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Taco Trucks in Tulsa

I pass by the taco truck at 63rd & Peoria daily, but haven't stopped yet. Has anyone tried it?

New Restaurants in Tulsa, Oklahoma

Also check out http://tulsapeople.com/ for great reviews and foodie info...

TULSA -- Lunch in Utica Square

There is a fabulous new cheese shop at 43rd & Peoria - Allen's Gourmet Grocery, that could very well put every other cheese selection in town to shame. They have over 100 kinds of cheese, both domestic and imported, all cut to order, not cryovaced to death like Whole Foods. Although I may be biased...it's my store!
Allen's Gourmet Grocery, 4329 S. Peoria, 398-6000

Turkey in Tulsa

Anyone know where to get an heirloom or at least an all-natural organic turkey in Tulsa?