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Source for Olive Oil

shop online with friends, and you get one of the best olive oils in the world for the price of crappy EVOO--
Sitia 0.3 Cretan Olive oil
$151.00/case (12 750 ml bottles). shipping is $25 per case.

best authentic Southern buffets/restaurants in Durham, Chapel Hill area (seeking collard greens, okra, fried chicken, casserole, butter beans, etc.)?

No one has yet mentioned Cooper's BBQ in downtown Raleigh. Excellent BBQ, killer hush puppies, the other sides are ok. and a bottomless cup of very Southern-style sweet tea!

I also think Allen and SOns in CH and Bullocks in Durham have very good BBQ. Pan Pan's BBQ used to be pretty awful; that place was always more about quantity of food and not quality.

Feb 08, 2007
kurtzu2 in Southeast