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Trendy restaurant for vegetarian

I think its nicer than that but, point taken.

People like to spend more money eating out than I do (or can).

Was just trying to give alternatives to the 100+ dollar check that you will get at A & H,or Sycamore which, for me, are special occasion places.

I know, I know, people are going to say " you can get out of there or 60 total!"


I routinely have lunch at The Local in West Newton, 2 cocktails, 2 appetizers, shared main, beers with food, 20% tip costs around 70 dollars. Good, but Not an upscale place. Thats for lunch.

Just giving alternatives to people who dont really care if they eat in place, where people seem to care about the food even " with all the ambience of a chinese restaurant" as they dont have have to lose their shirt.

Dont like it. Dont eat there.

Awesome burgers: new thread

Maybe they could have an option where you schedule your cardiac catheterization at the same time!

" Two burgers, sir? Ill need to see your medical insurance card."

1 day ago
hyde in Greater Boston Area

July 2015 Openings and Closings

Good luck to them.

The menu is a bit of a yawn, and not inexpensive.

Maybe after work crews in the area? Not sure of their target.

1 day ago
hyde in Greater Boston Area

Trendy restaurant for vegetarian

Immediately thought of Red Lentil in Coolidge Square, Watertown.

Then immediately thought that were closing for renovation in late June, but re-open this week?

Sorry, maybe for future reference? Meat eater here but have always found something to eat there.

Full disclosure: I have gone across the street after dinner, and ordered something from Cha Yen Cookery (the best Thai place in the Boston area) to take home to eat later

Sue me.

Jul 31, 2015
hyde in Greater Boston Area

Quick Brighton Center breakfast?

Greasy spoon or not,at Mandy and Joes, You could get a couple of scrambled eggs, potatoes,toast, a cheeseburger club on dark rye and liverwurst sandwich with cooked onions and mustard , coffee and water to go for 20USD.

Not that I ever got that much food when I was working construction, and could eat throughout the day.

That would be ridiculous!

Was it great? no.
Are there any places left like it? few.

Jul 27, 2015
hyde in Greater Boston Area

Red Pepper; The Phoenix Rises from the Ashes!

This may be the best cold weather/sickness soup in the Boston area.

Jul 24, 2015
hyde in Greater Boston Area

Godavari Vs. Ritu Ki Rasoi

Does Godavari have a kind of tiffin type/ thali plate at dinner?

Like the " Zaika Dinner for two", for 37 dollars, at Zaika Indian Bistro (which dosent get much love on the boards but I find quite good)

Tough to see from the menu online.

In my brain I think of RKR as small plate/lunch food/tapas type place and God as dinner type place.

Room for both, ( and Zaika, and Suvaari, )ten years ago I would have been raving about ANY of them. now we are splitting hairs

Jul 18, 2015
hyde in Greater Boston Area

Does anyone know what happened to Speeds recipes and hot dog truck?

Quite honestly, the nostalgia of finding Speed's might have tainted my objectivity in the actual item.

I brought many a person there who found it over the top, really, too much and a belly bomb to boot.

I found it great hangover food but as a disclaimer I cant think of a time I had one without several 16oz cans of beers in attendance, and a nap in my car after.

That said, I believe he sourced the original from Pearl, I was a fan of the "Kountry Klub" 1/3 pound (3 to a pound) for years but they seemed to have changed the formula , maybe 5 years ago, and they are , sadly, no longer the same.

The profile of Speeds sausage was very close, but closer to 1/2 pound.

They were steamed/boiled in a mix of apple cider and water (spices?) and held for service. Then grilled, with a proprietary bbq sauce ,of which , I believe one of the elements to be grape jelly, slathered on and the outside was grilled, blackened and crispy, and the inside cooked through perfectly but still juicy.

The technique is phenomenal for all sausages. see "Kenji Alt, Serious Eats, "best grilled sausages"

It finally made me believe that a "hot dog" was really a sausage, with a lineage.

Toasted roll ( on the grill), a sweet relish, a no bean chili, a mustard with some additional spices (celery salt?) , more of the bbq sauce and chopped onions.

I would ask him to cut mine in half, because if I ate a whole one my stomach would hurt for an hour.

My memory is that, at one point, they were 6 dollars. There was outrage when it went to 7 and then 8. But i remember days he turned them out as fast as he could (never that fast) for hours and I was always happy to pay for two meals I could get out of the ( and i am almost two meters tall and 100+ kilos)

Jul 13, 2015
hyde in Greater Boston Area

Return to Cha Yen Thai Cookery

In defense of EATTV's enthusiasm i must comment.

I have said it before in this space and will repeat my admonition,

Thai Food , (at least in the Boston area ) does not move me.

I mean, its ok, less uhealthy than a lot of options, women seem to adore it , but outside of a few dishes I have had at Thai North for range and S & I thai for heat.....eh.

Given a choice for:

Mulan's dumplings or Mulan Fish (no tilapia please and reopen soon)

or Red Pepper Framingham J14 , noodles with stewed beef in House spicy soup

Dumpling Cafe XLB,

bahn mi's at Pho Viet,

or even Wonder Cafe #24 soft tofu with tomato and egg, 1/4 cup brown rice, and pickled vegtables, lunch special for 6.75,

No contest.

But this woman, Manita?, man.

Corn Fritters!?! Really?!? I could eat a Bucket of these.

Sukothai, with egg noodles and everthing else under the sun? Extrordinary.

Curry puffs, Tom yum noodle soup,
and some cod dish that made this indifferent fish eater sit and say;

" What the Hell is that?"

Is it " authentic"??,

who gives a shit.

Fantasy Question for Boston Old Timers


before the write up in the WSJ.

Once I ate a dog and drank a couple of 16oz Surly Brewing Furious in cans and fell asleep on the front hood of my car, Speed let me sleep for a while and then sent somebody out to wake me ( Larry Joe ?, Gregg ?, next customer? dont remember) to wake me and said

" you should probably get going"

Point taken. On my way. I still miss it.

Wish I could still eat like that.

With Simco's by the park, Sullivan's on Castle island and Belle Island in Winthrop, , Kelly's and Bianchi's pizza in Revere , for a unique Boston Experience , the food might be a 7 or 8, but for Gawker's Paradise they are all a full 10.

Jul 10, 2015
hyde in Greater Boston Area

Babbo Pizzeria. Enoteca

I want to see you.

Never understood this tendency to play the same two hundred songs, over and over, when the sheer stock of alternative cuts, from those same albums, must be available.

I mean how excited do i get when somebody plays Texas Radio and The Big Beat rather than another turn of L.A.Woman from the same album.

I bet money is involved, but thats me.

Still waiting for a Mahavishnu Orchestra cut to come on while im eating burritos somewhere.

or at least Return to Forever...

ISO Halibut - either retail or restaurant

I shudder to think what an "additional charge" lobster cost at Jaspers.

I only went once and the bill was so remarkable I could never bring myself to go back.

Jun 27, 2015
hyde in Greater Boston Area

Ritu Ki Rasoi in Burlington

Thanks, Tatsu.

If I gave the impression that i had been there, I apologize. I ate at the Malden restaurant twice and was very impressed ( the first time it was like I was dating someone in the family!, the " try this!" and " You will like these" was amazing, I think I left a 50% tip).

But I did see the signage on my birthday crawl on Main st, Woburn, in April, so I thought they were open,

The website is a mess. They need to hire a kid from the local high school to straighten it out.

Jun 24, 2015
hyde in Greater Boston Area

Fantasy Question for Boston Old Timers

Bel Canto was quite good. ahead of its time.

got a chance to split a pie with Bonnie Raitt there before a show at Jacks

but we were already hammered. Amazing she was able to play, but she was a pro.

My wife worked as a waitress at the Welles and later, at the Sevens on Charles. Didnt meet her until th 90's and been with her since.

shes awesome,

Jun 24, 2015
hyde in Greater Boston Area

Fantasy Question for Boston Old Timers

"there's no need to fear, Underdog is here!"

when criminals in this world appear
who break the laws they soon should fear
and frighten all who see or hear
the cry goes up both far and near....

Jun 24, 2015
hyde in Greater Boston Area

Fantasy Question for Boston Old Timers


I have to say this thread has made me relive some things I have not thought about in years.

Buying 5 or 6 sandwiches at Buzzy's and throwing the whole bag up over the wall to the prisoners in the yard.

Late night ramblings with (some now famous) comedians after multiple drinks and sets at the Ding Ho.

The first time I had broccoli and walnuts on a pizza at Bel Canto after a show at the Orson Welles Cinema.

Dragging a date to Bob the Chef's after seeing Freddie Hubbard at The Workshop.

Steamed hot dogs at Lum's, ( or The Underdog )

Terrible food, great times.

Ritu Ki Rasoi in Burlington

The buffet at Zaika Indian Bistro is also quite good, with several things I do not usually see, an egg (Anda)curry and fish pakoras, to be specific. Their menu is worth exploring with a vegetarian dinner for two for 37 dollars.

They also did not seem to mind that i brought my own beer.

Also, the second incarnation of Biryrani Park, called Suvaai, has opened a branch, on Main, right across the street from Eri's Wings and Seafood, I have not been to this outpost but their food in Malden was astonishing. I believe they do a buffet every day.

Woburn. Really.
Its like North Beacon street, Allston with parking.
who da thunk it?

Jun 23, 2015
hyde in Greater Boston Area

Best price on wild salmon?

What does it say about me that i spent several minutes trying to figure out what the pun was in the "cost per puns" comment by smtucker?

Ramen in Chinatown (with the kids!)??

Terrible idea.

I have been bored to stupification waiting in line at Yume, and have bailed more than I have eaten there , ( and then gone over to Sapporo for a perfectly fine bowl of soup), kids will hate it.

Snappy is a better idea.

Jun 19, 2015
hyde in Greater Boston Area

Help! Best Indian Restaurant in Boston

my daughter, wife and i have been unimpressed with Shan a Punjab, burt possibly they have upped their game in the last 6 months or so?

I like Zaika Indian Bistro (http://www.zaikaindianbistro.com/) on Main street in Woburn

But then, thats not Boston.

Jun 19, 2015
hyde in Greater Boston Area

Stop and Shop Mayo. More like Hellmann's or Cains?


There is another mayonnaise, (other than Hellmann's in glass), that one does not make oneself with a hand blender ?


Jun 11, 2015
hyde in Greater Boston Area

best bagel in boston?

Moving from Brookline to Sharon would be correct, historically.

Fantasy Question for Boston Old Timers

He did just fine, money-wise.

It was annoying to all us, righteous, Coffee Connection hardcores,

but it was just business.

Jun 04, 2015
hyde in Greater Boston Area

Where to eat in New England while traveling from NYC to Maine?

B.T's Brisket Reuben is my favorite sandwich in Mass.

Jun 04, 2015
hyde in Greater Boston Area

Fantasy Question for Boston Old Timers

Allston Depot?

Nah, nobody wants that back.

I did like the original King Fung Garden in the converted gas station, but China King is more comfortable, especially when its cold.

Jun 02, 2015
hyde in Greater Boston Area

Fantasy Question for Boston Old Timers

The change was about a year ago when they lightened up on nostalgia.
I still dont fully understand what gets canned and what dosent, but my penchant for stories of old suffer less thn they used to.

Deli Haus' relentless microwaving (once they had one) of their pastrami drove me crazy.

Jun 02, 2015
hyde in Greater Boston Area

Fantasy Question for Boston Old Timers

Hampshire House.

Actually quite a nice space, got married and receptioned there in '95, overlooking a quiet snow covered Public Garden.

Played bass for the wedding band.

Jun 02, 2015
hyde in Greater Boston Area

Fantasy Question for Boston Old Timers

The old Victoria Station by the Childrens Museum was in a caboose, was it not? Probably not what you are thinking about.

The food at The El Phoenix was really not much good but the beer was cheap.

Jun 01, 2015
hyde in Greater Boston Area

Fantasy Question for Boston Old Timers

Jake and Earls ( when they first opened)

Southeast Asian Cuisine in Lowell ( before they dumbed down their menu)

Speed's (before anybody knew who he was )

The place, on the left, just before the bathrooms , in the old, upstairs, Chinatown mall, where the older women would sit making dumplings, best i have ever had.

(though Rauxa isnt a bad vote)

Jun 01, 2015
hyde in Greater Boston Area

Shaanxi Gourmet in Natick

Uh oh, looks bad for me. I want 20 things on this menu.

We Chowhounders tend to bitch and moan a lot about the lack of great Mexican food, the non-existentce of the perfect Parisian pain in the area, or a taco place that dosent do takeout, but as a Metrowest-raised man approaching 60, I can only marvel at the idea that there is a place that serves "roasted eel with sauce" within a decent golf drive from one of the first established Mcdonalds in the Boston area.

(Actually Fitchburg was first in '63, but Natick was no later than '66)

No crab rangoon? No sweet and sour chicken? No carrots, no tomatoes? On route 9? In NATICK?

Sweet, sweet heresy.