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24-hour coffee houses in the village/chelsea?

Sorry to start another coffee shop thread, but i couldn't find a great answer by searching.

I'd like to know if anyone could name some cafes in this area that are 24-hour or at least late-night. Preferably with wi-fi.

I know of Esperanto on MacDougal and Manatus Diner on Bleecker & 10th, but I don't think the latter has wi-fi.


May 14, 2007
Pierre Eats in Manhattan

Fr.Og - Anyone been yet?

Good to hear good things. I was very impressed when I first saw the menu.

I have reservations for tonight but may have to cancel due to an ill girlfriend. We'll see..

Thanks everyone.

May 11, 2007
Pierre Eats in Manhattan

Fr.Og - Anyone been yet?

Or heard anything?

May 06, 2007
Pierre Eats in Manhattan

Title Scored Res at Babbo - need recommendations

Traditional tasting menu with wine pairings.

</decision making>

Apr 25, 2007
Pierre Eats in Manhattan

Provence Review

Stopped in last night (Saturday) to see what the wait was. We were told they were fully committed, but that we could eat at the bar. After checking out the bar, which was full, we said "no thanks", and then were informed that they had just received a cancellation.

The place looks great from the outside -- the blue they used to paint the exterior could not look more Provencal -- and the inside is nice too, with high ceilings and elegant lighting. Unfortunately, the fun stops there.

Rabbit Rillettes: rabbit pate with Armangac prunes and walnut toast. Sounds great, right? It was hideous. The pate was terribly dry, tasted like over-cooked chicken, and the prunes had all the freshness of a Trader Joe's trail mix bag.

Arugla salad with parmesan, lemon and anchovy: this was fine but it's kinda hard to screw this one up.

i ordered the grilled black fin tuna with olive tapenade something-or-other for my main dish. the waiter informed me that "our chef will be preparing it extra-rare tonight" (is this ever not the case?). fine. well, the tuna was anything but extra-rare. entirely over-cooked, and tasted very similar to what happens when i mistakenly overcook salmon at home.

my girlfriend order the halibut, which tasted OK, but, then again, i've never had halibut that i didn't like.

for desert, caramel pot de creme. this was actually nicely done. but it wasn't enough to salvage my opinion of the place.

atmosphere: upper class clientele, but the kind that orders a $200 bottle of wine, swishes it around in the glass, and then gulps it down like a bud light. there was a woman, who i suspect was one of the owners, who was very busy making the rounds to tables occupied by friends. if the owners have enough friends, maybe they can stay in business. but no one who knows anything will be going here for the food. people have been giving Morandi a hard time, but everything I had at Morandi was 100 times better than anything here.

i hate to be so judgmental after only one visit, and i am not the type to rashly hand out negative reviews, but this place just seemed like a complete waste of time in a city with so many other high-quality options.

Apr 22, 2007
Pierre Eats in Manhattan

Lunch near 23rd-25th sts and 7th-10th avenues?

Half king is not half as good as it thinks it is.

Pepe Giallo on 10th and 25th has super cheap, pretty decent Italian. It's better for cheap romantic dinners, but they serve lunch and I think they still have a lunch special.

Apr 10, 2007
Pierre Eats in Manhattan

looking for great lunch in west village/meatpacking- perry street? del posto enoteca? please advise

Does anyone know if they offer this on weekends?

Apr 06, 2007
Pierre Eats in Manhattan

Morandi - Quick Review

Hi Kobe

Sorry, didn't see your reply until now...

1. I ate in the bar area, which was a little noisy, but no more so than average for nyc. I'm sure the regular dining area is quieter, with less traffic.

2. I actually haven't been to Balthazar yet, so can't help you there! (I plan on going soon...)

Let us know how your trip there goes...

Apr 06, 2007
Pierre Eats in Manhattan

Romantic Restaurant Suggestions

Check out this little review of Morandi:

They have quite a few vegetarian-friendly dishes.

What about August? They have the whole cozy-romantic-candlelight thing going. Don't know about the vegetarian part though...

Mar 31, 2007
Pierre Eats in Manhattan

Morandi - Quick Review

Stopped in at hotspot Morandi last night (Friday) around 8pm to see what the wait was like. Host said 45 minutes, and then another host furtively gestured for us to follow him. He immediately sat us (party of 2) in the bar area, in a manner that suggested he was risking his job by doing so, and told my girlfriend that she was "very lucky". Whether he was referring to our quick seating or my good looks, I don't know.

Appetizer: we shared the Finocchio alla cenere (grilled fennel with bitter honey). It was good but nothing to blog home about. I wish it had been warm and not room temperature, and I wish the honey flavor had been more present/interesting. Still, it's hard to go wrong with grilled fennel.

Risotto: Had to try the risotto with mushrooms, sage, and blueberries. It was excellent. Share this with someone for your pasta course, (or even in addition to your pasta course), and I think you will be very pleased. It tastes just like you hope it will.

Pesce: We split the sea scallops sauted with lemon and capers. Also excellent. Probably the best scallops I've ever had. You can probably get better down the street at Mary's Fish Camp, but I don't think these will let you down. Note: it is served a la carte, so you're just getting the 5 scallops, so I'm not sure I'd recommend it as an entree on its own.

Dessert: Vanilla gelato crepe topped with berry sauce. Pretty standard, but certainly tasty.

Wine: We had a full carafe of the house Sangiovese. Most people will probably find it disappointing, but I love that they served the wine in little juice glasses. If for no other reason than it forces you to take smaller sips and it makes the wine last quite a bit longer.

Overall I was very happy with it. Nothing really blew me out of my chair, but everything was done well, and I enjoyed the feel of the place. Our server could have been more knowledgeable (or at least able to pronounce the menu items), but whatever. With tax and tip it was $120, not bad for 2 people. I plan to go again, and also to check out their brunch.

Mar 31, 2007
Pierre Eats in Manhattan

Date Filter for search?

Is there a way to filter the search results by date? I tend to get a lot of outdated results from 2005.


Feb 26, 2007
Pierre Eats in Site Talk

Can I get Sam Adams utopia?

The Utopias is crazy intense. I think you need to have a very sophisticated palate to appreciate it. Still, it's an experience that serious beer lovers should seek out, so good luck!

Feb 10, 2007
Pierre Eats in Beer

New England-style subs

Any other advice? I've been in search for the same thing. I've found some decent heros at pizza places but haven't found a sandwich shop with quite the same offerings at the Masschusetts sub shops... (I live in the west village).

Feb 08, 2007
Pierre Eats in Manhattan