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Best T.O. restos to take Vancouver-based chef/son.

Just got back from taking him to Lucien. He/we really enjoyed it. Excellent meal, outstanding service, beautiful ambience.
Turns out my other son's friend is the sous chef there (who knew???) so we had a nice chat with him and got a taste of his charcuterie platter which was amazing.
Thanks for all of the recommendations.
We'll be heading to Vancouver in November and look forward to dining at Gastropod, where my son cooks.

Aug 21, 2008
masa in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Belleville and area eats

We just had dinner last week at a newish amazing French bistro in Belleville. It's called L'Auberge de France. The service and the food were incredible and the prices were very reasonable for the quality. Bon Appetit.

Aug 16, 2008
masa in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Best T.O. restos to take Vancouver-based chef/son.

My son is a fine dining chef in Vancouver who will be visiting Toronto/home in August. He asked me to pick one of the best and most interesting fine dining restaurants in Toronto to go to. Any suggestions?

Also, he would like to visit an interesting/innovative less expensive restaurant as well. He has eclectic tastes and is always on the lookout for great food experiences. Any advice?

Jul 13, 2008
masa in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Best birthday cakes in Montreal???

I am from Toronto, and have been given the task of ordering a birthday cake for a female friend's 75th birthday party in Montreal at the end of August. I want to order an elegant, delicious and special cake to serve about 50+ people. Any suggestions?

Jul 04, 2007
masa in Quebec (inc. Montreal)

Chinese banquet reccos

We're looking for a downtown Toronto restaurant to celebrate Chinese New Year with a traditional Chinese banquet. There will be 11 or 12 of us, all adults, several foodies (including my son who is a chef in Vancouver).
Any suggestions would be most appreciated. Thx.

Feb 07, 2007
masa in Ontario (inc. Toronto)