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"Slender", Banh Mi

Kim's café in Albany, CA has a slightly less traditional banh mi on a toasted baguette that is quite good IMO. The BBQ pork with pate is my favorite.

King Tsin Under New New Management - CV Chef - Berkeley

You are correct. Another group bought it last year but then sold it back to the original owner Albert, but the newest group appears to have come in within the last 2 months.

King Tsin Under New New Management - CV Chef - Berkeley

So it looks like there's yet again new management at King Tsin. After inquiring inside, it appears that the chef from China Village, and two other staff members went into business together to buy King Tsin with a completely new menu, extremely reminiscent of CV.

Has anyone else gone yet? I tried a few items and food-wise it seems to be a good competitor to CV if things get crowded in Albany.

places for loners Berkeley area

Eureka! downtown Berkeley is pretty good.

Akemi - North Berkeley (Solano Ave), CA

Akemi seems to be more than a remodel and rebranding of the old Miyuki space. Both the ins and outs seem to be completely new with the counter and seating areas feeling much more intimate. Somewhat dimly lit, it feels much better for a romantic night out. It's a welcome change to the worn and dated look of the old Miyuki. The website says it's still the same owners but with a new executive chef heading up things, formerly as a sous chef at Ozumo.

I was one of the first ones in for dinner last night, but by the time I finished and left at 6:30, it was 75% full on a Tueday evening. The menu has been brought up to date with some small plates, two options for ramen along with the usual assortment of nigiri, sashimi and rolls. I originally wanted to try their Tonkatsu Ramen, but they had already run out for the day, so got the spicy miso instead with an order of the spicy tuna roll with a jasmine lemonade. The roll was good if not mind blowing, just what I wanted and expected from a Spicy Tuna Roll. What was the real winner was the Ramen, which came with bamboo and shredded chicken and a perfectly cooked soft boiled egg, which had a rich creamy bright golden yolk. The noodles were just how I like them, firm and toothsome. I'm not any ramen expert, but I certainly liked theirs. At $14 and $13 a bowl, it seems a little pricy to me, but maybe that's the norm for ramen nowadays. The rest of the menu was very reasonable price wise.

Why do Vietnamese restaurants close early?

Part of the reason may have been due to the rash of armed robberies targetting asian businesses several years ago. After that period of time, many businesses seemed to change some of their closing times in response and kept them that way, in particular in the rougher neighborhoods of Oakland.

Saturday breakfast spot in East Bay: Good food, Not too crowded

Doyle Street Cafe is a good option in Emeryville. The waits are usually pretty short. I've found the food solid and plentiful. Casual, never felt rushed.

Dungeness Crab Prices 2014/2015 Season

bought one last night a Foodnet Supermarket in San Leandro. Tanks were full $4.99/lb. based on the one I got, every one of them was over 2lbs. The one I got was conservatively 2.25lbs. Lively & Tasty.

Dungeness Crab Prices 2014/2015 Season

Anyone have a recommendation for shipping live Dungeness to the east coast?

Pietisserie opens in Lake Merritt [Oakland]

1605 second ave.

Pho Ga : SFBA Dish of the Month November 2014

I tried Thien Long Vietnamese Restaurant in San Jose 2 months ago and thought they really had the right full bodied chicken flavor and wonderful aroma in their Pho Ga broth.

East Bay places to sit, eat, and watch the World Series

Go Sports Bar in Oakland has lots of screens and the food was better than expected. Tater tot nachoes, asian-style wings and lemongrass sliders were standouts to me.

Breakfast / brunch in the Berkeley / Oakland area

I went to Doyle St Cafe about a month ago for the first time with a couple of people and everything we had was excellent. It's nestled in an out of the way corner but seems like plenty of folks have discovered as the place was packed.

Anyone know a great East Bay Burger joint?

I know it's part of a small chain, but Eureka! Burger in Berkeley does a pretty good burger, cooked to order, thick, juicy patty. Personally I really enjoyed the Jalapeno Fried Egg Burger. Remodeled space into a sports bar/ lounge, with occassional live music.

Where can I buy ginger beer in bulk?

personally I think it's the gingeriest and cleanest tasting one on the market. it's bite is quite strong if you know what i mean, and it isn't for everyone, but the ginger kick is why I like it so much. a lot of bars use it specifically for their cocktails.

Where can I buy ginger beer in bulk?

Fever Tree is my favorite. You can usually get it at BevMo.

Desperate to find another Chinese restaurant in Albany/Berkeley

i think the new King Tsin is worth a try. But it's a different kind of chinese from Yummy.

King Tsin - Under New Management [Berkeley]

I've gone twice now to check it out. It seems to me that the regular menu is really trying to go in direct competition with CV. I ordered the spicy garlic sliced pork belly and the spicy beef stew with flat rice noodle soup. Both were excellent, sizeable portions. Prices are a bit higher, but the quality and variety of dishes are much improved in my opinion.

I also ordered from the lunch menu and the offerings are pretty standard as ernie pointed out, but I actually thought the portions were pretty good. Soup, salad, spring roll, chicken wing included as starters. So it seemed a really good deal to me even at the higher $7.50-9.00 prices. And for lunch, I actually had to bag up some of it since I didn't want to go into a food coma going back to the office.

Dungeness Crab Prices 2013/2014 Season

The smaller sized ones were also going for $3.99 /#.

King Tsin - Under New Management [Berkeley]

It just reopenned after being closed for a couple of weeks for a remodel. From the signs, the menu and staff are completely new. Anyone checked it out yet? My understanding is the Grand Opening was on 11/30/13.

best fried chicken

Has anyone tried the FC at Pican in Oakland since the chef change?

Dinner for quasi-bachelor party near Trappist in downtown Oakland

Ditto on Miss Ollie's and if you guys want a pre or post dinner snack there's Rosamunde next door.

Zachary's Chicago Pizza - yay or nay? [Berkeley]

Spinach Mushroom for both Zachary's and Little star, Paxti's Fennel Sausage. Not an equal comparison...but still.

Zachary's Chicago Pizza - yay or nay? [Berkeley]

take it for what it is, but my friends and I recently did a head to head to head competition of Zachary's vs Little Star vs Paxti's and surprisingly, amongst the 10 of us comparing the 3, we all came to the conclusion that Zachary's was the favorite. I think the main thing is that we took it to go, and I believe that's the key. Zachary's seems to hold up better on the go, whereas I think the other too would be superior if eaten right out of the oven at location.

Astonishing condiment at Ao Sen [Oakland]

Half the fun is the wrapping process and getting your hands dirty for Bun Cha Hanoi, same goes for Banh Xeo. Besides, theirs is one of the better ones in the Oakland area.

Cha Am, Berkeley

Cha Am is a perfectly fine if not super creative Thai restaurant. If the purpose for you and your buddies to get together and catch up, maybe it'll be better that you are going to Cha Am so that it doesn't completely become a foodcentric conversation.

If you are looking for something a little more creative, I actually think Sweet Basil on Solano Ave has improved a lot since I first went there.

Cheap-ish dinner in Berkeley, but still sit-down

Kiraku is a fun place for catching up with friends. Izakaya style though, so while most plates are pretty cheap, you'll probably want to order several and share. it's on the smallish side, so call ahead, depending on the day it can be hard to get a seat for a bigger group.

Hummus - SF Dish of the Month July 2013

I really like the hummus topped with lamb or beef shawarma at Zaki's Kabob House in Albany. It's listed as a starter, but with some extra pita it's a full meal in itself.

Oakland Chinatown--best of, by restaurant

Banh Cuon Tay Ho is good in general for vietnamese food. The Banh Cuon is good, the banh xeo, and bun rieu.

Banh Xeo - SF Dish of the Month May 2013

Glad you enjoyed it. I had the same experience the last time I had it there.