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Internships in France.

I am a young culinary student about to embark on a culinary adventure. I am wanting to go to France because i have recently become fascinated with the Mother of all cuisines and would love to gain a greater knowledge/appreciation/foundation for my food. If anyone knows of/ has been/ or has any suggestions please let me know. It would definately help in my decision. I take this very seriously and cannot wait to get out and learn!!

Oct 06, 2007
Stilettosinthekitchen in France


creme friache?? Sounds a bit better.

Spoon Thai or Thai Spoon?

Aww....amazing!!! Duck walk makes my salivary glands go crazy.

Suggestions for Chicago, please...

so you obviously saw my post about phoenix? I just added another to it. Check it out for more info.

best family dimsum

The most popular times for dim sum in the chinese culture are saturdays ( early lunch/ brunch) and Sun after church brunch/ lunch. Its a great family meal. Go early or a little later and you are ok. Phoenix is by far my fav. I usually make my own dumplings and such, but it was very enjoyable to go to a place that was up to my cleanliness and taste standards.

best family dimsum

I am a culinary student and for my asian cuisine class my chef (also and asian woman) took us to a place in china town called phoenix, it was soooo good!!! Very great clean atmosphere. Casual but still classy. As a large group we all spent about 13 dollars for 12 peices each, which i thought was a great deal, that covered tip also. The service was impecable as well. This is one place that i highly recommend. Good luck on your search. You should be able to find it on the internet.


I heard that plantains are toxic unless you cook them. Is this true?? I personally dont know why you would want to eat a plantain raw, they are too starchy. Feedback please!

Bobby Flay's Italian Beef


Best Sushi in Chicago?

I just recently went to Sai Cafe and it was an awesome experience. Im a culinary student and me and my friends got to meet the chef and he seemed really cool. The food was great also. Wonderful quality and great sevice. We went early so it wasnt busy, but by the time we were done the place was packed. They are only open for dinner service though. Thier menu wasnt huge but they had a great selection of traditional and non-traditional maki and other things. Not to mention the place has been there for 20 they have to be doing well. I would definately go back.

Bobby Flay's Italian Beef i didnt see it....but thats a sin.