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Osaka recommendations for group of work colleagues

Later this year I will be in Osaka and so I am looking for good recommendations for restaurants where I can take a group of about 10 colleagues to for great Japanese food. Best if in the downtown Osaka area (we'll be staying at the Westin Hotel in Shin Umeda City) and in walking distance. Price not necessarily an issue.


Jan 19, 2012
NVK in Japan

El Bulli 2010 Reservations

Screw El Buli. They obviously have no sense of fairness in awarding reservations and hold tables year after year for the same people. So screw them. No wonder they are not profitable and have to shut down. Spanish people are not the brightest (trust me, I have lived in Madrid for 4 years now), but he just needs to extend hours, turn tables, and things would be totally different!

Mar 15, 2010
NVK in Spain/Portugal

Best restaurants in Vienna, Austria

I am going to Vienna for 2 nights in early December and trying to find out the best places - not tourist places - for food. Wouldn't mind a big, lavish place for one night, then a more local, typical Austrian place for the 2nd night. Also any recommendations for good wine bars (again, not touristy) and bars for late night that aren't clubs (too old for all that!!).


Nov 21, 2007
NVK in Europe

Margaritas in the EV

Can't beat Mary Anne's for cheap Mex food and margaritas. 2nd Ave and 5th Street.

Feb 19, 2007
NVK in Manhattan

Best Sushi/Japanese in Madrid

Looking for the best Sushi restaurant in Madrid. No fusion of Spanish-Japanese wanted - just good old Japanese sushi, sashimi, rolls, etc. Preferably in city center and not outside Madrid.

Feb 07, 2007
NVK in Spain/Portugal

DASSA-BASSA does anybody have any experience with it?

Went there over a year ago and really liked it. Did the tasting menu and was great. Did not find any problems with the service like the other review, and found them all to be very pleasant. Would recommend going.

Feb 07, 2007
NVK in Spain/Portugal