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Nectar Wine Lounge, Burlingame

I think Nectar is phenomenal. The had a few things they were working out the first 2 weeks, but the food is now perfect for the wines. I highly recomment the fish & chips, spinach, and my favorite...the short ribs. And don't miss the chocolate's light as air and scrumptious!

Free knife sharpening - don't do it!

My secret is buying the all-metal knives at the asian store on 3rd ave in san mateo (across from sushi sam's). They are $3 to $5 and cut better than all of my top knives combines. Cutting raw fish & meat is a breeze. No one ever believes me until I buy them one and then they say it's the best knife they've ever owned. After 3 years mine still cuts incredibly well. I'll never sharpen it...I'll just go buy a new one!