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Cambridge Indian Lunch Buffets:Tanjore and Kebab Factory

Ive tred most of them and my favorite still remains Kebab & Tandoor beneath the Waltham India market on Moody.

I know, not Boston proper but still my favorite.

For the record, i LIKE that it is dark, and quiet and often i am eating alone.

It is Hyperbadi and Halal so no booze.

2 days ago
hyde in Greater Boston Area

Gene's flatbread Dapanji- anyone had it?

I guess i dont find a 20lb. dish that serves ten that expensive for 55usd. Heck a 16 oz sirloin at The Bancroft will set one back that much.

(I know, I know, apples and oranges,etc, im just sayin')

If it comes with the noodles, wow, it sounds great.

Feb 22, 2015
hyde in Greater Boston Area

Where You Go as Opposed to Where you are Supposed to Go?

Instead of Max and Leo's, i go to Pizza Roma on Waverly in Watertown

Instead of Mulan, Wonder Cafe in Watertown square for the #24 lunch, (soft tofu with tomato and egg on brown rice with pickled vegetables for 6.75)

Feb 21, 2015
hyde in Greater Boston Area

Late Night Kenmore Square/Fenway - Where to Eat?

Tasty burger is open til 2.

a rarity in these parts

Feb 19, 2015
hyde in Greater Boston Area

February 2015 Openings and Closings

see if i got this straight

"Texas style BBQ pulled pork cooked in an oven, no grilling, no deep frying"

Who are these people?

Feb 12, 2015
hyde in Greater Boston Area

Polenta or Cornmeal from Local Organic Corn?

Kenyon's and Grey's grist mills are both in Rhode Island.

The johnnycake meal from Grey's is quite good, but for like, you know, johnnycakes.

The Kenyons cornmeal is ok, but I usually get mine from Old Mill at Guilliford in North Carolina ( mostly because they have my favorite white grits for 40 dollars for 5-2lb bags ,shipped)

Feb 12, 2015
hyde in Greater Boston Area

Blackbird Donuts?

Had a friend recently tell me that the Dunkin's he goes to in Midtown Manhattan is around 2000 square feet.

They pay 19,000 dollars a month in rent.

Granted Boston isnt midtown Manhattan, but im betting its not too far behind. One would have to sell a mountain of doughnuts to just clear rent.

If you need me, ill be at Donut King in Quincy.

Feb 06, 2015
hyde in Greater Boston Area

Top 5 of the past 5

I love the look on new peoples faces as you explain,

"The South End is NOT South Boston nor is it where people are talking about when they say south of Boston"

Drives 'em crazy.

Feb 05, 2015
hyde in Greater Boston Area

Penzey's Free Shipping Reduced Minimum

Of course you have to navigate their shitty website which does not recognise obscure terms like, "whole dried peppers" , and is more concerned with hearts and "fun stuff"

Blech. Used to be a better company.

Feb 01, 2015
hyde in General Topics

Top 5 of the past 5

One might be able to do all five north of the city with Gene's, Pinxto, Sichuan Garden, in Woburn, Tenoch in Medford and Ritu ki Rasoi and The Bancroft in Burlington.

And before anyone starts, I know some of my choices have been open for more than five years, but I feel they have come into their own, are more consistent, and serve food thats worth seeking out.

Jan 30, 2015
hyde in Greater Boston Area

Top 5 of the past 5

damn tatsu, you hit all my rec's. most are out of the city but at pushing 60, easy parking trumps trendy 5-to-1.

-Cha Yen Cookery- actually changed my attitude towards Thai food in the area, as i can pass on most of it.(not a fan of fish, in general). the owner is a sweetheart too.

-Thao Ngoc- is, quite simply, worth the trip. We spent 80 dollars one night and the table was so full of food we ended up in hysterics, it looked like the stateroom scene in the Marx Brothers "Night At The Opera"

-Still a fan of -Red Pepper-, on rt. 9 in Framingham, a touch inconsistent at times but on its game some of the best sichuan north of Flushing.

- Was truly hoping you were not including -Kebab and Tandoor-, in Waltham, in the "meh" category as I feel it is better than that. Not revelatory perhaps, but solid and they seem to take their food seriously. Though as a Halal place, no booze, and when i mention this to friends they look at me as if I were mad. Included is the ability to pick up groceries on the way out ,( I go through WAY more Swad Bombay Sandwich Spread than any greybeard white guy who grew up in MetroWest should)

- And further afield!...

- The barbeque at -B.T. Smokehouse-, just off the Mass.Pike, exit 9, at Sturbridge is the best in the area and the Brisket Reuben is top five sandwiches in Mass.

-The separate chinese menu at -Panda East-, in Amherst, Mass. can be interesting, the owner, Amy, is very approachable and willing to work with you to tailor some food to your liking,
and the dumplings are quite good, if you like a substantial wrapper.

Jan 30, 2015
hyde in Greater Boston Area

Mulan take out: need recommendations

A while back I went to Mulan on a slow sunday night and our food was "eh". I was hugely disappointed and thought maybe the place was going into the tank.

Went back a few weeks ago, during the week and BOOM, dumplings were better, shredded potato cleared my sinuses, fish was not tilapia and was possibly even better the next day cold.

Maybe the main chef can not be there 7 days a week?
It was a clear difference.
maybe its just luck and timing like a lot of things in life.

Jan 29, 2015
hyde in Greater Boston Area

Californian Burritos

Im the OP of that thread.

youre both wrong.

Jan 22, 2015
hyde in Greater Boston Area

January 2015 Openings and Closings

Maybe patty melts?

Jan 22, 2015
hyde in Greater Boston Area

Mulan take out: need recommendations

We disagree on several restaurants so im glad this one works for you , as it is a favorite of mine.

My only other question is what do you do that you end up posting at 2 o'clock in the morning?

Jan 20, 2015
hyde in Greater Boston Area

Chilli Garden?

Im with you Tatsu.

Their " noodles with beef in house spicy soup" is tremendous, the best version around and just the thing if you are sick.

Jan 20, 2015
hyde in Greater Boston Area

Places like Doo Wee & Rice 2014/2015

great. i just put on 5 pounds reading the menu.

Jan 15, 2015
hyde in Greater Boston Area

Casual, cozy restaurant for lunch in Back Bay area


Pehaps the six year old would care for the 70 dollar five course prix fixe with pairing (another 40usd, i hope he likes the bass head terrine ) but i feel it might be a disastrous choice.

Neither Uni or Asta are open for lunch and Asta is also closed from 1/19 until 1/27 ( i think ) and not what i think of as "cozy", its loud in there.

Jan 15, 2015
hyde in Greater Boston Area

Tree Top in Waltham?

Let me first state that I dont LOVE Thai food. Its ok. Fish, as a rule, is disgusting and the worst of Thai food is redolent with it.

That said, Cha Yen has made me reconsider my position, it is, in my opinion, in a class by itself. The food is clean, different and seems to be devoid of that slight rotten egg flavor that haunts weak Thai.

And the owner is a sweetheart.

I used to go to Tree Top for my wife, (and sneak a sandwich from Carl' at the same time). It was better than the crap that the girls at work seem to love ( im looking at you, House of Siam, South End ) but did not approach the specials board of Thai North.

OK in the area but nothing special.

Jan 12, 2015
hyde in Greater Boston Area

Seasoned Market Basket shoppers

You go to the Somerville Market Basket on a Saturday!?!

I would rather go to the dentist and have a tooth pulled.

Jan 07, 2015
hyde in Greater Boston Area

Authentic eats with atomosphere maybe some live music

or mondays if you like bluegrass.

Jan 03, 2015
hyde in Greater Boston Area

Fuloon in Malden:The Home Runs Continue in 2015 (long)

The bathroom/kitchen issue is one that has been a baseline standard for me for many years. As a hospital worker I know too well the ease in which bugs can be passed on to others.

My visit to the bathroom at China Pearl years ago has precluded my return, no matter how many times friends have suggested dim sum there in the interim. I cant shake my impression and they lost my business forever.

Before I get set upon, let me say that i get that the difference between the facilities at, say, the old Chinatown Mall ( horrifying) and Star Noodle in Maui (nicer than 90% of the apartments i have lived in) are a matter of scale. Still, I will eat if I feel people are at least trying.

It is strange to me as I work with a number of people who activate elevator buttons with their elbows or will not touch doorknobs without gloved hands but will order and eat food from places they have never set foot in.

each to their own, i guess,

Jan 02, 2015
hyde in Greater Boston Area

Jo Jo Taipei kills Mary Chung!!

actually they have added quite a few items since i was there early after they opened.

You are right. worth trying again. thanks.

Dec 30, 2014
hyde in Greater Boston Area

Best restaurants under $30 for App and Entree?

their mussles with fries starter is a big portion and at 13 dollars, a steal.

Also, no television. so, win/win in my book.

Dec 30, 2014
hyde in Greater Boston Area

Jo Jo Taipei kills Mary Chung!!

I was disappointed his menu in Upper Falls was so pedestrian, but i guess you cook for your neighborhood.

Dec 29, 2014
hyde in Greater Boston Area

Jo Jo Taipei kills Mary Chung!!

Did he not leave Asia Gourmet to open Jean and Lees kitchen in Newton Upper Falls?

Dec 29, 2014
hyde in Greater Boston Area

Best Canned Tuna in Boston Area?

Pastene rebrands a lot of stuff, they are like Trader Joes only they have been doing it for 140 years. The owner, Mark Tocci is a good guy and really tries to get decent food into the brand.

That said, its a HUGE company and a bunch of it is out of his hands, but their tonno is pretty good and the light tuna in olive oil is fine for the occasional tuna sandwich coming in around 2usd a can.

Dec 23, 2014
hyde in Greater Boston Area

Local meats/eggs w/o breaking the bank...recommendations?

Talk to Nick at Coolidge Variety (across from the Town Diner in Coolidge Square, Watertown) he gets his lamb from Mennonite farmers in western Mass, and I find him very reasonable.

Of course, you have to like lamb.

Dec 16, 2014
hyde in Greater Boston Area

best bagel in boston?

Damn, its the same in 2014 as it was in 2006!

Nothing left at 0900 on sunday morning, ( really? 8 grain and whole wheat, blech ) they are, of course, closed from 1300 on sunday until 0700 on wednesday, thats a not a bad gig.

still the best around while they are fresh. freeze them early.

Dec 15, 2014
hyde in Greater Boston Area

Help! Best takeout soup or other spicy stewish thing to defy a monster cold??

2nd this. Actually in the noodle section :

"J14 Noodles with stewed beef in house spicy soup"

and other food. my favorite.

Also the Tom Yum Noodle soup at Cha Yen Cookery in Coolidge Square, watertown is very good.

And the owner is a sweetheart.

Dec 14, 2014
hyde in Greater Boston Area