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Ann. dinner Sat. in Raleigh advice needed!

Love Chez Shea- Had my birthday lunch there last summer.

Oct 05, 2011
natalie.warner in Southeast

Ann. dinner Sat. in Raleigh advice needed!

We just moved from Seattle to NC, and for our first wedding anniversary we will be in Raleigh to celebrate. We love food, and appreciate an experience and delicious flavors. I did some research, but still need advice... The Chef and the Farmer, Herons, Second Empire, The Mint, or another? Which one? Why? I would love help with selection.

Oct 04, 2011
natalie.warner in Southeast

My Trip to Fayetteville, NC

Thanks for the report. We just moved to Fayetteville from Seattle, and were at a loss for nonchain places to eat.

Oct 04, 2011
natalie.warner in Southeast

Richmond Restaurant Week April 25- May 1

Where are you heading out to dinner from the list and why?

Acacia and Mazzanine look good so far. I just moved to Richmond, and have only scratched the surface of the food scene, so advice and direction would be appreciated.

Apr 11, 2011
natalie.warner in Mid-Atlantic

Foodie's first time in Oahu

These are great drilled down recommendations! I have visited and lived in HI so I know... Might add= Liliha Bakery for breakfast and coco puffs, Roy's for upscale hawaiian, Town for local inspired/sourced cuisine, the original Side Street Inn for hole in the wall greatness, Macky's Shrimp Truck in Haleiwa, and

Side Street Inn
1225 Hopaka St, Honolulu, HI

Jan 06, 2011
natalie.warner in Hawaii

Everyday eats on First/Capitol Hill?

Oddfellows Cafe, Annapurna, Broadway Cafe for happy hour, Poppy for DESSERTS & happy hour, Tin Table for happy hour/late night, happy hour at the new Ethan Stowell restaurant, to-go food at Rancho Bravo, a bite at the Elliot Bay Cafe

Rehearsal lunch/dinner at a pizza place- Help! Where?


Vietname Deli Takeout?

Seattle Deli has some hot food for take-out and so does the strip mall town favorite Saigon Deli- both are right around where you were last time- I like Saigon Deli the most (bring cash- the shirmp looked awesome last time I was there) and can't believe I let the storefront keep me from visiting for so long.

Seattle Deli
225 12th Ave E, Seattle, WA 98102

Saigon Deli
1237 S Jackson St Ste E, Seattle, WA 98144

Downtown Seatte happy hours

I like Umi, Barolo, Sazerac, Spur, and Cellars

1940 Westlake Avenue, Seattle, WA 98101

Rehearsal lunch/dinner at a pizza place- Help! Where?

Thanks for the replies so far! Keep them coming :) I now have places to check out!

Rehearsal lunch/dinner at a pizza place- Help! Where?

I need to learn to use spellcheck- I meant filling + tasty pizza :)

Need recommendation - one ominivore, one veg, one poultry eater!

Flying Fish just reopened- maybe it would suit your needs? Also, maybe Restaurant Zoe? or Steelhead Diner?

Restaurant Zoe
2137 Second Avenue, Seattle, WA 98121

Flying Fish
2234 1st Avenue, Seattle, WA 98121

Steelhead Diner
95 Pine Street, Suite 17, Seattle, WA 98101

Rehearsal lunch/dinner at a pizza place- Help! Where?

I am looking for a space that can hold about 20+ people on a Saturday afternoon. The pizza can be either gourmet style or greasy filly tasty type. The rehearsal is in the Eastlake area, but I would be willing to travel a bit (Ballard, Capitol Hill, etc). Any suggestions? Any great pizza joints have a private room or large group space? Suggestions please! Thank you*

Seattle weekend -- long

Sounds like a excellent trip- wish you hadn't scrapped Crush though- I think you would have really liked it- glad Union did not dissappoint you...

Brief reviews of half the restaurants in the U District

I agree with you about Samir's and Shwarma King. Need to try Chilli's. Did you ever try Thaiger Room? I have lunch on the Ave every saturday and I am undertaking a similar adventure as you...
Ever get to Pam's? Mandarin? Aladin Gyro-cery? Hawaiian BBQ? All recommended...

Thaiger Room
4228 University Way NE, Seattle, WA 98105

Please Comment on Chicago Hounds' Potential Itinerary

I would go with Crush, Anchovies & Olives, or Spring Hill for your friday night dinner. Maybe Anchovies & Olives is you are wanting to stay closer to your hotel- I have done the uphill stroll to that part of the city and it takes about 20 minutes from your hotel if you are up for it...

I think Elemental is a wonderful choice and really enjoyed my experience. Other option are...close to Elemental- Art of the Table and Joule- Both I recommend... OR one of the restaurants for Friday I recommended

Sidenote- I love the hotel you picked... and all the drink suggestions the others have given are right on..

Spring Hill Restaurant & Bar
4437 California Ave SW, Seattle, WA 98116

Art of the Table
1054 N 39th St, Seattle, WA 98103

Anchovies & Olives
1550 15th Avenue, Seattle, WA 98122

Former Seattle Resident Makes Her Return - One Week Only!

Quinn's (CH)
Oddfellows Cafe (CH)
Lunchbox Labratory (Ballard)
Serious Pie (Belltown)
Bastille (Ballard)
Spring Hill (West Seattle)

Visiting Seattle - where should we eat?

There are lots of recent post with similar requests- i am sure you will be able to find a lot of info on the boards...

That being said...
Zig Zag
Tavern Law

Food (fancier food places)-
Spring Hill
Emmer & Rye

Other food-
Pike Place Market eats
Salumi (or another sandwich master)
Green Leaf (and other International district eats)

Union, Poppy or Tilth -- One Night in Seattle

Yes please get the dessert thali at Poppy! I rank it as the best/most unique dessert I have had in Seattle this year... Dana Cree does amazing pastry and dessert work... plus do Crush :)

Weekday lunch suggestions in Downtown Seattle (Pioneer Square/Financial District)?

Tamarind Tree, Saigon Deli, Seattle Deli, Green Leaf, Unicorn Crepe, Uwajimaya food court, etc

Solo Dining Options - Weeknight...

Palace Kitchen, Steelhead Diner, Spring Hill, etc

One day in Seattle.

Coffee at Fonte with a pastry from somewhere in the Pike Place Market- or both at Le Pichet- or coffee and a walk up 1st in Belltown to Macrina Bakery- these satisfy your wants*

Lunch eats in the market range from grab and go to sit down- piroshky piroshky, three sisters sandwich, matt's in the market, etc etc

Dinner- Just did Emmer & Rye and it was fabulous! Plus we went a little earlier and happened upon their happy hour wine/beer/small plates menu... that we combined with the normal menu :)

Cocktails near your hotel that beyond meet your requirements- Spur!, Zig Zag!, and Tavern Law!

What are Seattle's best ?

Crush (new american/northwest)
Matt's in the Market (new american/northwest)
Chez Shea (french)
La Spiga (italian)

Union, Poppy or Tilth -- One Night in Seattle

First Brunch-
I highly suggest Lola (Belltown Area- Tom Douglas restaurant with great and unique brunch)- followed by Steelhead Diner (Pike Place Market) and Toulouse Petit (new with agreat menu- by Seattle Center in lower Queen Anne)

For dinner- Having eaten to all three of your choices... my opinion is to go with Poppy or throw in the wildcard=Crush (based on my expereince at Crush and your desires)... Also I am a huge fan of Art of the Table- please consider spending an evening there*

My ranking-
1. Crush or Art of the Table!
2. Poppy
3. Union
4. Tilth

*I found Tilth basic and many items we ordered were cooked wrong or burnt
*Union was stale to me, and I was not impressed by anything we had in our 3 course meal- it was not inventive and did not showcase Seattle or the restaurant
*Tilth can be a little stressful to get to from downtown

Best Fish and Chips in Victoria , Vancouver and Seattle

I had amazing food at Red Fish Blue Fish- Yum! The fish and chips we amazing and the sides were delicious!

IN NEED of quick guide to eat in Seattle with a foodie from S.F. this weekend

Friday night go to a nice dinner out in Seattle- Matt's in the Market- Mistral- Palace Kithen- Cantinetta- La Spiga- Union- Anchovies & Olives- etc & drinks if desired- Zip Zag- Vessel- Spur- The List- etc

Satuday do a light Breakfast/brunch/coffee at a place like Le Pichet, Lola's, Portage Bay Cafe, Boat Street, Oddfellows Cafe, 5 Spot, etc and then venture to the Pike Place market in the afternoon to try a few items like Daily Dozen donuts- Piroshky Piroshky- Three Sisters- The Crumpet Shop- etc for a late lunch through the market- picking up eats here and there

For Saturday dinner do something unique like dinner in the ID (International District) or at a up and coming or special spot outside of downtown- For the ID I suggest Green Leaf, Tamarind Tree, Seven Stars Szechaun, and Malay Satay Hut... For up and coming or special I suggest Spring Hill, Sutra, Emmer & Rye, Art of the Table, Elemental, Trellis, etc...

Sunday have light breakfast treat and coffee at a place like Macrina or in Ballard at the fabulous and acclaimed Honore Bakery or famous Besalu's- then wander the Ballard Farmer's Market, explore, and purchase a light lunch

Have fun!

One night in Seattle - recommendations?

Dahlia Lounge, Matt's in the Market, ART, Union, Chez Shea, Txori, Restaurant Zoe & up the hill (Capitol Hill- 15/20 minute walk up Pike or Pine or SHORT cab) Anchovie & Olive, Mistral, Cantinetta, and Quinn's

One night in Seattle - recommendations?

You can swing by Honeyhole or Salumis (weekdays only) for sandwiches- both are great in their own right- Paseo is unique but very far out of the way and currently closed for a month. Cafe Flora does have great food- I enjoyed my brunch there- but you can find great breakfast food downtown at Lola's!, Etta's, Le Pichet, Steelhead, ART, and in Queen Anne ( QA - 15-20 minute walk north on 1st to Denny and then a block or two up QA ave.) Toulouse Petit and Peso's or up in Capitol Hill Linda's Tavern, Table 219, and Oddfellows!!.

SEA and NW Wash: Restaurants with Specials (other than Happy Hour) to bring people in during slow times?

Avila (Wallingford) is doing Sunday Suppers
Cafe Champagne is doing Twenty Duck- 2 duck courses for $20 dollars for Jan.
ART Lounge is doing unlimited Cheese Buffet Happy Hour
Spring Hill is doing Thursday whole chicken specials & Monday special menus

One night in Seattle - recommendations?

Pink Door
Steelhead Diner (maybe)
Black Bottle
The Palace Kitchen
Serious Pie
Happy Hour at Barolo
Happy Hour at Brasa

A walk up to the hill (Capitol Hill- 15/20 minutes- right up Pike or Pine)
Tin Table