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Beef Wellington in Washington or Baltimore

Does anyone know a restaurant in Washington and/or Baltimore which serves Beef Wellington

Too much Old Bay and too much ground red pepper.

Need help with Maryland Crab Soup into which I put too much Old Bay and too much ground red pepper. Can anyone tell me how to take the "fire" out of my soup?

Feb 03, 2015
DollarBill in Home Cooking

Top Toaster Brands for Perfect Toast Every Time

Your article looks like an advertisement to me.

May 31, 2013
DollarBill in Features

Beef Wellington in Baltimore

Children have drooled over recipes for Beef Wellington prepared on Gordon Ramsey's Hell's Kitchen. We are going to Baltimore Zoo tomorrow (Sunday, May 19) and I'd like to take them to dinner at a restaurant that serves good to great Beef Wellington. Any suggestions?

Michel Richard's Central

Fourth time at Central and every time has been better than the last. Service is excellent and accommodating; food is outstanding, and desserts are to die for; don't pass up the six inch high Napoleon. The waitstaff has recommended Mon. Richard's famous fried chicken for my next dining experience there. Yes, each time has been a delectible experience.

best or favourite market in the world?

La Boqueria in Barcelona is my choice. The fruits and vegetables stand out as does the fresh fish.

Jul 22, 2011
DollarBill in General Topics

BLT: Monumental Errors

My long awaited and anticipated dinner at BLT should've started and ended with the overpriced but magnificent New York Strip. Instead it ended with a very sour taste in my mouth and second degree burns on four fingers of my right hand.

Since it was my first trip, I wanted to try as much as possible. So, here's the scorecard::

Creamed Spinach: All stems and stringy. It also lacked any seasoning and was served tepid.
Onion Rings: Greasy and cold. I bit into one and grease ran out into a puddle on the plate.
Baked Potato: They should've instructed the staff to inform diners that the little individual serving dishes are as hot as hell. Since the waiter placed the potato on the other side of the table it was necessary for me to move it closer to my plate. BIG, BIG MISTAKE! I now have blisters on the tips of three of my fingers and expect a fourth to emerge today or tomorrow.

Dinner for two $189
Doctor's visit $164


Where to go for my birthday dinner

I think BLT is too inconsistent but I second Central and Blue Duck. I might also consider Il Mulino on Vermont Avenue.

NYC Chowhound in London 1st time

As Ferga said, try Maze if you want to try a Ramsey place. Just returned from five wonderful days where I stood on a crypt in St. Paul's Cathedral that was older than my country of USA. For very good food and excellent service. take a chance with Fifteen, Jamie Oliver's place. I didn't find Borough Market crowded with tourists but I did find a great breakfast that would've quelled hunger for at least two days had I been able to finish it. Don't remember what the proprietor called it but it had and egg, bacon and a concoction of potatoes and cabbage on a roll. Neal's Yard Dairy was also an adventure. Just tasting cheeses was worth the stop.

Jun 11, 2009
DollarBill in U.K./Ireland

Il Mulino for the second time

I believe Il Mulino has gotten better with age. Service still remains among the best in the Washington DC area and the food this time was perfectly prepared and delightfully flavorful. When I eat a meal like this (capese salad with fresh buffalo mozzerella, osso buco with saffron risotto) I what an old Italian chef in Astoria NY told me years ago, "Food is a necessity but it is also an indulgence". So I indulged to my heart's content tonight at Il Mulino.

Helen's Garden-any comments?

Have tried nothing but brunch which was excellent. Service was good; very professional. Totally satisfying.

Dinner Recommendations Needed

Coming to Boston this Thursday until Sunday for the Massachusetts Handicap at Suffolk Downs. Looking for dinner recommendations for Thursday and Saturday nights. Not worried about costs or locations or type of cuisine. Chowhound readers have come through for me with great recommendations during previous trips to San Francisco, Barcelona, and Venice, Florence and Rome. I'm hoping for the same in Boston.

RIP: Restaurant K

Lunch was always good and the restaurant was usually (and surprisingly) crowded. Dinner however was like a ghost town. Had dinner there twice and on both occasions there were no more than 10 tables occupied. Because of their great lunches (I always ate at the bar because most times I ate alone) I'm sorry to read of its demise.

What are the most overrated DC restaurants?

Haven't eaten at I Ricchi in years. After reading these negative posts, I am glad I avoided the place. I'll chime in on overrated places. This is going to ruffle a lot of feathers but at the top of my "never again" list is Restaurant Eve in Old Town. Decor is beautiful; service is only mediocre and the food is at best pedestrian.

Dei Merei also makes the list as does Johnny's on Capitol Hill

Restaurant K

Sorry to say that Restaurant K has closed.

Restaurant Gary Danko at the top of my list

I had the five course tasting menu. The dessert, a souffle with two types (white and dark) of chocolates was decadent and delicious.

Restaurant Gary Danko at the top of my list

Had dinner on my last night in San Francisco. I don't know whether I just caught the restaurant, the chef, the wait staff and the maitre d' on their collective "best day" but I'll say without a doubt that this was the best dining experience I've ever had, bar none.

It was a wonderfully exciting meal in a beautiful setting surrounded by the most attentive staff in the most beautiful city in the United States. I regretted getting on the plane the next day.

Best Italian Restaurant

Dined at Acquerello this past Saturday night (7/12). It was just as most of you "chowhounds" described. Meal was excellent; service was on par with the best restaurants in the nation. Don't miss the chef's tasting menu. A bit pricey but well worth it all in the long run. Thanks to all the chowhounds who keep this series of boards one of the most informative boards on the web.

Looking for Ideas

Yesterday was the chef's tasting menu at Acquerella; tonight it is Delfina and tomorrow is Restaurant Gary Danko. I've been doing lunch wherever I've ended up around lunchtime. Any ideas for dinner for the rest of the week? Hungry but discriminating (food-wise) Washingtonian in the City by the Bay until Friday and looking for additional dining ideas. This board has been so helpful.

Culture and Cuisine in "Baghdad by the Bay"

Looking forward to a week in San Francisco beginning July 11. Don't drink but love to eat. Only reservations made thus far are Acquerello and Boulevard. Cost no object. Looking for help with occasional breakfasts and nightly dinners. We'll do lunch wherever we end up about the lunch hours. Also looking for good jazz joints (not Yoshi's).

I love these boards. People are so helpful.

Two Days in Boston

Thank you for all the help. I ended up with dinners at Mamma Maria and at Azure in the Lenox Hotel. Both meals were great. And, to all you natives of Boston, thank you for allowing me to visit and dine there. It was a treat.

Two Days in Boston

Just have two days in Boston; staying at the Fairmont. I don't drink but love to eat. Italian, French, Seafood, continental, etc. Also, other ethnicity dining experience suggestions welcomed. Cost no object; any suggestions for dinner and perhaps breakfast? With respect to lunch, just planning on grazing wherever we may be around the lunch hour..

Wildfire Coming To Tysons

Six of us had dinner tonight (Jan.26). Noise, noise, noise. So noisy, we all had to huddle near the center of the table to hear each other. That being said, the service and the food was excellent. Would I return? Most definitely. However, I am going to try another night and not another Saturday.

Restaurant K

Had lunch twice in past two weeks. The transformation of this place from Jimmy"s to Restaurant K is beyond belief. Ms. Swope deserves kudos for her culinary expertise and whomever is directing the staff rates a gold star in my book. Both lunchtime meals were over the top.and the service was superior.

Authentic Italian needed (Baltimore)!

Cinghiale started serving dinner September 20. Hope to partake this weekend.

This Just In: Bourdain Hates the Food Network

Bourdain is a drugged out, drunken washed up sycophant who thinks it is cool to be an asshole. Where are your restraurants, you washed up loser.

Aug 13, 2007
DollarBill in Features

Most romantic dinner in Venice Italy for 25th Wedding Anniversary

Just read your post, Joe and you're right on point. For four straight days, I lost myself in Venice and discovered a love that I never thought could exist. Someone once said "Life is too short to stay in one place too long. . .except if it's Venice.

Jul 07, 2007
DollarBill in Italy

Has Anyone been to Hook?

Sorry I am late with this. I had a wonderful meal, including dessert. Don't pass it up.

Spanish food - full of mayo?

Returned from Barcelona and my "mayo" fears were unwarranted. Never had a bad meal and never saw even a hint of mayonnaise. In addition, I was delightfully amazed with the quality of fruits and fruit stands in La Boqueria. While here in America we believe of fruits and vegetables are superior to anywhere in the world, I couldn't believe the sweetness and the size of just about every type of fruit. For cheese lovers, don't pass up the "real" machengo and mahon cheeses. Heaven.

May 31, 2007
DollarBill in General Topics

Has Anyone Tried Longo's?

Went to Longo's. Dinner was excellent but the service was horrible. Man, they are in desparate need of a manager to run the front of the house. Nobody knows what they are doing on the floor. The restaurant was almost empty but yet they crammed everyone into that little room off the bar where everyone had to breathe the ambient smoke from the bar. My concern and complaints were met with shrugs by the host and hostess who seemed more concerned with "getting it on" than they did with the patrons' discomfort. Note to Ms. Longo: You have a beautiful restaurant and serve excellent food. However, you are going to go down the tubes unless you get a manager to ride herd on the staff.