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Eating Sushi in Okinawa

I'm new to this area and I can only seem to find Sashimi and Nigiri. I can't find rolls of sushi anywhere.

Any suggestions?

Jun 18, 2007
EKitten in Japan


Thanks so much, this has helped a lot~


I ate there yesterday. I wanted to do something different today... :) Any suggestions? I think maybe Bens Chili Bowl...


Come on people~ :D


Hey guys and gals!! Today we're going to be in DC and wanted to know some good mom and pop places to eat. Somewhere around the Air and Space museum.
Please help!

Take out near Busch Blvd. Tampa

They do have take out....there are also a couple other take out places, but you'll have to drive a little~There is an Olive Garden right down from Busch Gardens. There are also things like Hungry Howies, Papa Johns, Thai Terrace.

Although, China Yuan has the best crab rangoons ever. MMMM~

Feb 08, 2007
EKitten in Florida