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Good Chinese in cote des neiges area?

Open only about 6 months, you could try:
Cuisine Aunt Dai – BYOB
5557A Cote des Neiges
1100h - 2200h daily

I have been several times and well satisfied. Not the formulaic "American Chinese" cuisine. Added bonus - it is BYOB.
Gazoo review:

Montréal restaurant trades school restaurant

Have been a couple times and excellent value, but agree that one has to be not overly demanding of service panache, Reservations essential.


No...IMHO. Bombay Choupati is the best in the city...but bit more pay for the quality and the surroundings. They are very good about tailoring the heat level to your tolerance level. Lunch thali plate has good selection and good value. Their dosas are the best in the city, again IMHO. Family run and very pleasant people. Their beer-wine prices are on the high side. Shahi Palace is my second fav on the WI AND it is BYOB.

Calling all salmon lovers - king or sockeye?

Your are correct - chinook and king are idential viz. Oncorhynchus tshawytscha.

Mar 23, 2013
rosario in General Topics

Qing Hua chinatown vs lincoln and dim sum question

Don't know, but it sure isn't "street food" set up in the parking lot. Go into Mai Xiang Yuan and ask them where their sister resto is located.

Qing Hua chinatown vs lincoln and dim sum question

Yes they do only northern dumplings, not soup filled xiao long bao. They are terrific - all made a la minute (none of those frozen things) and available boiled or fried and prices run from $7 to $9.95 depending on filling for 15 dumplings. Appetizer salads at lunch are a steal at $1-$1.50 per plate e.g. celery and boiled peanuts ($3 for dinner). Highly recommended, I have been half a dozed times and never disappointed. Very friendly family run place. No licence but they have another resto across the street where there is booze available.

Aryana - Afghani restaurant in DDO

I also was there Sat. night - were you at the large table with the B'day party? We were four at the adjacent table. It was my second time there in two weeks and I second your opinion 100% Musgrave is right on. All is delicious and it is indeed best to get reservations for busy nights. I recommend beer with this cuisine. Come on West Islanders keep patronizing this place - unlike most affordable ethnic cuisine places on the WI, this is nicely decorated. The servers (brother and sister some nights) engage in fun filled bon mots with you and handle the crowd with panache.

Restaurant for a Group in St. Jean Richelieu?

You might want to have a look at Chez Noser (, a upscale BYOB in St. Jean. I have not been there but keep it in mind for a outing with friends.

Where to buy the best pasta?

100% agree with that brand - approx. $4.49/500g. I use it always except when I make my own fresh pasta.

Travelzoo Deal at Newtown

Travelzoo has a $99 deal for 3 course dinner including cocktail and two wines for 2 at Newtown. Offer good for another 7 days and dinners available until end May. They are still naming Martin Juneau as chef but I understand he has left to open PASTAGA. Any thoughts on whether this is still a good deal?

Best Pho in Montreal: 2011

I second Pho Bang NY as best in city. Close second IMHO is:

Restaurant Nguyen Phi
6260, chemin de la cote-des-Neiges, Montréal, QC H3S 2A3
Telephone : 514-344-1863

Restaurant Nguyen Phi
6260 Ch De La Cote-Des-Neiges, Montreal, QC H3S2A3, CA

Belgian in Montreal???.....staying at Omni Montreal

Not in Montreal per se, about 40 min drive to Vaudreuil, just off the western end of the island, is a Belgian BYOB bistro:

le Charleville
197 avenue St-Charles, Vaudreuil-Dorion, Québec
evening only – no lunch

I have not been, but you might want to check out their web site and/or call. I assume you could bring your own Belgian beers purchased at our SAQ outlets or brought up from Vermont.


Does anyone know where I can but suet? This will be for Xmas pudding (aka plum). A west island location would be best, but anywhere in the region will do.


where can I buy dark rye flour in Montreal?

You can get all your are looking for at (West Island):
Papillon Bulk Foods
303 Boul Saint-Jean
Pointe-Claire, QC H9R 3J1
(514) 697-5157

Kirkland brand super premium vanilla ice cream

100% agree. The gorge and dairy stops filled out a terrific picnic day last year. Best brand of "commercial" ice creams around - read ingredient lists and compare.


You might want to take advantage of the `bring your own wine`concept and a good choice is:
Bitoque – Portugese (BYOB)
3706 Notre-Dame St. West, St. Henri
Tu-Sa 1700h – closing; closed Su & M
You can see the menu with pricing at:
The braised lamb shank is outstanding. Very popular so you need a reservation, esp. Fri and Sat nights. Main dining room is noisy but if you are a group of 6 or more you can sit in the lower level which is quieter. About $40 per person table d`hote inc. tax but not tip. Very personable servers.

Another PHO discovery: PHO VIET on amherst

SARAH MUSGRAVE had a very positive review of this resto in the Gazoo in 2002. I have a copy but I think copyright precludes me from repeating it here. Can't pull it up today from the Gazoo resto archives.

Vietnamese soup on cote des neige and st-catherine: La Saigonaise just next door to Pho Lien

My SO and I have been going to Pho Bac for years - last time Sept '10 and have never been disappointed. Last Dec. we tried (perhaps related?):
Pho Bac No. 1
4707 Wellington – at 2’nd Ave – right beside Villa Wellington

The pho there with raw beef was a tad sweet and less aromatic than Pho Bac (St. Laurent) and the pho chicken had grilled chicken breast (the ugh! "seasoned" variety of no consistency) which seemed to have been added cold to the broth. Stick with the St. Laurent Pho Bac.

Our second fav for pho is:
Nguyen Phi
6260, chemin de la cote-des-Neiges

Oxtail in Montreal

Most of the time you can get oxtail at:
Adonis Market
4601 Boul. des Sources,
Roxboro, Quebec, H8Y 3C5
Telephone : 514 685 5050
Fax : 514 685 9268

It may be found at the left hand side of the self-serve counter in the back right side of the building.

Pho in Montreal: 2009

IMHO the best pho outside Chinatown (where my fav is Pho Bac) is found at:

Restaurant Nguyen Phi
6260, chemin de la cote-des-Neiges, Montréal, QC H3S 2A3
Telephone : 514-344-1863

My SO and I have been going there for years and always have the chicken pho and the rare beef pho. Not a question of our adventureness but rather a testament to the consistent excellence of these soups. We have enjoyed pho several times during two visits to Vietnam and many pho restos in Montreal compare favourably.

Restaurant Nguyen Phi
6260 Ch De La Cote-Des-Neiges, Montreal, QC H3S2A3, CA

ISO Sausage casings/intestines

I purchased porcine casings from Boucherie La Preference at Marche de la Ouest in Dollard des Ormeaux about a year ago. I froze the left overs and they thaw for use just fine. Maybe all branches of La Preference carry the product - Google for exact branch addresses.

BYOW seafood restaurant

You can find their menu at this site:
Looks good. I shall give it a try in Dec.

Moving to Parc-Ex. What's good?

Nhu Y is terrific...and it is BYOB. I agree, stick to the back page specialties.

Stand Out Vietnamese Place in Montreal?

I second this rec. Service is great, food excellent and lovely presentation and it is a BYOB.

Critique Seattle-hound's Choices for Montreal Food Bender

FYI Jean Talon Mkt is the largest outdoor market in North America - especially during the Fall harvest when it is bursting at the seams. Pike Place Market is of course bigger, but it is mostly indoors. You shall certainly enjoy JTM. Have a super time in Mtl.

Le petit Milos

Maybe it will be their practice to invite patrons into the kitchen to view what's available that day - this is the way restos for the locals work in Greece. Beats perusing a menu with all-too-often incomplete descriptions.

Le petit Milos

Check out today's Gazoo - its all explained there in a flattering article about Costa and his resto empire.

Salt Packed Anchovies

Thanks very much blondee_47.

Salt Packed Anchovies

I purchased $5 worth at Tranzo yesterday but I'm interested in buying the can. Can you give me the address of Chasse et Peche on Monkland please?


Quail eggs, truffle oil

You can buy truffle oil at:

Find it at their cheese-deli counter.