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Blenheim ginger ale by the case in or near Charlotte?

If you are coming all the way from Philadelphia to get ginger ale and you want to buy a lot, you could always make a side trip from Charlotte to the plant in Cheraw SC. 74 is a pretty good road, at least until Monroe NC, stoplights thereafter. I wouldn't plan on making great time on 52. You should probably call ahead. I was there years ago and it was a shoestring operation. No doubt much improved since. Even if it did not work out at the plant, most stores in Marlboro Co. SC sell the stuff.

a few meals in London

Was just in London for a few days. I enjoyed eating at Tas (High Street), Sheekey's, and Racine, and would go back. Rasa Samudra (Charlotte St.) and Fishbone, a fish and chips place (Cleveland St) were quite OK. Also OK was Ye old Cheshire Cheese, which I would go to again if close by at mealtime, tho I imagine it is a better place for a drink. The worst food was a salt beef sandwich at Sandowne racecourse. A pleasant surprise was discovering that McDonalds in the UK serves porridge.

Feb 08, 2007
thomasm6 in U.K./Ireland