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Looking for a really excellent & authentic RUSSIAN restaurant in LA

Yum, I've tried Robert's Russian and I think it's fabulous. Every time I've gone with friends we've always been the only Americans in the joint. I swear it's a hangout for the Russian mob or something, there's always a huge table with a load of middle-aged Russians and a bunch of bottles of Vodka. It's also pretty inexpensive considering the amount of food you get (and the quality). I do remember that the service was lousy though, so if you need anything you need to be pushy and practically get it yourself. It's also not the prettiest place, you'll have Russian TV in the background.

good take-out near USC?

I love Papa Cristo's, forgot to mention that in my original post. I was hoping for some places that might deliver, but thanks for the tips on the Korean places. I am so UV'ed out (been here 5 years), I just can't handle it anymore.

Any good delivery places you know of?


good take-out near USC?

As much as I love to cook, sometimes take-out is a great option, but despite the fact that I live next to a major university, where take-out places should be in abundance, I can't really find any! And those that are around are slim pickings if you don't want crappy Papa John's or Pizza Hut. TG Express for Thai is good sometimes, but being from NJ, I get a hankering for Chinese take-out. When Wokcano on Fig existed, it was really good and fresh, but now that they're gone, I've tried Wok on Fire and it's been pretty crappy. Any suggestions? If not for Chinese, I'll take suggestions for anything. Thanks!

Bollywood Cafe?

I LOVE LOVE LOVE Bollywood Cafe in Studio City. Everything I've had there is full of flavor, and they have by far the most flavorful naan of any Indian restaurant I've ever been to. The service is fabulous, and I've never eaten a bad meal. Now, I'm not vegetarian, I can only speak of the meat dishes, but everything made of meat + sauce (Chicken Makhani is my favorite) has been delicious. And the prices are good, and you get a lot of food for what you pay. I hate going to Indian places where you have to pay $20 for a little plate of food, and then you have to pay for the rice and the bread and everything else. At Bollywood, for lunch, rice and naan are included, and for dinner, it's an extra $4 I think for everything, and the base price of the meal isn't going to break the bank in the first place. YUM. I can't recommend this place enough. Oh, and for vegetarians, the malai kofta is really yummy.

B-day dinner in LA

They do have great food, but it's impossibly loud in there, so if you want to have a conversation, maybe try someplace else.

Dark brown vs. light brown sugar?

If you only have dark brown sugar on hand, and your recipe calls for light brown, you can substitute half of the dark brown with regular white granulated sugar. So if you're supposed to have 1 cup of light brown, use 1/2 cup of firmly packed dark and 1/2 cup of the white stuff.

Feb 06, 2007
JerseyGirlinLA in Home Cooking