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Best Chinese or Japanese in downtown LA?

I have guests from Chicago for dinner in downtown LA this Saturaday night. They know all about good food: Chicago!
Sugestions? I will only go where I can get a reservation.
Many thanks foodies

Jan 15, 2014
jillcar in Los Angeles Area

Santa Barbara

Can anyone recommend a great dinner restaurant in Santa Barbara?
Driving from LA for one night. Can be high end or not, just really relish!

Jan 04, 2013
jillcar in California

Best chocolate cake on the West Side?

I want to buy a birthday cake for a man who loves chocolate. Suggestions for the best?

Sep 12, 2012
jillcar in Los Angeles Area

Valentines Day dinner in LA?

Any suggestions for a delicious romantic dinner?

Jan 28, 2012
jillcar in Los Angeles Area

Thanksgiving dinner in NYC

I would like to make a reservation now for Thanksgiving for eight people in Manhattan. Price is not a real issue. Good food (even on a holiday) would be great! Any ideas????

Sep 21, 2011
jillcar in Manhattan

Thanksgiving in a restaurant

I've never eaten out for Thanksgiving, but this year it is unavoidable for 6 or 8 of us.
Any suggestions of the best there is? I don't mind expensive, but it has to be delicious!!

Jun 14, 2011
jillcar in Manhattan

Valentines Day dinner in LA

I know it sounds awful, but can anyone suggest a wonderful V-day restaurant? Good food, good service.

Jan 19, 2011
jillcar in Los Angeles Area

Best restaurants in New York

As a former New Yorker, I will be in NYC for three nights. Where are the BEST places to eat dinner.Neighborhood doesn't matter, and I don't care if it's a dive or very pricey. Only snafu: we don't eat red meat. Thanks for suggestions.

Oct 17, 2010
jillcar in Manhattan

Short ribs????

I would like to know the best restaurant shortribs on the westside/valley. It is a birthday request! Any suggestions??

Oct 05, 2010
jillcar in Los Angeles Area

up scale vegetarian???

Vegan Glory on Beverly. Not too upscale, but by far the best vegetarian!!

Feb 11, 2010
jillcar in Los Angeles Area

Caviar and dessert for V Day

What is the best kind ofcaviar to buy for Valentines Day (and where)? Best Valentines Day dessert to buy (and where-I am in West LA) ? Help!!

Feb 11, 2010
jillcar in Los Angeles Area

up scale vegetarian???

I have a group of 8 people to take to dinner for my son's 18th birthday. He is a vegetarian, so are two other people. Any ideas for a delicious festive evening where there is something for everyone??

Aug 09, 2009
jillcar in Los Angeles Area


I am celebrating my 50-something birthday with 15 people this Sunday night. I would like to go somewhere casual and lots of fun. I thought of places like "The Great Greek", or perhaps a place with singing waiters. Does anyone know if that even exists? Anybody have any suggestions of a real fun spot for an adult birthday?

Jan 23, 2008
jillcar in Los Angeles Area

wonderful romantic dinner on a sat night?

I am looking for a restaurant to take my boyfriend to next Sat night. We will only be in town overnight. Nothing too fussy, nothing rediculously expensive...but really wonderful food.
We are from NY and LA so the bar is pretty high! Can you help me with names of places???

good food near Pantageus theater?

We are a large group, young and old going to Wicked at the Patageus in Hollywood. Any early dinner suggestions for little kids and two elderly, and many people in between? Need it too be quick, good and not too expensive. Thanks

Jul 31, 2007
jillcar in California

Santa Barbara Dinner [moved from L.A. board]

Any ideas for a group of 10 people for dinner in Santa Barbara? Foodies from LA are hard to please!

Feb 20, 2007
jillcar in California

kosher for passover desserts

anybody know where I can get birthday party desserts for a crowd during the week of Passover?

Feb 07, 2007
jillcar in Los Angeles Area