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The very BEST King Cake?

Of course! How about "Chet"? Beans? and Carnival? Before my time. Thank goodness SOMETHING is before my time!
-- ALSO, Rouse's DOES ship KCs. Their website is and I am eating a piece of their KC as I type this!!! YUMMMMMMMM

Feb 08, 2007
ReneC in New Orleans

The very BEST King Cake?

Hi there MakingSense.
I too am a McKenzie lover!!!! Plain Brioge (sp?) dough with purple, green and gold fine sugar on the top! Now all of these variations just totally go against tradition. Heck, they are simply big filled danishes with Mardi Gras colored sugar on top!

Remember Gambino's and their squarish KC with rock sugar on top? That was yummy too!

Okay here is the deal: You are right about Krummel's - technically it is "Mandeville Bake Shop" (I live here in MVille now) and their cakes are so so - the plain ones.

Tastee Donuts bought the recipe in the last two years or so for the MCKENZIE's cakes!!! I had several and they were great. I haven't had one this year so not sure if they're still doing them.

In Mandeville, we have Rouse's Supermarket and their King Cakes are the closest I've found to MKenz. Remember McKenz cinammon rolls? Rouse has plain cinammon KCs with icing and sugar on the top but the icing is like McKenz cin roll icing. Yummy. They probably do mail order! Get a few and freeze them. I did that every year with McKenz b/c I had moved to Baton Rouge and would come to NOLA and get 4-5 large ones and freeze them.

Good luck!!!!

Feb 07, 2007
ReneC in New Orleans