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Wine Bars

Planning a long weekend in December, interested in any input on wine bars with nice menus and quality food?

Oct 30, 2010
Maddyg in Manhattan

Isla Mujeres

For breakfast, The French Bistro has wonderful omelettes and crepes. Elements of the Island and Color de Verano also have specialty items. Great lunch spots include Picus for great Shrimp ceviche and whole fish right off the boat, Qubano for salads and Cuban specialties. Dinner is great at Olivia Tastes of the Mediterranean (link below for menu) The French Bistro (amazing lime caper fish filet!) Casa O's for romance, Almar Loung for Asian tapas, and Rolandis and Angelos in town for pizza.

The local Taquerias (Medina, Kash Kikan Chuc , many unnamed ones) ate wonderful too for pulled pork tacos and torta (carnitas) BBQ chicken and grlled ribs.


Nov 29, 2008
Maddyg in Mexico

Best of the Yucatan?

Take the ferry to Isla Mujeres, enjoy Olivia Tastes From the Mediterranean, owned by a beautiful Israeli couple and wonderfully flavored dishes from their Grandmothers recipes. Meats, fish and salad with such unique flavors, you will love it. They are closed on Sun-Monday, open for dinner from 5-9:30. They also have a website so you can see the menu.

Jun 04, 2008
Maddyg in Mexico

Mediterranean in Isla Mujeres- Olivia

A lovely new restaurant opened in Isla Mujeres in January called Olivia. It is run by a
husband and wife from Israel and it is a wonderful addition to the island.

They use their Grandmother's recipes and turn out a traditional Moussaka my husband dreams about, wonderful shishlik (tender chicken thighs) and some awesome salads,
Moroccan fish and tapas.

If you are enjoying the Island or are in Cancun and need a nice change of pace, hop on the ferry and head to Isla for the evening and try out Olivia...

They have a great website too, where you can see the menu...

Prices arent listed but it is around $8-14 US per plate and worth it.

Apr 16, 2008
Maddyg in Mexico

CUN - Nice dinner

In Cancun, la Habichuela is really romantic and very tasty food. You MUST go to Isla Mujeres and have an EXQUISITE meal, ambiance and service at HOTEL VILLA ROLANDIS ON SAC BAJO.... not sure if I can link but if you do a search for that phrase you will find it. (It is NOT the same as Rolandis Pizzeria in town, although that is good too).


Jan 03, 2008
Maddyg in Mexico

Blue Bamboo

Although Austin is my "vacation" home since I am living and working in Mexico, I have been watching the developments in the Bee Cave/Lakeway area near the Hill Country Galleria. Sadly, the Galleria has very few interesting options, most of them not open. Across the street from the new Galleria, Blue Bamboo Thai-Vietnamese was really good tonight...a very pleasant suprise.

It is a nice, clean little space, with exposed red brick walls with splashes of soothing green and blue walls that create a nice "warm" feel that doesnt scream "strip center" like many places do... Another good feature was the open kitchen in the back, which was impeccably clean.

We enjoyed the Vietnamese Spring Rolls, good and fresh, very reasonably (cheaply) priced at $2.50 for 2 with a peanut sauce that we kicked up with the red sauce on the table. The Tom Kha was excellent, extremely spicy with enough coconut milk to add creaminess and flavor without being too heavy. That was probably my favorite I have had in Austin so far.

My husband enjoyed his Pad Thai, and I look forward to trying some new dishes there when we return to Austin.

Full bar as well, (enjoyed a cold Kirin Ichiban) with wines, beers and liquors.

Let me know what others think...and tell me something about the Bread Bar on Bee Caves as well...I have to save that one for our next trip back in a couple months...

Jan 01, 2008
Maddyg in Austin

Appetizers for dinner...

Eddie V's is a wonderful place for HH especially in your vicinity...all of my out of town guests have had great meals here, either location (NW and Downtown).

Nov 12, 2007
Maddyg in Austin

where can i buy wine in cancun mexico?

La Europa, across from Walmart has a great selection of wines among other gourmet imports.

Oct 20, 2007
Maddyg in Mexico

Isla Mujeres, where to eat?

I live here in Isla part time (also in Austin Texas) and I can tell you my favorites, as a part-time local:

FRENCH BISTRO- Excellent Caper Lime Fish, great balsamic on the salads, sweet plump shrimp and good yellow curry - Nice reasonable dinner sowntown, Victor the owner is very charming, as is Petey, the resident bird!

Angelos- Yummy fresh basic salad (ask for gorgonzola to kick it up) good pastas, good zuppa de mussels and pizzas are always good, thin and crispy.

Villa Rolandis (NOT DOWNTOWN-EXPENSIVE-LOCATED ON SAC BAJO) High end, great service, luxury setting- everything is good that I have tried, and a great wine list for the Island

Almar Lounge (high end-espensive) Very luxurious setting for drinks and ceviche and guac...

Casa Os- GREAT SUNSET PLACE!(high end-expensive) great margaritas and guac-key lime pie is yummy- I have always had good experiences here with the Casa O's Fish filet with sauteed with mushrooms

Rolandis (on Hidalgo, downtown) Fun people watching, great food, fish is good and pizzas are too, always a good choice

PICUS- GREAT Ceviche and whole fried fish for lunch. Micheladas are good too! (Casual)

LOLOMITAS( Cheap) If you like Pork Chops, this is my husbands favorite. Also the Beans and Sopa de Lima are fabulous. Very limited drinks so maybe bring your own if you have a preference and dont look for ambiance here.

JAX- Burgers on the corne, great for standard American fare if you want that!

Sunset Grill and Na Balam- beach lunches good both places, mainly because they are on the beach! Good mixed drinks

Breakfast- M&Js Cazuela (not open Monday) something different and yummy if you like eggs!

I cannot vouch for Pinguinos, sorry!

Jun 26, 2007
Maddyg in Mexico

Hey Cupcake near campus

OT-Email me melanie-at-herrmans-dot-com at some point, have a question.

Apr 03, 2007
Maddyg in Austin

Sushi South

Is Tokyo Teppan still BYOB? I haven't been in ages but I recall the sushi was good.

Mar 28, 2007
Maddyg in Austin

Proper Date Restaurant (w/ husband)

Go to Uchi with your loved one early (5:30-6 PM) to get some happy hour specials, be sure to get a couple dishes painted with squid ink, get home at a decent hour and magic follows you...

Mar 24, 2007
Maddyg in Austin

Austin-Little Thailand

Thanks for your input. We enjoyed LT so much this evening, Surin and Dick were great hosts, and the cabbage soup, chicken wings, Thai curry and veggie stir fry and the bloody mary's AND the cold Singhas ALL live up to the hype, with a bag full of kaffir lime leaves to boot!

We will be returning soon, what a place!

Mar 24, 2007
Maddyg in Austin

Austin-Little Thailand

I am dying to try this place with my husband, and I know the beef/pork/chicken dishes sound great, but what about seafood? Has anyone had a shrimp or tofu dish there that deserved any praise? Are those options available? What about cold dishes?


Mar 23, 2007
Maddyg in Austin

Los Pinos

I did read the review by amysuehere a while back...just wondering if anyone else had any experiences here.

Feb 09, 2007
Maddyg in Austin

Los Pinos

We are considering trying it this weekend as my husband is always on the lookout for his Cochinita Pibil fix. Any recent experiences here you could share with me? Thanks!

Feb 09, 2007
Maddyg in Austin