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Best Peking Duck in Toronto?

Really? I might to go try this again. The last time I was there (albeit a couple of years ago), the duck was horrendous. The skin was bright red and left a red stain on my plate. it was also way too crispy (almost crispy like a chip)..

Apr 22, 2009
elevin in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

I love Crab Cakes!

How odd.. I distinctly remember not really enjoying the rest of my meal (eg. poor service, unmemorable entree, etc), but thought that I'd still return just because of the crab cake! Definitely don't remember much filler in it. Oh well, to each his/her own, I guess.

Feb 09, 2007
elevin in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

I love Crab Cakes!

I order crab cakes whenever they are on the menu, these are the ones I've tried in recent memory:
Pure spirits (in the distillery area): This one had to be the best one I've had. Lots of lump meat, nice and moist, very little filler. Not cheap, I think was $15 for one crabcake sitting on a bed of veggies.
1055: very big, but not very good. It was mostly potatoe shreds, kinda like a roti from Marche and had some crab meat here and there.
Spezzo (richmond hill): also very big, but it didn't taste like a crab cake. I didn't taste any crab at all and it was overly spicy.

I also tried making my own... that didn't turn out so well. hahaha.

Feb 08, 2007
elevin in Ontario (inc. Toronto)