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Best Breakfast Burritos

I am by no means a breakfast burrito pro, but I local favorite in Orange County is this place called Troy's Burgers on Lincoln, just off the 55 freeway. You can order a burrito with sausage, bacon, and ham all in one. They are massive and they come with pretty much everything: hash browns, salsa, cheese, peppers etc. Definitely my favorite of all time.

May 13, 2007
visualm in Los Angeles Area

Nick's Cafe - Best Ham?

I just went to Nick's earlier today and I was somewhat disappointed. I had their ham and eggs. The eggs, toast, and hasbrowns were standard fare but what I was really there for was the ham. It was good, but I didn't think it warranted the praise lavished on it in this board. I don't know maybe ham just has a limit on how delicious it can be. Also I think I would have been more satisfied if I had gotten more of it with my meal. I was still hungry after the ham and eggs breakfast that I ordered the ham breakfast burrito. That, I must say was quite delicious. But just as far as rating the ham, per se, it just didn't blow me away the way I hoped it would. Any thoughts? I went at 10:30am and it wasn't crowded at all. Is the food better in the early mornings when there's a crowd?

Apr 24, 2007
visualm in Los Angeles Area

German Food

Hey, my cousin's moved here from Germany lately and they've been complaing that L.A. has no good German restaurants. Can anyone give me some suggestions for some real, hardcore, authentic German food. Anywhere in Socal works, as long as the food is above average. But bonus points if it's close to San Gabriel. Thanks a lot.

Feb 21, 2007
visualm in Los Angeles Area

Fish Tacos

So after going to Taco Nazo recently I've been kind of on a Fish Taco bender. Just wondering if anyone wanted to throw in their suggestions for the best fish taco in town.

Feb 09, 2007
visualm in Los Angeles Area

Where do I get one of these in LA??

The only time I've seen something similar to that is in downtown/south central L.A. where the Mexican hot dog vendors sell similar items, hot dogs wrapped in bacon topped with grilled onions/peppers (no cheese). You can find those vendors around the Staples Center, Convention Center, or Coliseum during big events. But I do not think they deep fry the hot dog, nor do they give you cheese...

Feb 08, 2007
visualm in Los Angeles Area

This One Dish I Had in Hong Kong

Hey all, I'm new to this site so this is my first post. I'm a big restaurant eater in LA/OC so I hope I can contribute to the discussions. As for my first post...

So I was in Hong Kong over winter break and I went to a 24hr place called Tsui Wah (the locals tell me its like a chinese Dennys). Anyway I had this one dish there that was essentially fried rice, topped with a pork chop, topped with some sort of tomato curry sauce. I suppose its more of a new wave fusion type thing. It was very delicious and i was wondering if anyone could give me hints as to where I could find it in Socal. My friend tells me there is an inferior version of one in Garden Cafe in Rowland Heights. Haven't tried it yet but if anyone knows of a better and more authentic one please drop a line. Thanks a lot and happy eating!
- Michael

Feb 08, 2007
visualm in Los Angeles Area