkt - it is my favorite thing to do in Vienna. You can the kebap sandwich - Turkish spicy lamb sandwich with yoghurt. It's delicious. If the outdoor markets are still doing Gluhwein, the spiced wine, try that too! I'm not sure if that is only a holiday thing... Also, you should not have a trip to Vienna without trying a Kasekrainer from one of the sausage stands! I am still craving those things! My boyfriend's mom cooked for us most of the time, so I am afraid I can't really recommend specific restaurants. The food at home was too good!
Have a great time exploring Budapest - I was only there 1 day and can't recommend anything, the place we ate at was not remarkable in any way. I have only had the Austrian style, which is delicious, but I wish I had tried an authentic Hungarian goulash when I was there. I must say it would probably have been more fun to explore Budapest instead of see all the tourist sites. The national gallery was really quite bad, so I wouldn't budget much time for that. Prague I have never been so I have no idea. Viel SpaƟ!

Southeast Asian cusine in Boston area (excl. Thai and Viet.)?

I am dying to try this place when it opens!! Any news on opening date? I went to Burma last year and I still crave the food, it was such a great mix! My absolute favorite is teh Ohn-no caukswe(SP?) soup, which is very turmeric-y, chicken and fish-sauce, which you cut with lime and cilantro and fresh sliced onion when it is ready to serve. It is really fantastic.