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MSP...Where Can I Buy Chunk Hardwood for Smoking / Grilling?

Here is where I go to get good hardwoods for smoking and charcoal.

There out of shokopee right near canterbury downs, you place the order online then tell them you want to pick it up at the warehouse to save shipping. They've always been very friendly and helpful with me. Hope this helps.

Do any Minneapolis/St Paul restaurants serve bone marrow?

Lat time i had bone marrow was at La belle vie. It was served as an accompaniment to the beef tenderloin. It was excellent.

Special root beers in town -- MSP

I'd like to add Town Hall Brewery to the mix. I know its hard to pass up a good beer, but if you do they make some of the best root beer in town.

Meritage (Saint Paul, Minnesota)

My girlfriend and I went to Meritage last Friday and I have to say I wasn't impressed. I will say the food was better than the service. We were seated for over 20mins before our waitress showed up for the first time.

We started with the escargot which I found delicious and my girlfriend found she wasn't a fan of. The main courses were mushroom crusted venison loin and the roasted wild striped bass. The venison was very good, what you'd expect from Chef Klein, the striped bass however was unimpressive. The problem was in the rock shrimp and lobster - scotch sauce. It completely over powered the flavor of the striped bass. A case where to many favors on the plate ruined main coarse.

Thai Food in Twin Cities Northern Suburbs?

I remember reading in the city pages about a Thai restaurant in Brooklyn Park. Never tried it but the review made it sound worth checking out. Good Luck

MSP - Groceries on the Cheap

I usually go to coastel seafood for all my fish and seafood needs. They have nightly specials and everything is flown in fresh.

Jul 18, 2007
schi0246 in Minneapolis-St. Paul

Donuts in MSP

I'd Like to add Sarah Jane's Bakery bakery to the list. It is a great little Bakery In NE MPLS. I've alway been happy with their donuts, but it may not be worth a trip cross town. If your in the area it is worth checking out.

Sarah Jane's Bakery
2853 Johnson St NE

[MSP] Outdoor Dining?

I'd like to add Barley Johns and Town Hall to the list. Both have great food and beer. An what's better than sitting out doors in the summer drinking good beer and eating good food.