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Raku (Splendid), Charlie Palmer (Good), B&B (Waste of $), Sinatra (Bad/Sad)

Thanx so much for your feedback. Husband & I are staying at Palazzo(3rd time) & were seriously thinking of Sinatra . But...will have to RETHINK this option!

Sep 22, 2010
johnmaggie in Las Vegas

Where to watch Football while eating great food?

Legassi's (Emeril's) stadium is specifically for that. And super food too! Multiple huge screens xfor watching the games (Palazzo)

Sep 16, 2010
johnmaggie in Las Vegas

Bakery -- snacks -- dessert??

go through the inside shopping corridor to Paris. OMG!! So many delicious baked goods for take out!

Sep 16, 2010
johnmaggie in Las Vegas

Low stress lunch on the strip?

yup sorry

Sep 13, 2010
johnmaggie in Las Vegas

ISO: On the Strip, Fun, Trendy, Moderately Priced (>$75pp) Dinner

What about venturing out to Hard Rock to Johnny Small's It's a total tapas menu & sounds right up your alley. Check it out online A pretty neat place

Hard Rock Cafe
4475 Paradise Rd, Las Vegas, NV 89169

Sep 09, 2010
johnmaggie in Las Vegas

Low stress lunch on the strip?

Can you say "Hash House A go-go ?? It's in Imperial Palace (don't judge it by this place) Sahara has another one. Also have their original , off strip. Check out their web site. UNBELIEVABLE But, you need to share. Just too big for one.

Sep 07, 2010
johnmaggie in Las Vegas

New and passing through - need recs!

Breakfast at Hash House ago go. Holy Crap!!! Ya gotta do it at least once. Been to both off $ on strip FUN PLACE Be Hungey. (Imperial Palace)

Hash House
2605 S Decatur Blvd Ste 103, Las Vegas, NV 89102

Jun 15, 2010
johnmaggie in Las Vegas

Anyone been to Bradley Ogden recently?

Husband & I went to B. Ogden a week ago after arrival. We went to lounge and had the $29.00 special, either kicked up burger or kicked up fish & chips, actually. The fish was excellent and best I've had prepared that way. It was "line caught" wild halibut.
The dessert sucked & I suppose it was just me. It was Butturscotch pudding & maccaroons. Chef had flavored it with Scotch & it tasted SOUR. Of course, I'm not a scotch lover, so someone else might have loved it!
It was a good meal for first night there, but I wouldn't repeat it.
We both thought STACK at Mirage was great & the specials were &29 too. The steak superb! Three course meals and deals we will NEVER see in Vegas again, so we took full advantage of it, including D.B's at Wynns.
Maggie K.

Aug 30, 2009
johnmaggie in Las Vegas

Where's the good Greek Restaurant in Mobile Al. area??

We live in Daphne for 2 years and have yet to find a great Greek place. I thought about going to the church in Malbis and asking there! We've been to the greek festivals, but perhaps we are spoiled with Greek town in Detroit. But, I'd surely like a little flaming cheeses and good Greek cooking! Price is no object! Thanks!

Mar 09, 2007
johnmaggie in Central South

Balsalmic vinegar

Husband just spent $50 on 8 oz. 4 leaf. Says it STILL isn't right stuff. Says it isn't the thick rich kind he wants. hmmmm Any suggestions?

Feb 07, 2007
johnmaggie in General Topics