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Lunchtime beer and chatter

Catsup and Mustard has comments on many threads on this board! Thanks for the tips!

Lunchtime beer and chatter

Hi everyone!

I'm planning to catch up with a couple of old chums at lunch on Friday. We decided to meet in Manchester, CT as it was close for everyone. Plan A is to meet at John Harvard's...anyone care to offer up a Plan B?

Thanks in advance!

Noodle Bar on Pratt St. - Hartford?

I have been twice, and enjoyed the food both times. The waitress we had the second time was terrible, but it won't stop me from heading back again for lunch with friends.

Drinks in or near Sturbridge

Need help picking a place to meet for drinks in or around Sturbridge. I'm heading in from Hartford and friends are from Boston. Thank you!

where can I find great hakata ramen in New England?

Not sure what makes the hakata, but I can tell you that Tanuki in Hartford has fantastic ramen bowls. I had actually just logged in here to tell the rest of the Chowhounders to go here: http://www.tanukinoodles.com/images/T... Good Luck!

Options in downtown Hartford, CT?

Tapas on Ann

Max Downtown - Prix Fixe - Anyone gone yet?

Excellent! We'll be there tonight before Avenue Q.

Max Downtown - Prix Fixe - Anyone gone yet?

Seems like it is safe to say no Chowhounders have gone...

Max Downtown - Prix Fixe - Anyone gone yet?

Every week for a month or so Max Downtown has been offering their Prix Fixe menu. This weekend I am finally able to go; has anyone been and do you care to share any details? Thank you!

Lunch Help - Saturday Hartford or Middlesex Counties

Looks like the last post about this was mid-2007, so here goes:

I am going to lunch on Saturday with two friends. We're looking to try something "different" but neither of my companions are overly adventurous. We'll be traveling from the following towns: Rocky Hill, Cromwell and West Hartford. Oh, and we're all enjoying not having kids with us, so maybe a kid-unfriendly place?


Best Bagels in Ct?

Lox Stock and Bagels in West Hartford, save yourself time on the weekends and get in the "Express Line" for a dozen and add the schmear yourself at home.

Nov 05, 2008
crunyon in Southern New England

Hartford area Italian birthday dinner

Never been to Carbones, but as a local, I have heard only tremendous things about it. I wouldn't go to First and Last unless you are looking for a casual dinner. Spris, in my opinion, is nothing to get excited about, but I have had great risotto there. I recommend going to Carbones for dinner then heading to Mozzicattos across the street for dessert and cappuccino. Enjoy!

berkshire mountain distillers

I've had their beers before and enjoyed them each time. I get mine at DotCom Wines in West Hartford, CT.

Is there a decent place to eat in Bradford?

Safe to say then that I'm stuck with Togi's or Beefeaters (again) next time?

Jul 12, 2008
crunyon in Pennsylvania

Monin Syrups availablity in CT

Although not in New Haven or Fairfield, DotCom Wines and Spirits in West Hartford should have it. They do have deliveries through their website http://www.dotcomwines.com/. Make the trip on a Saturday afternoon and participate in their wine tastings.

Fresh Italian Sausages in Hartford, CT area?

I have to agree with the D&D suggestion. They have mild to extra hot - delicious!

Mystic, CT??

Daniel Packer Inn http://www.danielpacker.com/ although it is hard to find for the first time goer. The bar downstairs is nice and cozy and the food upstairs is fantastic. Went there with a group of the same size, so that shouldn't be an issue provided you make reservations.

Breakfast in N. CT/S. MA

I agree with Kunman, I stopped there a couple of years ago and the food was tremendous! Might have to wait a few minutes if you go on the weekend, but it will be worth the wait.

Best Dessert near Manchester,CT

If you really want dessert and a place to sit and enjoy it, I (always) recommend Mozzicattos on Franklin Ave in Hartford. Although it's not in Manchester, it's somewhat close and worth every bite!

Dish - Downtown Hartford

Went to dish for lunch today with two friends.The ambience is cool and a nice change for downtown. We all left thinking that we had missed something. One had a ruben, one the fish tacos and I had the cuban pannini. Each sandwich came with a side salad that was simply mixed baby greens and a vinagrette. The friend who had the ruben said it was OK but couldn't compete with Vaughn's and the one who had the tacos said it was too spicy. Mine was missing a whole lot of flavor. An hour or so after lunch we were all looking for Tums. Too bad, I was excited to have a new "go to" place.

Dish - Downtown Hartford

Thanks for the link; their own website is under construction. I'm going next Wednesday, I'll post my thoughts then. :-)

Dish - Downtown Hartford

I was invited to lunch at Dish in Downtown Hartford. Has anyone been? Any recommendations?

Blue Lobster in Berlin, CT - anyone been?

Was driving down the Berlin Turnpike today and saw the Blue Lobster Restaurant and Market. The menu I found http://www.menuchest.com/menus/TheBlu... seems like it might be ok. Can anyone tell me one way or another?

Lunch in Hartford on Sunday??

JudgeMaven, you are correct. We tried going to Tapas on Ann Street last Sunday and were very disappointed to see that they were closed. Try going on another day, it's worth it!


D&D is on Franklin Ave, nearly across the street from Mozzicattos. They carry Arthur Ave, and others. You also mentioned bagels that are hard to find. I would recommend going to Lox Stock and Bagel on North Main Street in West Hartford.

Hartford dinner for grandma's birthday

Delighted to hear you enjoyed it; it's a gem.

small and cozy in CT


Hartford dinner for grandma's birthday

If you're looking for a spot outside of Hartford, Tomasso's in Rocky Hill may be just what you are looking for.

lunch between Hartford and Enfield

If I am responding too late, I apologize. But, there is an excellent deli/coffee shop off of exit 38 in Windsor right near the new Price Chopper. Also, I would recommend Jonathan Pascos on Rte 5 (Exit 44) in East Windsor. I don't know what the seating arrangement is, but there's a Polish deli called Belvedere's at the intersection of 5/140 (Exit 45) that may be what you are looking for, Good Luck!

Connecticut-Anniversary Dinner?

I am not a big fan of J. Gilbert's as it seems to casual for the price, same for Carmen Anthony's in Wethersfield. I like Max Downtown for a nice ocassion. If only Pastis were still there....