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Carmine's-Asbury Park

Hi Everyone,

Can anyone tell me if Carmine's in Asbury is family-style or not? I heard from some it was, but I'd like to get the real deal before we decide. I have a group of about 5 or 6 going with very differing tastes, so I'd like to know if we're talking individual style portions, or the kind of family-style, sharing that I've heard goes on here (or maybe I've just heard this b/c Carmine's in NYC is family style??)


Sep 06, 2007
liljax80 in Mid-Atlantic

Any good restaurants in the Jackson, NJ area?

Thanks everyone for the great suggestions. As it turns out, we wound up going a totally different route and went to a Japanese restaurant called Oyako Tsos. They have a hibachi area, but we stuck with the sushi. Worked out well, everything was great. I'm often in the Jackson area, shopping at the outlets and such, and I will absolutely try Tommys Inn. We need a good restaurant out that way, it's one of the reasons I often avoid those outlets--they're great except if you're there long enough to warrant a meal afterwards.

Feb 20, 2007
liljax80 in New Jersey

Any good restaurants in the Jackson, NJ area?

Was wondering if anyone knows of a good restaurant in the Jackson, NJ area. I know the choices are pretty lean, looking for a good place to eat between Point Pleasant and the Trenton area, and the Jackson area seems to be a pretty good halfway point. We're both pretty flexible and love trying new places and new foods. Thanks in advance for any suggestions!

Feb 07, 2007
liljax80 in New Jersey