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Looking for a recommendation for a hip dinner spot near the Four Seasons in San Francisco

My friend is coming to visit and the two of us want to go out for a fun dinner. We would love a restaurant that is hip, has great good and a good wine list. I tried to do some searches, but several of the options sound more romantic than hip.

Ideally, we would like to be able to walk from the Four Seasons on Market Street. We are willing to walk up to 20 minutes to get to the restaurant.

Would love some suggestions!

Mar 18, 2010
elle7 in San Francisco Bay Area

Birthday dinner recommendation on the Las Vegas strip

I am looking for a suggestion on where we should go for a 35th birthday dinner celebration. We're in Las Vegas for the weekend, and want to go somewhere "Fabulous" on Saturday night. My definition of fabulous is: great food, chic ambience, cool vibe and somewhat affordable. We are totally flexible on the type of food.

I was thinking of Mix, but was reading recent reviews which were not positive at all.

Any suggestions would be much appreciated!!!

Apr 20, 2009
elle7 in Las Vegas

Playa del carmen: Restaurant Recommendation

Ola! Our family (5 adults) wants to have NYE dinner in Playa del carmen. Can someone recommend a good restaurant? We are looking for fresh, flavorul food, fun atmosphere and good service! Since its NYE, we'd like it to be near 5th avenue so we can go out afterwards.
We will be sure to post a review aftewards. Thx & happy new year!

Dec 30, 2008
elle7 in Mexico

Dim Sum in Downtown Toronto

Can someone recommend a good dim sum restaurant in toronto downtown? I know Lai Wah Hen is excellent, but I am looking for something less expensive. Any suggestions would be much appreciated!

Nov 02, 2007
elle7 in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Anyone been to Chiado or Mildred Pierce lately?

Six of us are going out for a birthday celebration. We want somewhere with excellent food, service & ambience that is downtown (south of Bloor). Price isn't that much of an issue, but prefer it not to be the most expensive meal in town.

Chiado was at the top of my list, but I have heard of some bad experiences lately. Has anyone been there lately? What about Mildred Pierce? It's been a while since there have been any posts on these places. And if anyone has any other ideas, please share them! Thanks.

Feb 08, 2007
elle7 in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

30-40 People Event in Oakville

Cafe Galleria is a great, family-run Italian restaurant that is on Main Street in downtown Oakville. The food is wonderful; the fish, pasta & meats. The mussels in red sauce are a must! Enjoy!

Feb 08, 2007
elle7 in Ontario (inc. Toronto)