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Family foods I thought was normal

My SO introduced me to fried pasta leftovers...although he tops his with a fried egg and a sliced banana. He says he learned about the banana-on-pasta trick from some Ethiopian friends.

Nov 11, 2008
jessicaxo in General Topics

Family foods I thought was normal

For dessert: take a piece of white bread and put it in a bowl. Cover the top with brown sugar. Slice a banana over it. Pour heavy cream over top until the bread is covered. Eat. A variation of this is the Brown Sugar Sandwich where you would just take two pieces of bread, butter them, spread them with brown sugar and make a sandwich.

We would also have normal sandwiches "french toasted" - we would assemble a grilled cheese sandwich but before grilling would dip it into french toast batter, then cook it as normal. We also did the same with a tuna sandwich. Amazing!!

Nov 11, 2008
jessicaxo in General Topics

Le Papillion

They're dividing the land where Le Papillon sits into smaller parcels so that day might not be too far off - the whole block is connected by a chain of hallways and they are preparing to seal off all the adjoining doors. My office is directly above the restaurant kitchen (seriously) and although I haven't eaten there the food smells great, especially at 11:45am.

Fondue or Chinese Hotpot cooking fuel

I have found it at Canadian Tire (I think in the section with matches and Coleman stoves) and also at the grocery store (also in the matches section, often with the aluminum pie plates).

Gluten-free Food Sources?

Sweet Lulu on Queen West, south side west of Bathurst ( offers gluten free meals - they have sauces that are gluten free, plus rice noodles. Portions are big and reasonably priced and so tasty!

Il Fornello has an "alternate menu" with wheat free/gluten free options. We go out for breakfast a lot so I usually get extra eggs and meat (if it's gluten free) and hash browns (watch for gluten in seasonings). Also we order sushi for delivery and I use my own tamari soy sauce which is gluten free - but make sure there is no panko in the sushi (this is Japanese bread crumbs - I won't make that mistake again).