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Good places to live in Brooklyn based on food/bevs?

hey dude,

so i'm in a similar demographic as you, and also only need to go into midtown manhattan a couple days a week for work (working the others days from home which is currently in the fort greene/clinton hill area). i also recently transplanted from a more western location (greenwich village in manhattan) due to a personal situation, and have been exploring other areas in brooklyn to satiate both eating and cooking demands. and i'm the opposite of single. very very not single. not into the scene, just need a few interesting places that i can pop into if we're (did i mention i moved for a personal situation?) feeling lazy, or walk no more than a few blocks to find desired provisions (veggies, meats, dairy, good breads, assorted booze).

as a point of reference i would say that i cook dinner and/or something family-styleish to last a few days about half the time, and otherwise buy finished meals/food the other half. and as you probably are, and since we're here, i'm kind of picky about my food.

the main difference is that you will be looking to integrate/socialize in your settings because you will be new to nyc. i've been here fifteen years - i'm pretty targetted in what i do, and ditzy girls who grew up on Sex and The City annoy the shit out of me (and don't get me started on worshippers of SATC in syndication).

i mention SATC because if i'm putting myself in your shoes based on a somewhat similar profile, and you being single, i'm going to make the assumption that your priorities, no particularly order, are eating, sex, sleeping, and money.

there's some focus on money because you're interested in moving to nyc to further your career. the focus on eating is self-explanatory since you're here. sleeping is covered by discussing your commute and the fact that you will work from home a portion of the time. and the last item? well, i gotta say that being around attractive, interesting, vibrant, sincere, wholesome women makes me think a lot less about food.

so definitely stay away from williamsburg.

*just kidding*

not assuming that you haven't done this - look at a map online of brooklyn (and manhattan). cross reference with subway lines. you said you will be working on houston and hudson (advertising/media related?). there's a local 1-train stop there. coming from brooklyn you will be on the 2 or 3 train (1/2/3 are the red lines, the 1 runs from southern manhattan to the north). follow the 2/3 train stops through brooklyn. these will take you through the neighborhoods (which have been mentioned in previous posts) from west to east - Brooklyn Heights, Boerum Hill, Park Slope, Prospect Heights - and that's about as far east as I would recommend to maintain the kind of experience I think you're looking for. The 2/3 trains run through those hoods and then you can switch at Chambers (across the platform, and in Manhattan) to the local 1 train.

of course, you can live elsewhere but if you get too far away from the appropriate train it's gonna bum you out and kind of isolate you. which is not a bad thing but then you're never gonna socialize and meet the really really cool women that live in brooklyn. MUCH cooler than the women in manhattan. particularly if you're from out west. that environmentally conscious, artsy, emotionally available, farmer's market shopping, yoga-fit woman in brooklyn with the cool dog(s) is a serious upgrade from that career driven, neurotic, shallow, treadmill-walking, keeping up with the (january) jones', hypocritical, gossip girl, prada devil in manhattan.

i'm getting tired so i'll wrap up - brooklyn is good. those hoods i mentioned have the train you need to get to work easily. and they have excellent assorted cuisine. women are better quality (and i've noticed that brooklyn women have much nicer asses - probably from eating better). the money thing is your business. from a 15 year manhattan resident - regular assorted cuisine food is much better and cheaper in brooklyn than in manhattan. probably has something to do with manhattan restaurants having to cut costs every which way (including quality) in order to pay their rent. and speaking of rent, unless you're from SF, you're going to be shocked by the rents. this was a previously undiscussed talking point.

hope that helped.

Jan 18, 2010
alpinebomber in Outer Boroughs