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Naco Taco

While I see your point this is a taco place, not Alinea

But hey, what do I care.? Exploring the food opportunities in Woburn has become a full time job and being able to park rather than battle the Central Square mess has much appeal to me.

I wish them luck.

May 18, 2015
hyde in Greater Boston Area

Kebab and Tandoor Waltham, Best Indian Inside 128

Im confused. Youre recommending the place but you have not been there?

May 18, 2015
hyde in Greater Boston Area

Kebab and Tandoor Waltham, Best Indian Inside 128

oooohhhh, this makes me very sad. I have not been in the place for a while but for years it was my favorite.

But a lot can change in a couple of years.

On a different note have eaten at Zaika Bistro in Woburn a couple of times and found it quite good.

Back to Pongal for a check?

May 17, 2015
hyde in Greater Boston Area

Naco Taco

A taco place that dosent do takeout?

I dont believe i have ever heard that before.

May 17, 2015
hyde in Greater Boston Area

How do the Brazilian restaurants in Woburn rate?

That why I did not do Tudo on my crawl of Woburn.

After Zaika, a #4 at Genes and some fried chicken at Eri's, ( and several 16 oz beers) my stomach hurt for hours.

Getitng old aint for sissies.

May 16, 2015
hyde in Greater Boston Area

I am in your town. I have 100 USD and an afternoon off. Food crawl. Where do I go??

Partridge curry. yeah.

Possibly worth a trip up the M6, in a circuit to Portmerion to the "Prisoner" village.

May 09, 2015
hyde in General Topics

I am in your town. I have 100 USD and an afternoon off. Food crawl. Where do I go??

the names of specific places?

im thinking i cannot walk in anywhere and order marinated milkfish.

but i do like the vietnamese/cajun double bill.

May 09, 2015
hyde in General Topics

I am in your town. I have 100 USD and an afternoon off. Food crawl. Where do I go??

The point is, I am not from your town.

There are 200 places in downtown Boston that serve fair food and beer. Sure, you can wander around and MAYBE hit it rich, the conceit is five SPECIFIC places off the radar, close to each other where you can spend an afternoon getting fed and drinked that i would not notice being from out of town.

My food crawl was in Woburn, the Tacoma of Boston (closer, but same gritty background) now up and coming as rents in Boston do not allow for small, interesting, ethnic or otherwise innovation. My bet is Seattle is the same, Whats happening in Dunlap?

For instance.

May 09, 2015
hyde in General Topics

I am in your town. I have 100 USD and an afternoon off. Food crawl. Where do I go??

For my birthday in April (24th, same as Barbara Streisand and Shirley MacLaine) I spent the afternoon traipsing between 5 separate establishments eating and drinking in a town about 10 miles north of Boston (Woburn).

I had very good Indian buffet, xian based hand pulled noodles, competent fried chicken, decent pastry, and would have a had a world class mai-tai (and a side of VERY good Sichuan dumplings in a chili vinagrette), had not the word gotten out and the 30 seat bar where this is possible was packed 20 minutes after opening at 5pm ( with two parties of two waiting).

Have, in previous birthday done Northern Chinese, Greek, old school steak house, and homemade donuts, in the same block!(North Cambridge)

The whole thing, with drinks was under 100usd, mostly on foot, took the entire afternoon and was a total hoot.

Full disclosure: I dont mind eating alone, was unable (legally) to be driving for several hours of the afternoon, and was in no hurry.

So, I come to your town where do I go?

Limiting criteria?

Maybe five places, varied ( not BBQ, BBQ, BBQ, BBQ, and banana pudding)
Like I said , 100 for the works, (parking, beers, food,etc,)

Best if mostly on foot or close driving range.

Hook me up.

May 09, 2015
hyde in General Topics

Chettinad Grill Burlington

There has to be space for us meat eaters,

I made a joke about getting goat to a freind at RKR when I was there and got glares from surrounding tables, (though noticeably not from the staff, who merely said "we do not serve meat, sir")

May 09, 2015
hyde in Greater Boston Area

Indian Restaurant for after a Hindu wedding?

Full bar!?! Yikes, that seems a rare commodity in good Indian food restaurants in the Boston area.

May 09, 2015
hyde in Greater Boston Area

Indian Restaurant for after a Hindu wedding?

I believe Holi, is run by the same team as Zaika bistro on Main street in Woburn.

I think it is very good. Zaika may not unseat my favorite, Kebab and Tandoor, (which is substantially nicer than its placement beneath the Waltham Indian Market would suggest), but its close.

Zaika does a nice veg-centric dinner for two for 37 dollars.

Both Ritsu in Burlington (and their wednesday buffet is usually a hoot) and Dosa Temple in Ashland are vegetarian restaurants.

K & T is also Halal, so no booze, if that is a factor.

May 07, 2015
hyde in Greater Boston Area

Shanghai Jade yet again: Great Dim Sum in Brookline

While I have never been really sure what all the hoopla is about dim sum ( maybe I just dont get it) , I will state that Winsor spoils you for almost any other place serving it.

May 03, 2015
hyde in Greater Boston Area

Is Dosa Factory in Waltham open yet?

That paper would appear to be the same paper that was up five years ago when this thread was started.

I wouldnt hold my breath

Apr 28, 2015
hyde in Greater Boston Area

Woburn Food crawl for Birthday

After a gruelling morning at Social Security/ nursing home/social security trying to get my 91 year old mothers account straightened out (and succeeding!?!) I was two 16oz Torpedoes in when I went to:

Zaika Indian Bistro, 442 Main
While I dont think it has quite upstaged my favorite, Kebab & Tandoor, in the basement of the Waltham India Market, that might only be by proximity to my home.

It is very good.

The garlic naan that they cook to order comes out actually smoking hot. Several dishes, such as egg (Anda) curry and fish pakora I have not seen on many buffets. The saag panneer had a bit of heat on it, also not usual, and the banchan (not sure of the correct term for the Indian version of same) is very nice with a competent pickled onion and an excellent cilantro chutney. The dosa at another table looked competent and while the samosas were a touch potato-centric, they were crisp.

I am interested in returning for the "Zaika dinner for 2" (vegetarian) for 37 dollars
and the "Zaika Royale dinner for 2" (with meat) at 50,
to see what they can come up with, I merely need to drag my daughters and their partners into my obsession.

10 usd for the buffet. I leave a five because they seem nice and what the hell.

A drift up main to Gene's Flatbread, where I encounter the archtypal white neophyte couple in front of me, clueless of the system/food/cash only pay,

but they are trying, and they are polite,

The man (to his credit) turns to me and says " what do YOU get?"

I steer the woman to a #4, and warn her of the garlic, and he goes with a #6.

I go with the usual #4, spicy, and burn my mouth trying to shovel it in. This might be the ultimate cold weather dish for me, but you do have to eat it in a mid-size window. Once it cools, the noodles (noodle?) toughen and it loses its appeal. The garlic is wonderful, and you are sweating it out by the time you finish.

This is not a dish for a date, this is a dish when your SO has to work, its 45 degrees and raining, and life seems difficult. Under 7 dollars total.

None of this keeps me from finishing it or the couple of Bengali Tigers I have working

As im heading out, I get a "excellent choices!" yell from the man of the couple. I feel vindicated.

I replenish my stash at Dion's liquors, (their other store across from Shaws in Waltham is my usual stop) the staff is personable, helpful, and professionable. Im really already hammered, but it is what it is.

I am parked in front of Eri's, so it seems only fitting.

Two piece broasted dark combo, chicken only, and 8 piece tradional wings, regular buffalo. Combo, 4 bucks, Wings around 7.

Broasted chicken, ok, salty but not off-putting to me as to some posters, wings, fair , certainly not Buff's.

If i have to waste the calories, i would still rather go to Popeyes.

Sue me.

Somehow, after a brief interlude, (asleep, in my car) , I feel, really, the only thing to do is grab one of Ran Duan's Mai Tais at Sichuan Garden II/ Baldwin Bar . Maybe some dumplings in that roasted chili vinagrette (#15)

When I arrive 20 minutes after opening at 5:00, there is not a empty seat in the place and there two parties of two waiting. The man is a Tiki God.

Its probably just as well,
my stomach hurts.

So, I crept home, battered, dipped and fried, and spent the better part of the rest of the night wondering how I had poisoned myself.

Say it with me now:

"I will never do this again"

How long?

"As long as I live"

and then we have that little addendum:

"And this time....I MEAN it"

Dumpling Daughter Weston

Went to GG with a group, (pretty big, 10-12?) of mixed ages and food preferences a couple of years ago, the reaction was:


a year later took most of the same crew to Mulan in Waltham, and the reaction was:


so if youre mixing crab rangoons, and scallion pies along with the cold cucumber preps, with a group, I would have to go with Mulan.

Apr 21, 2015
hyde in Greater Boston Area

Take out lunch in West Newton

Just a warning:

DePasquales MARKET, 325 Watertown street, across from the METRO Credit Union, is an outstanding place for homemade Italian ( and other) sausages and goods. They do not make sandwiches.

DePasquales GROCERY, 241 Adams street, up closer to the cathedral, is a small grocery shop with a counter in back. They make very good sanwiches.

Sorry you were unhappy with your sandwich from Russo's. I think they make one of the best Italian subs around.

You are MUCH closer to Watertown square than you are to Strip-Ts, and for something different the Wonder Cafe at 58 Mt. Auburn does a pretty good job with their lunch specials including my favorite, #24, soft tofu with tomato and egg, brown rice and pickled vegtables for 7 bucks

Apr 16, 2015
hyde in Greater Boston Area

Woburn Food crawl for Birthday

I wondered that but it was not open as of a few weeks ago.

Genes is open all day, as is D&L, Eri's is as well and if you want louie's pizza I have found it best to get there before 1.

I have had drinks at Sichuan Garden at 11 am, so no worries there.

Pinxto opens at 5 and Tudo at 10am.

So I guess im not perceiving the downside of spending the entire afternoon eating and drinking.

Woburn Food crawl for Birthday

will report back.

Go fast and dont be afraid.

Apr 15, 2015
hyde in Greater Boston Area

Woburn Food crawl for Birthday

Cool. But there is so much else going on in this square mile, I appriciate that the response was not just for me.

Also, Sichuan Garden II, freaks me out a little as visiting it, and maybe my favorite Sichuan restarant in the area, Red Pepper in Framingham, make me feel like I am having dinner at a forgotten girlfreinds grandparents house,

and she is WAY out of my league.

Apr 15, 2015
hyde in Greater Boston Area

Woburn Food crawl for Birthday


I was afraid of this. Now I feel they are going to find me in the Sicuan Garden parking lot mumbling:

" Its a Hard Nux Life, for me...and one for my friend"

But its possible I can pull this off and not have to talk to a badge.

Was hoping not to cross 128 as I wanted to be on foot and that is quite a nexus. Not dangerous (really) but loud and overwhelming.

But that roasted chili vinagrette may gird my loins.

Not big on almond flavor generally but the white chocolate bread pudding and moscatel has total potential.

I thought of Tudo, but a plate full of their steak along with other offerings is a recipe for disaster, that, as i approach 60 is so rich I can no longer entertain.

Sardines, the fishiest of fishes, and me. No. But others are welcome.

Thanks all.

Apr 15, 2015
hyde in Greater Boston Area

Woburn Food crawl for Birthday

Next friday (4/24) is my birthday ( Barbara Streisand and Shirley MacLaine too, so dont forget the cards)

Had a sucessful crawl a couple of years ago with Qingdao, Greek Corner, Franks steak house and Verna's

Thinking of something along the lines of:
Indian buffet at Zaika,
walk up for a #4, etc at Genes,
grab beers at D&L liqours
and drink them at Eri's with some Broasted chicek or fried clams

where does one do dessert?

Would love to work Louies Pizza into the mix but they close so early I would have to start a 1PM


Apr 15, 2015
hyde in Greater Boston Area

New Trucks: Any Reports?

Oh man.

If anybody could come close to Braddah Hutts BBQ grill truck in Hana, my whole family would eat there every week.

Of course that also makes me want to get pulled pork sliders from the 808 Street Grinz food truck, parked in front of Maui Brewing company on wednesday eves, along with 4.00 pints of Big Swell IPA

le sigh.

Apr 15, 2015
hyde in Greater Boston Area

Who makes the best tuna salad for sandwiches?

Dear god, if you like eating raw tuna, NEVER go fishing for one. The one I saw the guys split open on the dock in New Bedford was crawling with worms and put me off raw fish for good.

Any one who has read my rants know that i feel fish is all pretty much the same. I know, I know, you have an Ono recipe that you got in Maui, or a cod prep that will make me sell my mother into slvery, but save yourself, growing up in a Cathloic New England house with two Providence parents I have eaten thousands of pound of fish.

And it all sucks.

That said, I do have an insight into canned fish which I do still eat a half a dozen times a year or so. Twenty years, or so, ago, the fish sold in cans was ...different.

Even the big producers, Charlie and the like, the fish was white, with no real smell, moist and inoffensive. It is not the same currently.

In the last five years the only canned fish I have gotten that seems to fit this use is the occasional can of olive oil packed Tonno from Genova ( and I would say I have dumped 40% of the cans I have opened), and the White Albacore from The Tuna Guys in the Pac Northwest. Pricey, (120usd for 24 6-oz cans, shipped) but worth it if you want a sandwich now and then that does not taste like cat food.

We have overfished all the decent ocean areas in the world at this point and if you want your kids to ever taste this stuff ( I say free them of this burden, but never mind that now) the whole thing has to change.

end of rant

Apr 14, 2015
hyde in Greater Boston Area

Opening Nights & attention from online reviewers [split from "The Backroom" thread]

I have those places too, but I think its less than helpful to the casual request, that the answer is
" its great, by yourself at 3:30 on a Tuesday afternoon"

Apr 12, 2015
hyde in Greater Boston Area

Opening Nights & attention from online reviewers [split from "The Backroom" thread]

It is difficult for we non-professionals not to let emotions cloud our responses.

It took me a long time to stop responding to the CH ceaseless recommendation of Neptune Oyster to out of town posters.

The Newark Airport of restaurants, impossible to get into, nowhere to park, everything is overpriced and the staff hates you.

see? im still bitter.

Top quality chinese restaurant in(near) Boston

I find this quest somewhat akin to attempting to find great, authentic Texas BBQ in Beijing.

Cuisine is, by its very nature, dependent on local unique technique, available indgredients, and a willing audience.

It will never be the same here. You are lucky to have experienced it.

That said, I have had remarkable food at Lao Sichuan (Sichuan Gourmet) in Billerica and, though at times inconsistent, Red Pepper on Route 9 in Framingham.

Apr 05, 2015
hyde in Greater Boston Area

Dumpling Daughter Weston

I like the idea of a Bear Cellar.

After a couple of 8% abv's ( or the 9.4% Great Lakes Brewing Co, Chillwave Double IPA, I had in Cleveland last week) I could take one of those bastards.

Apr 05, 2015
hyde in Greater Boston Area

Zaika Indian Bistro Woburn

Also, their website is fast, easy to navigate and gives all pertinent prices and info.

Why is that so hard?

Is it me or is Woburn is becoming an embarrassment of riches?

Apr 04, 2015
hyde in Greater Boston Area


Even if you lived there?

Apr 02, 2015
hyde in Greater Boston Area